A well-maintained crawl space can save you money!

A basement or crawl space does not need to be wet or flooded to be detrimental to you and your insulation. In fact, these rooms can easily become damp and turn into the perfect breeding ground for mold and millions of spores, sometimes toxic. That’s not all. Your basement or crawl space may become a refuge for moisture-loving insects, which can cause mold and the decomposition of certain materials, causing structural damage. So, in cases of excess moisture, calling in a crawl space decontamination expert is always a wise decision.

Then, there are the potential insulation problems that may come your way. If your crawl space is badly insulated, the fresh air in your home, which typically circulates upward, will flow very quickly into your main rooms, driving up your heating bills. It’s the same story with odours, moisture and mildew, which could affect your health and the well-being of your family. For these reasons, renovating your crawl space is crucial and calls for the expert assistance of our specialized, 360° Verified Contractors.

Reno-Assistance can help you renovate your crawl space—at no charge!

Your Reno-Assistance renovation advisor has the experience to assist you throughout your crawl space project, at no cost to you. From simple advice to getting quotes from our 360° Verified contractors, technologists, architects and/or engineers, your advisor will be there to help you, no matter what your crawl space renovation or decontamination needs are.

Start your project now and, before you know it, everything will be set in motion!

To start your crawl space renovation project right now, simply fill out the form to the right to get, with Reno-Assistance’s helping hand, up to three free, no-obligation quotes.

Before you even realize it, everything will be set in motion and the crawl space contractor you chose — with the assistance of your advisor — will be planning every detail of your project with you.

And you can count on us to be there, with you, every step of the way. All for free!

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