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Whether you're adding an extension to your home, replacing your roof, remodelling your kitchen, giving your bathroom a face-lift, finishing your basement or looking to complete any other type of project, inside or outside your home, we have the perfect 360° Verified General Contractor for you. In fact, we are so confident in their ability that we will even show you their 360° Verification Report before you meet with them.

Only the best contractors receive our 360° Verified General Contractor stamp of approval

See for yourself. Simply fill out the form to the right to receive up to three PerfectMatch™ quotes from the best general contractors for your job. We have hundreds of high-calibre general contractors who have obtained our 360° Verified stamp of approval and by taking the time to understand your project requirements, your advisor will only select the general contractors best suited to your job.

To attain our 360° Verified General Contractor stamp of approval, every expert we refer must meet a strict set of criteria and show a proven high standard of workmanship. We don't ask you to believe us, we'll provide you all the reports we have completed on every general contractor selected for your project so you can see for yourself. In other words, when you use our general contractors, you can build and renovate with confidence.

If you are looking for a general contractor in the Greater Toronto Area, Ottawa or anywhere in the province of Quebec. All of our general contractors have their own specialities which allow us to find the PerfectMatch™ for your project, covering a wide range of services.

Home Additions

For a home addition, we have a network of experts with several years experience under their belt. This type of project is usually planned many months in advance and can require the intervention of up to 20 types of building professionals (plumbers, electricians, architects, etc.). It makes it far less complicated to find the right general contractor who can manage the entire project with his team instead of hiring professionals individually and delegating the tasks yourself. It will also be much simpler to manage schedules and ultimately allow you to avoid several unwanted surprises.

For more information on home extensions and price ideas, please refer to our home additions page.


The kitchen is, without a doubt, one of the rooms of the house that contributes most to the look and feel of your home. Moreover, it's an investment in the resale value of the house. There are a large number of styles and options possible to renovate your kitchen. However, if you want to find the ideal contractor to meet your needs on budget, it can be difficult. That's why Reno-Assistance is the best resource to help you find general contractors who specialize in kitchen renovations.

Whether you are seeking a kitchen on a budget, entry-level standard, high-end or a luxurious remodel, our advisors will help identify your needs and your tastes, then refer up to 3 contractors that best meet your criteria. We have helped complete a large number of kitchens since 2010, some of which we have displayed in our Reno-Inspiration tool that we invite you to visit for inspiration on real projects with their real prices included.

To learn more about kitchen renovations and for an idea of the different market prices, we invite you to visit our page on kitchen renovations.


Each dollar invested in a bathroom should be recovered when you resell your home. It's a space that you use many times in a day, so why not make it a relaxing haven that matches your lifestyle. The renovation of a bathroom costs on average half the price of a kitchen renovation but can bring an equal amount of character to your house. This is an investment that's absolutely worthwhile.

Since 2010, we have dealt with thousands of bathroom projects, some of which you can see in our Reno-Inspiration gallery with their actual prices included. Who knows, perhaps they'll inspire your next bathroom renovation!

If you want to know more about bathroom renovations and see the average market prices for the size and the style you want, we invite you to visit our page on bathroom renovations.


When you make the decision to finish your basement, it really adds to your quality of life! You can increase the living area of your home or, in the case of a renovation, you can perhaps eventually create your 'Man Cave' or home theatre you've always dreamed about. To get there, you will need to collaborate with experienced contractors who clearly understand your needs and ultimate goals to offer the most attractive options for you, while respecting your budget. These are the contractors who have made Reno-Assistance a success since 2010 and we can't wait for you to meet them. So don't hesitate to contact us today.

To find out more about basement renovations, we invite you to visit our page on basement finishing.


Whether you're planning to add a garage to your home, build a detached garage or simply renovate your existing garage, you are best to consult an experienced general contractor with solid experience with garage construction to ensure your project is a success. With the help of such a professional, you can determine several important factors regarding your preferred types of materials, insulation, desired dimensions, etc. Your advisor will also guide you through determining what you will need to achieve your goals and developing an idea of the potential costs involved to set an appropriate budget before even meeting with potential contractors.

If you want to learn more about garage construction and approximate costs, we welcome you to visit our dedicated page on garage construction.

garage addition

House Construction

The construction of a new home that matches your vision perfectly can be a very exciting and rewarding project throughout the planning stages into the years following its completion, as you finally get the chance to live in and enjoy your dream home. However, this type of project involves an incredible multitude of essential steps in order to reach its completion. Rest assured that, thanks to our experience and expertise, we are able to guide you through those stages and ensure everything goes to plan.

Here is a non-exhaustive overview of the stages involved:

  1. Develop a personal plan
  2. Determine the exact build location and lot size
  3. Inform your municipality of your intention to build
  4. Contact Reno-Assistance for an architect referral
  5. Develop a professional plan
  6. Review and evaluate the plan
  7. Choose a general contractor
  8. Obtain permits
  9. Start construction
  10. Pop the champagne and enjoy your new home

For a complete list of steps and important points to follow, we invite you to visit our home building page.
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Home Conversions

Looking to convert your home to create an apartment in the basement, to transform a duplex to a triplex or vice versa? Know that you are at right place! Over the years, we have developed a network of experts in home conversions across Ontario and Quebec who can effectively manage your project to transform your home into an income property! It can be complex to complete such a project, so don't take a chance doing it alone. Trust the experts and give yourself the best chance to achieve your goals in line with your vision and within your budget!

If you would like more information on the steps involved in a home conversion before contacting us, we invite you to visit our page on home conversions.

...and many other projects!

For other types of interior or exterior projects that require a general contractor or specialized contractor, we have the resources to help you! Don't hesitate to contact us for help today and start planning your renovations on the right foot. Our service is FREE and with no obligations! - give us a call on 1-888-670-9742 or fill out our contact form to the right of this page.

Get quotes at a fair price

We will refer up to three first-rate 360° Verified Contractors for your project to ensure that you receive a quote at a fair price. In addition to contractors, we also have a network of architects, professional technologists, interior designers, building experts and a host of other professionals who can help you.

Have your own personal renovation advisor from start to finish, for free!

Your renovation advisor will recommend the right general contractors to carry out your construction or renovation project at the best possible price. And, since the ranking of every general contractor or professional we refer is based on the satisfaction of previous customers, you will be assured that these experts have a strong track-record of highly-satisfied clients.

Making your dream project a reality is what we do, right down to the last detail. When you contact us, you will have immediate access to your very own Renovation Advisor who benefits from our experience with thousands of renovation projects.

Your advisor will:

  • Review your project to determine your needs
  • Send you up to three 360° Verified Contractors to quote on your job
  • Evaluate their quotes with you, providing the information you need to select the right one for your project and budget


This way, you’ll end up with the right price for your project — the price that best ensures your renovation or construction project is done right from start to finish. If you need help determining a budget for your project, feel free to take a look at Reno-Inspiration where you'll be able to see various recent renovation projects with their real price tags.

Fill out the form to the right and start your project on the right foundation!

Simply fill out the form to the right to get up to three free quotes and start your renovation or construction project right away. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain since there’s no obligation to work with the general contractors we refer to you. But we think you’ll stick with them — they’re the best at what they do. Get started with Reno-Assistance today!

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With your renovation or construction project, it doesn’t pay to take chances with an unknown. Let Reno-Assistance refer you to one of our experts with our coveted 360° Verified Contractor stamp of approval — your peace of mind that our dedicated verification team has done a complete 360° review of their credentials and track record. And you can take our word for it — literally. Everything we can share as we verify our 360° Verified Contractors is written in our 360° Verification Report, the only one of its kind in the industry. Bottom line? Only the best get our stamp of approval — and only the best get referred to you.

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