Working with an expert will insulate you against costly decisions

Upgrading your insulation is an investment and it can, if planned and done well, lead to these benefits:

  • A well-insulated house can improve your energy efficiency and curb your energy consumption, cutting your energy bills, conserving our energy resources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • A well-insulated house can increase your comfort year-round, from keeping you warmer or cooler to minimizing noisy distractions
  • A well-insulated house is healthier for you and your family (studies show that excess moisture and poor air quality are sources of certain respiratory ailments and allergies).
  • Soundproofing a floor or an adjacent wall can also help give you some peace and quiet, even with noisy neighbors.

No matter how you look at it, finding a qualified professional who can help you from start to finish — from identifying your insulation needs to determining the best insulation methods and products for your home — is the way to go.

Reno-Assistance can help you soundproof your house and save you energy — yours and your home’s — finding you the best expert for the job. Before you do anything, you need to identify your insulation needs. Although there are two ways to insulate your home, each involves considerably different costs and benefits.

Thermal and sound insulation are the two main ways to insulate a house. Sometimes, both types are done simultaneously with special materials and products. This is called thermo-acoustic insulation. With an insulation professional referred by Reno-Assistance, you can determine the best option for you, your family and your home based on these factors:

  • Price of the insulation
  • Insulation methods
  • Product choices
  • Your home’s structure
  • Your home’s direction
  • Your location’s climate
  • Your home’s humidity and ventilation


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