A modern, monochromatic bathroom

  • Category:Bathroom Renovation Ideas
  • City:Montreal
  • Year:2020
  • Style:Contemporary
  • Project No:79282
  • Cost:$12,993
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An elegant new look for this apartment’s bathroom

From the imitation marble tiles to the white floating vanity, this bathroom is the definition of modern. The light tones give the room a serene and luxurious feel at a budget-friendly price.

Our Verified Contractors replaced the vanity, removed some ill-placed cabinets, and installed a brand new toilet and a sleek white tub shower with a glass partition. These changes really opened up the room!

Before renovation

A outdated bathroom with a toilet and tub shower

This 5-plex bathroom had dark, dated décor and lacked light, making the room look much smaller than it actually was. To create the illusion of space in this small bathroom, the owners opted for a light colour palette and relocated the cabinets above the toilet. As a result, looks like it doubled in size!

After renovation

A modern bathroom featuring white marble floors and walls, a white vanity, and a white tub shower.
A grey washer and dryer tucked in a corner with white cabinets above.

Utilizing all available space

Initially, the family wanted to move the washer and dryer to the basement because they took up space in this already cluttered bathroom. But as the renovation progressed, they realized that they fit perfectly right next to the entrance! A pair of glossy white cabinets with stainless steel handles sits above the appliances, providing plenty of storage for all of their laundry essentials.

Simple but classy vanity

Since the imitation marble tiles are the star of the show, it was necessary to keep all other elements simple. A great example of this is the white floating vanity: its sleek and simple design pairs well with the walls while adding extra storage. For a touch of sophistication and functionality, there’s the mirrored medicine cabinet – it provides a little more storage and is perfect for everyday use.

A modern bathroom with a white floating vanity.
Renovation advisor Kim-Dechantal

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