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The concept of raising your house may seem near impossible due to the obvious weight and sheer size of even smaller homes. However, you should know that the majority of residential properties have the ability to be raised, depending on their size and condition. To facilitate the work involved with such a project, special attention is required, but it is usually a feasible undertaking.

With the right expert at your side, you can make sure your home is raised safely and within your budget. In order to make it easier for you, we have already found the best experts in house lifting so that this experience does not make you pull your hair out.

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The steps of a house lifting

1- First, the experts found by your renovation advisor will have to form their own diagnosis of the situation. Contractors are not there to raise the house without knowing the causes and possible solutions to correct them. Your house is important and they know it. The goal is to arrive at an optimal solution for you and your home. Therefore, the contractors are qualified to make the right diagnosis with you and to explain the steps, deadlines, work to be carried out and the costs the work would incur.

2- Your renovation advisor will then assist you in reviewing the solution(s) proposed by the contractors, both for house-raising and for corrective work to be done on your home afterwards. If any party believes that changes should be made to the contract prior to signing, your advisor will contact the contractor and advise the contractor of any changes to be made in order to achieve an ideal agreement between the parties.

Once your choice is made on the contractor and the optimal solution chosen and signed, the house lifting project can commence. Several points will need to be checked off before lifting the house and our house lifting experts will be able to guide you in this. Here are some things to consider for you and the expert you will work with:

  • The state of your foundation – If it is in good condition, your residence can be lifted quickly and easily. If this is not the case, the raising process could prove more difficult.
  • Neighbourhood Impact – Street parking may be restricted or completely blocked during the lifting process. You may need a special permit from the city.
  • Remove the furniture from the house – You will need to free up your home during the lifting process and empty it of its furniture
  • Height Restrictions –  If you plan to include a story addition in the ground, make sure you do not exceed the city zoning hit limits (you may need to call a municipal inspector, an engineer or an architect to have your project approved)
  • Disconnections – Your gas and electricity must be completely disconnected before starting work.

House lifting

3- When the entirety of the project is complete, the experts will be able to start the house lifting. The house lifting contractor we will refer to will use a unified hydraulic cylinder system for your project. The uprising itself should last only one day, but the cylinders will likely remain in place much longer, as necessary. Thereafter, repair or replacement work may begin. Here are the main reasons why we are contacted for house raising projects:

Basement expansion project

  • Several improvements can be completed on this side! First, you can add a basement to your home. Whether it's for yourself or for the purpose of turning it into a self-contained bachelor and making it profitable, the possibilities are all open to you. It's also possible to raise the house to recreate a new ground floor and affix the house over it afterwards. This would allow you to pick up an extra floor at your residence, which you could rent or use at your convenience.

Roof Raising for a Floor Addition

  • As opposed to adding a floor under the house, it's possible to add a floor above the house without having to redo the entire roof structure and your existing roofing. You just need to perform a temporary roof lifting so that contractors can work under it and add a floor to your house. Thereafter the roof and its framework will be placed back on the house and be fixed definitively.

Installation of piers and reinforcement/stabilization of the foundation

  • If your foundation does not seem to be able to support a floor addition or passage over time, it's important to get an engineer's opinion on the subject. If they confirm your concern, it is possible that you'll have to strengthen your foundation or make the installation of piles to support the load difference. A house lifting may then be necessary to reinforce your foundation and prevent any further serious deterioration.

Contaminated soil

  • Does the soil under your house have significant sources of contaminants? Simply cleaning the sides of your home may not be enough to eradicate the problem. It's sometimes essential to raise the house to decontaminate all the elements that are problematic to the foundation structure of your home. It is the optimal solution that ensures the durability of your soil and consequently of your foundation.

Protection against floods

  • Sometimes, to add a new drain under the foundation slab or to waterproof the entire slab and foundation, it's worth lifting the house to do the work well on the whole house. It is a job that can avoid future floods and thus avoid damage and infiltration caused by neighbouring waters.

Damage to property due to natural disaster

  • We are never safe from a natural disaster. If the damage to your house and foundation forces you to rework the structure of the base, it is possible that a house lifting is necessary to not only partially correct the damage, but prevent the same damage from occurring in the future.

Rotation of property for technical, aesthetic or energy efficiency reasons (not very common)

  • Even if this is rare, it is not impossible to have to turn a property. Obviously, this must be approved by the city and applies especially to homes in remote areas. In order for your home to be able to cope with a lake, a river or just a stunning view, a house lift could improve the value of your home or cottage and your daily life.

4- Once the repair, replacement or addition work has been completed, the house raising company will return your house to the ground and make sure everything is in place, fixed, stable and durable for years to come.

Our experts can look after the entirety of your project to correct the problem and improve the situation and make sure that you no longer have any issues once the house has come down and been fixed in place.

Roof lifting

The benefits of home lifting

In many cases, raising your property could be a good investment it can enhance the resale value of your home. Neglecting an existing problem could cause other long-term problems that would make the situation more dangerous than it is currently (in a case of repair).

Expansion project

Have you ever thought of adding a floor under your house? Whether it is to increase your quality of life by having a larger living space, to rent this new floor in order to have another source of income or to accommodate a parent who needs more attention, the opportunities are limitless. Research the option of an expansion with one of our renovation advisors and they can guide you to find the best contractors to get there.

A house rising

Get the support of a renovation advisor for free!

In addition to referring you to the best home hoisting companies, your home improvement advisor will help you to study and compare the quotes to make sure with you that everything makes sense and that the contract is legitimate and fair. With our help, you are putting every chance on your side to have a successful renovation. Your advisor will also assist you with the renovations that will follow the lifting of the house. Their role exceeds just the initial planning stages of your project. They will be regularly available to answer any questions or assist with any matters with which you may require additional help. In no case will you have to pay a single dollar to Reno-Assistance for the services rendered and you have no obligation to proceed with the proposed contractors, so you have nothing to lose!

Up to 3 contractors in competition

Few contractors undertake house lifting projects without outsourcing most of the work, however, it is still possible to obtain more than one quote directly from the house builders. Your advisor will check for you among the various house improvement contractors in our network, to confirm if we can provide up to 3 bids for you. To receive quotes, contact us today by filling out our contact form on the right or by calling us at 1-888-670-9742.

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