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Get your own custom cabinetry with the perfect cabinetmaker

Homeowners like you usually hire a cabinetmaker to create beautiful yet functional workspaces:

  1. You may need cabinetry to solve your storage space problems.
  2. You may want a one-of-a-kind, wall-to-wall furniture piece to give your living space the right look.

Either way, if you're one of these homeowners, you need a skilled cabinetmaker to create unique and practical built-ins and custom furniture pieces to go with the style of their house.

With an experienced cabinetmaker, you can have custom cabinetry for your home. Whether you’re dreaming about home theatre shelving, fireplace built-ins or home office furniture setup, a cabinetmaker can create it in any design to perfectly fit your space.


Get integrated cabinetry as unique as you

When you need a specific type of built-in cabinetry, it can be frustrating to shop through the stores. In general, you know what you need, but you simply cannot find what you’re looking for. And even if you find the right set in any store, it doesn’t guarantee that you will be able to install the cabinets exactly where they need to fit with the available dimensions. It's in this scenario that you’ll need a professional cabinet maker to create unique and custom-made cabinets based on the dimensions of the space you have available and the layout and decor of the room.

For large libraries, occasional furniture, a solid wood table (treated and cut to measure) and other built-in furniture that you can not find elsewhere, consider hiring a custom furniture builder who can design and build pieces to your exact requirements.

Custom kitchen cabinets

To optimize the look of your kitchen, ergonomics and storage, it can be very valuable for you to go through the services of a cabinet maker to build your kitchen cabinets. Some may even have showrooms so that you can see the kind of work they can do for your home, but in a personalized and tailored way. These cabinets can be made according to a design plan, an architect's plan or a plan directly from the cabinet maker. To read more about this topic, we invite you to read our recent kitchen cabinets article or consult our page on general kitchen renovations.

Forgues Project - Kitchen Renovation

Get one-of-a-kind furniture built just for you

It can be so frustrating to be shopping through stores when you need a specific piece of furniture. Usually, you know what you need but just can’t find exactly what you are looking for. That’s when you need a professional cabinetmaker to create a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture just for you.

Finding the right cabinetmaker doesn't have to get you bent out of shape

Unfortunately, not all cabinetmakers are equal. You need a professional cabinetmaker who delivers high-quality work at the right price.

Paying the lowest price may not be the right price, especially if you end up with a product that doesn’t fit, doesn’t last or doesn’t have the look you wanted originally. That’s where Reno-Assistance can help you.

With Reno-Assistance, only the best professional cabinetmakers make the cut.

cabinet maker

Ours nail it every time.

Reno-Assistance sends you only professional cabinetmakers to quote on your job for free professionals who have our 360° Verified Contractors stamp of approval, so you know that they are the best for your job — and they have the satisfied clients to prove it.

The help of a renovation advisor

Each renovation project will involve several questions, as many about the process as about the technical points of the projects themselves. Therefore, it's always reassuring to have the services of a Reno-Assistance renovation advisor who has dealt with hundreds of renovation projects and knows the industry, as well as all the points to evaluate on your quotes. Make sure that you do not sign a contract that you don’t fully understand or that lacks specific features or information which you may be charged extra for. It’s a valuable help you should take advantage of and the best part of it is the service is free!

Rioux Project - Kitchen

Get up to 3 free quotes from cabinet makers!

To ensure you not only get the right price for your integrated furniture project, but also find the best cabinet makers and custom furniture builders for your project, our goal is to send you 3 contractors to provide competing quotes. As a result, you will be able to compare prices and your impressions of each contractor you meet. Give us a call today!

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