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Is your roof leaking? If the answer is no, don't wait for that moment to occur. The roof of your house is one of the structures that suffers the most with the test of time. It is therefore normal to have to replace it at the end of its useful life. Finding a skilled roofer is not always easy when the time comes.

When is it important to renovate your roof?

Before it's too late! Your roof is vital to your home and it must be replaced as soon as it no longer fulfills its role of protection against infiltration.

Replacing the roof of your home is necessary when:

  • The roof has flexed in some areas due to insufficient support or structural deterioration.
  • The coating materials are damaged in some places.
  • The roof's structure has been damaged by excessive snow and ice accumulation during the winter.
  • Infiltration has occurred at the roof's flashing.
  • Excessive moisture under the roof has caused damage to the roof's structure.

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The Best Roofers for You!

Whether you're looking for a roofer in Quebec or in the Greater Toronto Area, Reno-Assistance has verified hundreds of roofers at 360°. The roofers all have their own specialties, so we make sure to recommend you the best for your project. For a roofing project in asphalt shingles, in TPO/EPDM, in elastomeric membrane or in gravel and tar, we have the resources to help you.

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Which materials to choose for the replacement of your roof?

The choice of the roof covering of your home is determined by several factors including the type of framework (sloping roof or flat roof) and the style of your home. The sloping roof is the one that allows the widest choice of material. It is best to seek advice before making your choice on any of the materials offered in the market. The most commonly used materials are:

elastomeric roofing

Obtain quotes at the right price

We will refer up to 3 of the best-suited roofers to your project to ensure that you receive a quote at a fair price. In addition to contractors, we also have a network of architects, engineers, designers and several other professionals who can help you. These experts will be the cornerstones of your project. A roofer competing on your project will have no choice but to be competitive if they wish to work on your project.

Get up to 3 free quotes from our roofing experts

The advantage of using our service is very simple. You will be entitled to up to 3 competing quotes only from our 360° Verified roofing experts in your area.

We have verified more than 1000 contractors throughout Ontario and Quebec and to build our comprehensive network. Our verification process first and foremost aims to reduce your risk of hiring a dishonest or underqualified contractor who may not be able to handle your roofing project effectively. The ranking of our contractors is based on a broad criteria including valid licenses, insurance, financial stability and, most importantly, past customer satisfaction, so you will be assured that the contractors who will be recommended to you have outstanding reputations.

Your renovation advisor will also give you access to the 360° verification report for each contractor once we have identified those best suited. We will then arrange for each contractor to visit your home to do an assessment and provide an estimate. Your advisor will then help you review and compare the estimates to ensure they are transparent and understood so you don’t start your project with any uncertainties. The experts providing quotes for your project will have no choice to be competitive and thus we aim to get you the right price.

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Your own renovation advisor throughout your project

Your Reno-Assistance renovation advisor can recommend the right roofer to carry out your construction or renovation project at the best possible price. And, since the ranking of every roofer or professional we refer is based on the satisfaction of previous customers, you will be assured that these experts have a strong track-record of highly-satisfied customers. We will also give you access to the 360° Verification report for all the roofers we refer.

Our renovation advisors are there to help you, free of charge and without obligation!

Our advisors, who have gained experience with thousands of projects since 2010, can help you plan your renovation project. They can help you in all stages of your renovation. So, call us or fill out the form and a renovation advisor will be assigned to your project to start your renovation on the right foot. It's free and without obligation to you. Contact us now!

Happy renovations start here!

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Our stamp of approval. A greater peace of mind.

With your renovation or construction project, it doesn’t pay to take chances with an unknown. Let Reno-Assistance refer you to one of our experts with our coveted 360° Verified Contractor stamp of approval — your peace of mind that our dedicated verification team has done a complete 360 of their credentials and track record. And you can take our word for it — literally. Everything we can share as we verify our 360° Verified Contractors is written in our 360° Verification Report, the only one of its kind in the industry. Bottom line? Only the best get our stamp of approval — and only the best get referred to you.

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