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Home Additions

- What you need to know!

If you think your home is too small and you need additional rooms, opting for a home addition — instead of buying a new house — is often times the best way to go. Whether you're building on top or off of your existing home, your home addition project is not only the perfect opportunity to rethink your living space and increase the value of your home — it's also easier and less expensive than a move.

What is the cost of a home addition?

The price of a home addition can vary significantly, but in the following table you'll see the average market prices:

Type of House Addition Average Cost
Hardware and Labour
Addition of floor (unfinished) $100 to $125/ft²
Addition of floor (turnkey) $145 to $175/ft²
Addition on piers (unfinished) $110 to $125/ft²
Addition on piers (turnkey) $140 to $175/ft²
Addition on a slab foundation (unfinished) $125 to $170/ft²
Addition on a slab foundation (turnkey) $170 to $215/ft²
Solarium (4 seasons) (turnkey) $145 to $185/ft²
Addition of a garage (unfinished) $85 to $115/ft²
Addition of a garage (turnkey) $120 to $150/ft²
Addition of a room over an existing garage (turnkey) $145 to $175/ft²


Note that the cost of a home addition may vary by city, tending to be slightly higher in larger cities. For example, a home addition is usually more expensive in the cities of Toronto and Montreal than their suburbs.

To gain a better idea of the actual costs of a home addition, you can browse through real home additions projects with their end costs on the home addition section of Reno-Inspiration or speak with one of our renovation advisors who will be able to discuss your project with you and provide an estimate for the home addition you have in mind with no obligation.

Knafo Project - Home Addition

Building on or off of your existing home

Home additions come in many shapes and sizes — from finishing your basement and converting your sunroom to these major projects:

  • Adding a second story
  • Building a garage or an extension
  • Adding a rearward extension
  • Building a solarium or porch
  • Building a room above the garage
  • Transforming a single-family residence into a multi-generational home

Depending on the configuration of your home, the most commonly considered solutions are a foundation expansion, with or without a basement, a pile expansion, adding a garage, or building an additional floor. It should be noted that the addition of a floor requires a structure and foundation strong enough to accommodate the extra weight.

A home expansion is a great opportunity to rethink your living space and can, if done well, significantly increase the value of your home. It is also a project often more advantageous and less expensive than a move when you begin to calculate the costs and benefits. Improving and expanding on the home you love can prove to benefit your own standard of living whilst also being a financially wise investment.

Laferrière Project - Home Addition

Prepare for a well-planned home addition that pays for itself over time

Home additions are a big undertaking, but a well-planned home addition project will pay for itself day after day, year after year. Whatever your house addition project, you need to keep these two rules of thumb in mind:

Rule #1: With a major home addition project, no decisions should be made lightly or unexpectedly. Without a professional customized plan, you could seriously damage your home architecturally, structurally and aesthetically.

Rule #2: Relying on the expertise of a proven home addition expert, such as an architect and/or engineer, ensures the success of your home addition project.

Reno-Assistance can refer professional construction and renovation experts to you who can help…

  • Draft your plans, helping you identify what you want and what it will cost
  • Assess the technical feasibility of your project, choosing the right building material to ensure your new addition will be structurally sound
  • Analyze your environment to ensure building regulatory requirements are met
  • Implement your plan and specifications

With Reno-Assistance, you have instant access to professionals experienced in designing and building home additions. Depending on the nature of your addition, we can help you find the right general contractors, architects and structural engineers — whomever you need to get the job done right.

Carles Project - Home Addition

Planning for a home addition project

A home addition project can take many months of planning to obtain the permits and authorizations from your city (if required). An expansion project is very similar to a new construction and involves almost as many steps.

If you're thinking about managing every step of your home addition yourself, you may want to think about it twice. Some home addition projects can require up to 20 different professionals on the project whom you would need to schedule to your agenda and pay even during any delays that occur between different jobs which may require a contractor to work longer than expected. It's often wiser to let a professional General Contractor work full time on your project so you can continue your day-to-day with peace of mind.

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