Vitro Plus | New siding on a commercial building

A complete face lift for this commercial buidling

This project consisted in giving a strip mall a complete face lift. The two-storey building, built in 1988, needed a fresher look in order to maintain the professional image its owners wanted its clients to perceive. With the help of an architect, everything was taken into account from beginning to end. Nothing was left to chance. The owners also changed the signage to completely revamp the building’s look.

A commercial general contractor oversaw all the work that needed to be done, like the metal and brick siding – which entailed installing the Alutech blue metal siding and cleaning the bricks. He also ensured the steel doors were properly installed, the urethane insulation in the windows, what kind of structural work would be needed in order to increase the surface area of the balconies with steel coverings, how to reorganize the stairwells, various electrical work and much more.

The parking lot was also reworked, including some excavation work to complete the commercial renovation.

With its new look, the building surely increased in value and will stand the test of time for quite a while. Another wonderful renovation in the books!

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