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French Drain -

Make sure your house is well surrounded!

The French drain is a non-visible part of your home, but it's so important. It evacuates the water around the foundation walls, prevents the accumulation of water near the foundation walls and finally avoids water infiltration into these walls. Subsequently, the water collected in this drain is directed to the drainage basin (sump) which drains it all into the evacuation system of your home. A French drain that has been poorly installed is of poor quality, or is in poor condition will have significant consequences in regards to the protection of your home such as the appearance of moisture and/or water infiltration.

A French drain generally has a lifespan of 30 years, depending on its quality, its installation, and/or its condition and frequency of maintenance. Therefore, it is very likely that you will have to replace it or repair it at some point.

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How to tell if your drain needs to be replaced.

Several signs may indicate that your French drain is not working properly.

  • Moisture in your home
    If the humidity level in your basement is high and the environment is even more humid after days of rain or snow melting.
  • Smells and suspicious stains
    Too much moisture often leads to problems with mold and fungus and can also cause foul odours to emerge.
  • Moisture Tasks
    You may see moisture stains near the slab or near the joining walls of the foundation, especially during heavy rains.
  • Multiple cracks
    Obviously, a lot of moisture causes significant cracks in the foundation walls or floor. The reason is simple. As the water does not drain properly, it causes pressure on the foundation walls, which, with the freeze in the winter, often causes the concrete of the basement walls to crack.

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A change of the French drain, but also the waterproofing membrane.

In addition to the drain replacement, our contractors will also offer related solutions to ensure the protection of your foundation. If necessary, they can offer you the opportunity to repair cracks present in your foundation, in addition to adding a new waterproofing membrane. This will provide additional protection against water that will now be redirected to the drain. The membrane will protect the outer surface of your foundation. It is an additional resource that plays an important role against infiltration and countering the degradation of your foundation.

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Have you considered an indoor French drain?

Yes, you read that correctly. An indoor French drain. If it’s too difficult to dig around the perimeter of your house or building due to your landscape or if another property is too close, you will need to find another solution to a standard exterior French drain. It’s possible to install a French drain from the inside of the property by breaking part of the concrete slab. Despite this alternative method, the cost should be relatively similar since you will not have to excavate around the exterior. This is a better solution in some cases and is just as effective in protecting the structure from moisture. Obviously, if your basement has already been finished, this solution isn’t ideal as it will involve removing the flooring.

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They're not French... but they are experts in French drains!

Your Reno-Assistance renovation advisor has the necessary experience and can assist you throughout all the stages of your French drain project. All at no cost to you. From simple advice to obtaining 360° Verified Contractor quotes, your Reno-Assistance renovation advisor is here to help you.

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