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  • Category:Multiple Renovations
  • City:Blainville
  • Year:2022
  • Style:Contemporary
  • Project No:22624
  • Cost:$663,000
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Turning a house into a home

Open concept floor plans, a home theatre and gym, bedrooms inspired by bougie hotels, an outdoor kitchen… This sounds like a mansion straight out of a movie! Rest assured, this house is very real, but it didn’t always look like this. In fact, when they first bought it, the Thibeault family thought they were in over their heads with the amount of high-end renovation work needed to create their dream home.

The overwhelming modern renovations required an extra set of hands. So, the Thibeault family called RenoAssistance, and our Verified Contractors and designers were on their way! This fascinating and luxurious project is filled with interesting details and gorgeous interior design you won’t want to miss!

Before renovation

bland dining room before renovations

At the time of purchase, the clients noticed that the house had an odd mixture of high-end and affordable décor. Many of the finishing touches like chandeliers were poorly installed, and overall it was simply out of style. It didn’t feel like their home; so many things didn’t fit. However, the clients could see its potential! Behind the weirdness was an exceptional foundation with large windows and spacious rooms ready to be revived.

While most rooms needed to be restarted from scratch, a few – namely the indoor and outdoor kitchens, some bedrooms, and the home cinema – only needed a simple refresh. The clients wanted their home to showcase both their personalities and timeless style in this high-end renovation project, so they hired an experienced interior designer to help bring their vision to life!

After renovation

Luxurious dining room after renovations
dining room with custom armoires and chandelier

Classic and elegant style

Everyone’s got a favourite room in their home. For the Thibeault family, that was the elegant dining room. While the original room was quite boring, it had a decent amount of space and lots of natural light. It just needed some sprucing up!

The clients opted for some classy built-in storage in bright white and warm wood to add both depth and contrast to the room. One of the shelves even serves as a dedicated bartending station. Add in a show-stopping chandelier, floor-to-ceiling curtains, and stunning artwork, and the room immediately feels not only bigger but brighter.

How could you not be excited to wine and dine guests in this gorgeous space?

Hotel-like bedrooms

This isn’t your average bedroom – it’s like a chic personalized hotel room! The Thibeault family really wanted to their home to feature timeless design elements, and our Verified Contractors delivered. Just look at the sunken alcove behind the bed, high ceilings, and built-in fireplace that peaks into the bathroom. Talk about paradise on earth!  

Featuring an ensuite with black tile floors, a freestanding tub, and a floating vanity, this high-end renovation project delivers luxury down to the last detail.

primary bedroom with nook for bed
grand stairs with runner down the middle and glass railings

Grand staircase

Sometimes the simplest solution is the best one. For this piece of the clients’ modern renovation project, it definitely was. A simple coat of white paint and a runner freshened up the look and transformed this central staircase from drab to fab! Add in some elegant pendant lights for a show-stopping centrepiece.

Warmth and wood accents

Out with the old and in with the new! The original finishes were ripped out to create some new rooms for the clients. Keeping with the boutique hotel aesthetic, the space now features wood furniture with contrasting mantles. Next to the TV room is a home gym. It houses not only towels but also a mini fridge.

Since basements tend to be cooler than the rest of your home, the Thibeault family opted for heated flooring. It’s an efficient way to heat a house while eliminating hideous radiators. Hot water is pumped through flexible tubes underneath the floors, distributing warmth evenly across the rooms.

If one TV room wasn’t enough, then this home cinema will surely fulfill any cinephile’s needs! With seven recliners, another mini bar, upgraded lighting, and a striking accent wall, it’ll have the family looking forward to movie night.

modern basement with wood accents, large sectional, and conversation corner

Succesful high-end renovation!

With all the work completed, the clients finally feel like they have a space that represents them and their family. It not only has that iconic homey vibe but also some personality. The timeless décor and artworks speak to you as you go from room to room. Their interior designer helped them match the artwork to the colour palettes and overall hotel aesthetic. 

For a high-end renovation project, and our Verified Contractors have really outdone themselves. The high quality of work makes it one of our favourites – it deserves a special mention!

elyse beauchamp renovation advisor

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