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Home Conversion and Condominium Conversion:

Have you always wanted to convert part of your home or building into another independent home? Have the children left the nest and you'd like to expand the living areas? Will you be welcoming your aging parents in the near future or are you looking to earn some extra income with a tenant? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, it may be time to convert your duplex to a private home, make your basement a rental space or turn your single family home into a multi-family home.

Whatever your home conversion project, you'll need to find the right home conversion professionals - architects, engineers, technologists, contractors or renovators - to get your project underway and ensure its successful completion. That's where we come in. Reno-Assistance can help you refer the local professionals best suited to your particular project who have passed our strict criteria of qualifications, experience, financial stability and a proven history of satisfied clients.

Building conversion stages

When it comes to converting your home, the possibilities are endless - as long as local zoning regulations allow it. It's important to note that the Government of Quebec allows such conversions as long as strict regulations are followed in the act of conversion.

First of all, you must seek the approval of your municipality to make sure that you can legally convert your residence and to ask if you require any other permits in order to do the work according to your city's regulations.

Secondly, you will have to find a professional such as an architect, technologist or engineer to draw up the type of plan that the city and future contractor will require if there is structural work involved. For this stage, we can help you find the perfect expert in your area! You simply need to call us or fill out our contact form and a renovation advisor will not only advise you as to what type of expert you will need for your particular project, they will subsequently help you find the architect, technologist or engineer best suited to your requirements.

Thirdly, you will need to read through the plans once they are received to fully understand all the necessary work and find the contractors with the experience and capabilities to carry out your project regardless of the potential level of complexity involved. Your renovation advisor will be able to evaluate all your plans and advise you on the subject, all for free and with no obligation!

Finally, you will have to find the right renovator to oversee your building conversion or home conversion and ensure its success! It's therefore important to find the contractors with the necessary skills and who charge the right price. It's our speciality to do this research for you. We have a network of more than 800 360° Verified Contractors that we can refer to you for all your renovation needs. Our goal is to find you up to 3 contractors in your area to compete for your project, to get you the best price! You have nothing to lose.

Respect the steps of a home conversion or the conversion of a building.

Once you have permission from your municipality, your next step is to plan your project. This is not a simple task. Converting a duplex into a private residence or a multi-generational house is a large-scale project, to the extent that…

  • Many municipalities require you to work with home conversion experts, including technologists, architects, engineers and general contractors.
  • Even financial institutions, which may be your source of financing, prefer detailed applications involving plans from qualified professionals.

Working with a home conversion expert will help you avoid costly mistakes and delays. More importantly, you will ensure that this investment increases the resale value of your home. In other words, this is what you need to do to make your home conversion project a success, from beginning to end and for years to come.

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Work permitted during a residential house conversion

In the province of Ontario, you won't have to worry about the 'Regie du Logement'. However, if your property is in Quebec, there are certain rules and guidelines you will need to follow during a house conversion. It should be noted that not all types of conversion work require the authorization of the Regie du Logement. It's possible to carry out work without the approval of the Regie du Logement if it is work:

  • In a building with a rental function and the dwelling in question has not been rented during the last 10 years.
  • In a new building with no housing.
  • For maintenance purposes.
  • Consisting of repairs which are urgent and necessary for the conservation of the building.
  • Which is directly inside the dwelling occupied by only one of the co-owners.

It should also be noted that you will still need the approval of your municipality to do this work, however, you will not need to additionally notify the Regie du Logement.

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Important points to remember - Multi-dwelling properties (Quebec)

Relocation Allowance During Work: If you wish to convert a house, condominium or any other kind of property that will require the relocation of tenants during the work, you will first have to verify the possibility of this project with the Régie du Logement. If the project is approved, you will likely be required to pay compensation to the tenant(s) for the time transpired during their relocation.

The rights of the tenant to the premises: The Government of Quebec states that: "Any person who is a tenant at the time of sending the notice of intention to convert or any new tenant whose lease begins before the date of the decision of the Régie du Logement authorizing the conversion may remain on the premises for as long as they wish if they comply with the terms of the lease" according to Services Québec - Government of Québec. It should be understood that even with the right to convert your property to a condominium if the tenant wishes to stay for the duration included on the lease, they are not legally required to vacate the property.

The sale of the property: If you intend to sell the property following conversion, the tenant retains first preference to purchase the dwelling which means that the owner cannot conclude the sale of the dwelling with an external buyer without first offering the property to the tenant at the same price and terms as those that would have been agreed upon with the external buyer.

Retain proof that the tenant has received the conversion notice (if applicable): It is strongly recommended (but not mandatory) that when you convey the notice of conversion to the tenant, you retain proof that the tenant has received the notice. It is therefore advisable to do provide the notice by hand, registered mail, with a bailiff or via any other means that you can be sure of to prove that the tenant has indeed received the notice. This will help protect you in the event of a dispute with the tenant.

For everything about the rules and regulations surrounding home conversions in the province of Ontario, we invite you to browse the Housing section of the Government of the Ontario (Ministry of Municipal Affairs) website.

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Let our renovation advisors ensure your house conversion project is a success!

No matter if you are located in Ontario or Quebec, with a simple call to Reno-Assistance, we will help you find the best professionals for your home conversion who will guide you through every step from the initial planning stages to the dream solution you're looking for.

When you contact us for a referral, one of our renovation advisors will review your home conversion project and send you up to three of our best contractors who will discuss your needs and inspect your home and provide you with a quote at a competitive price. Your advisor will then review your quotes with you and provide you with the information and advice you need to choose the right contractor for your project and budget.

We can refer you expert technologists, architects, engineers and general contractors who specialize in home conversion projects and have attained our 360° Verified seal of approval. You'll know that they have the necessary experience, qualifications and reliability, all with an immaculate professional track-record of satisfied customers to prove it.

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