Make sure your house is strong and stable for years to come

Foundations are literally what homes rest on, making them sound and stable, so it’s very important for you to take care of yours, renovating or replacing it whenever necessary. Unfortunately, there are many causes for a foundation to collapse or crack: unstable ground, ground motion and the age of the building it supports.

Here are a few signs that indicate your foundation deserves to be checked: cracks in your exterior masonry, unusual cracks in your interior walls, uneven floors, hard-to-close doors or windows, and water seeping into your basement.

And if you live in Quebec, you also have to make your foundation water-resistant to clay soil, which can be found in the most developed parts of this province. You must take the precautionary measure of installing a French drain to prevent water from accumulating around your foundation. Otherwise, you significantly increase the risk of foundation degradation and soil erosion problems.

Although there are many methods for repairing or replacing your foundation, there’s only one rule of thumb to follow: choosing a contractor who is up to the task of this important project.


Choose only expert contractors for your foundation project!

Rest assured that there are many foundation renovation solutions out there — and we have the perfect 360° Verified Contractors for the job you’ll need. Our renovation advisors can guide you through every stage of your foundation renovation project, referring you to the best contractors, whether you need to install foundation piles, restore and stabilize your foundation, or waterproof your foundation with a French drain.

When you hire us, one of our experienced renovation advisors, who has already worked on thousands of projects, will review yours with you to identify your specific needs, refer you to up to three of our 360° Verified to get quotes, and even review them with you. In fact, your advisor will give you all the information you need to make an informed contractor choice. All for FREE!

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