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  • Category:Multiple Renovations
  • City:Saint-Bruno
  • Year:2021
  • Style:Classic
  • Project No:85993
  • Cost:$92,538
    The price is informational and doesn’t contain taxes

Classic design with a personal touch

Discover this charming home in Montreal! This turnkey project involved multiple renovations centered around the kitchen and main bathroom. The goal was to make this home feel authentic. With that in mind, the designers opted for a classic design with pops of colour throughout.

The amount of detail in this kitchen is incredible; it’ll enthrall you with its two-tone cabinets and metallic accents. And let’s not forget about the bathroom – it carries that same luxurious feel and features green accents.

Armed with impeccable taste and a team of qualified professionals, these homeowners were able to make their dream home a reality.

Newly renovated kitchen with beautiful copper ventilation system and blue cabinets

A charming kitchen

When we think of classic kitchens, there are a few things that immediately come to mind, like smooth white cabinets. You’ll find these here, too, but only on the uppers – the lower cabinets plunge into a deep blue, adding depth and visual interest to the room. The copper vent hood and accents contrast the blue beautifully while adding a rustic touch.

The white backsplash flows seamlessly into the white quartz countertops, and the white floors add an extra bit of brightness. Navy curtains break the block of white walls and counters; they match the cabinets perfectly and tie it all together!


Kitchen Walk-Through

Take a stroll through this kitchen to find out all it has to offer! 

Functionality and style at the forefront

This nature-inspired getaway is a perfect example of form and function at play, where strong lines contrast curves and fluffy textures. The mint green accent wall is a nod to the greens of the kitchen.

The earth-toned make-up vanity’s smooth lines are paired with a soft and cozy chair. Across the room, the wooden floating vanity is softened by fabric baskets and a large circular mirror. And, as we walk over to the custom walk-in shower, we witness a design masterpiece: smooth stone tiles, shower niches, and a large glass wall. With a wood bench for added accessibility and multiple jets to ensure relaxation, it’s the perfect space to sit, relax, and wash away the day.

Luxurious bathroom with makeup station, walk-in shower, and floating vanity
Amélie Évangéliste

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