A modern facelift for this Montreal home

  • Category:House Siding Ideas
  • City:Montreal
  • Year:2021
  • Style:Contemporary
  • Project No:86 532
  • Cost:$20,285
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A modern revamp

After many years of protecting its occupants from the elements, this home’s exterior siding looked dull and worn out. The Wolfe family wanted to give it some love, so they hired a few of our Verified Contractors for their project. First, the contractors removed the original aluminum siding. They then installed the new Gentek siding and added sealant around the windows. Lastly, they replaced the front and patio doors to complete the look!

Before renovation

house backyard with brick and beige siding

This beautiful 1980s brick house had a lot of potential, but the beige siding and doors were an eyesore. They clashed with the red brick! The homeowners wanted a darker material for the siding, a colour that would complement it. They chose a dark wood colour for this transformation, which gave their home a much-needed facelift.

After renovation

house backyard with brick and aluminum wood stained siding
Gentek siding on brick house

The star of the show

The Wolfe family was looking for durable siding that had a long life span and was aesthetically pleasing. Their ideal material was something that had the modern and elegant look of wood but with the durability of aluminum.

Gentek siding was the way to go! Not only did it meet both their practical and aesthetic needs, but it also had 11 different shades to choose from, including expresso, cedarwood, and jet black. The homeowners went with a dark wood shade that complemented the red brick. You’d never know that the siding was aluminum!


The finishing touches

In addition to changing the siding, the family wanted to replace the front and patio doors to match the rest of their home. At the entrance, the homeowners picked out a set of beautiful brown French doors with gold Capri handles to play on the modern look. For the final touch, Boiserie Raymond interior moulding was installed around the door frame. 

Red brick house with commercial brown front door

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