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  • Category:Roofing
  • City:Montreal
  • Year:2021
  • Style:Classic
  • Project No:95 064
  • Cost:$40,000
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Roof replacements made easy

Seasons change, and making sure your roof is in good shape can be a drag. Still, doing regular roof inspections can tip you off to problems before they get worse, saving you money in the long run. And with our Verified Contractors, a roof replacement has never been easier.

Enter the Beaudoin family: their roof inspection revealed that their 1950s home needed a lot of love. From removing the brick chimney to covering all existing parapets, there was a fair bit of work to be done to reinforce the old roof structure. Once the project was complete, the new shingles were not only sturdy but also added curbside appeal!

Before renovation

Client's roof before renovation

Before the roof replacement, some of the triplex’s roof shingles were missing and in desperate need of repair. High winds, improper installation, and even old age can cause issues and increase the risk of water damage and pest infestation. It is crucial to both conduct routine maintenance and have your roof inspected biannually. When the Beaudoin family noticed the missing pieces, they quickly called RenoAssistance for guidance!

Our Verified Contractors started by disposing of all existing shingles as well as the chimney. To avoid condensation, black roofing felt was placed on the bridging and SECURpan panels were added for fire protection and additional support. Next, they covered the parapets with a durable elastomer membrane that lasts 35 years! Lastly, the shingles were installed. This family won’t have to worry about the roof for a while!

After renovation

After photo of brand new shingle roof
Close up of renovated brown shingle roof

Benefits of shingle roofing

Shingles are the ideal choice of roofing material: they’re affordable and resistant! Not only can they last between 25 and 30 years, but they are also waterproof and fireproof, protecting you in case of emergency. Furthermore, they come in many colours and styles like the soft brown selected by the Beaudoins to complement the rest of the house’s aesthetic!

A worry-free roof restoration!

This roof replacement is sure to bring peace of mind to our client given the product warranties they were handed. With a 40-year warranty for the shingles and a 15-year manufacturing and labour warranty, it’s safe to say the Beaudoins feel protected. Overall, they were pleased that our Verified Contractors were able to handle their emergency project while enhancing the house’s look! Another successful renovation in the books.

Brand new roof made of shingles

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