A contemporary minimalist bathroom

  • Category:Bathroom Renovation Ideas
  • City:Kirkland
  • Year:2020
  • Style:Contemporary
  • Project No:74302
  • Cost:$29,382
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A spacious bathroom with neutral tones

Wanting to transform their drab primary bathroom into a luxurious, contemporary wet room bathroom, the Venditti family hired a Verified Contractor and an interior designer.

The team had to completely demolish the original built-in shower and bathtub, as well as the rest of the bathroom. Then, they built it from the ground up with new ceramic wall tiles and flooring, adding a shower, a freestanding tub, and a beautiful vanity to complete the space.

Before renovation

A outdated bathroom with brown-grey floor tiles and beige walls, with a vanity

This washroom seriously needed some TLC. The brown-grey tiles and beige walls were outdated and made the space feel sombre and uninviting. The vanity also didn’t meet the family’s needs: it didn’t fit their aesthetic and didn’t provide enough storage space.

The owners wanted their bathroom to have a more sophisticated contemporary look, so they opted for a neutral colour palette and open space floorplan. These two decisions played a huge role in the final look.


After renovation

A neutral bathroom with a freestanding tub, a toilet, and a dark double vanity
A beautiful dark double vanity with silver handles, silver faucets, and light-up mirrors

A statement piece

This beautiful dark double vanity provides additional counter space and fulfills the owner’s storage needs. Since no additional cabinets are needed, the lightly furnished spaces retains a minimalist look. In addition, the vanity beautifully contrasts the neutral colours in the rest of the room and serves as a focal point.

The vanity also features silver handles, faucets, and sconces, and the light-up mirrors add both functionality and value to the space.

Focusing on comfort

The Venditti family opted for a wet room, which is a bathroom that doesn’t have steps or curves to separate the shower and bath from the rest of the room. It adds a unique touch and makes the space more accessible. To waterproof the space, a Kerdi Membrane was added to the floor and ceiling.

This beautiful bathroom features a waterfall shower head  that can be detached and used by hand, as well as a freestanding tub. That said, the heated flooring truly completes the room and adds comfort during those cold winter mornings.


A wet room featuring a neutral colour palette, a freestanding tub, and a waterfall shower
Karine Gazerian

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