Ruest | Bathroom

A chic classic-style bathroom for this soon-to-be on the market home

  • Category:Bathroom Renovation Ideas
  • City:Saint-Philippe
  • Year:2018
  • Style:Classic
  • Project No:60361
  • Cost:$9,900
    The price is informational and doesn't contain taxes

This home’s bathroom renovation project was done to add value to the property – as its homeowners were looking to sell in the near future. With budget in mind, the Ruest family only hired our contractors for labour. Consequently, the price tag shown is uniquely for labour, as most materials were provided by the homeowners.

The family wanted to give their home a refreshed look so that it would appeal to a greater number of potential buyers. Seeing as they embarked on a renovation journey, they also chose to get their kitchen redone. Their kitchen transformation can be found on Reno-Inspiration under Ruest Project.

The new bathroom now has an off-white and grey colour scheme – giving it a chic and classic look. The glass shower and freestanding tub were strategically placed to make the most of the space. The legged vanity with its marble countertop and transparent handles is certainly a unique eye-catching piece in the room. Each and every element in this bathroom was chosen to give the room a wonderfully modern, yet original, look.

The chosen bathroom contractor tore down all that needed to be torn down to get the project started; put up and painted water resistant gypsum walls; installed the acrylic shower base, a waterproof membrane on the shower walls, ceramic tiles on the ground and in the shower, the shower’s door and glass walls, a four-function ventilator, the toilet, vanity, sink, fittings, and the bath.

Although the family purchased all elements, all the labour work was certainly completed by our Verified Contractor.

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