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Is your roof leaking? If you answered yes, you need to act fast! If you answered no, on the other hand, do not wait until the damage is done! Your home's roofing is exposed to many damaging elements & with time, will need a little love. So be proactive, and take care of your roof before any issues arise! It’s normal to have to replace it before damage is done.

Finding a competent roofing contractor isn't always easy, though. Getting a fair price for your roof renovations from contractors can also be a struggle. That's why we've rounded up some of the best contractors in the Greater Toronto Area, Ottawa, Greater Montreal, Quebec and more to help you get your roofing work done right. 

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When is it important to renovate your roof?

Before it's too late! Your roof is vital to your home and it must be replaced as soon as it no longer fulfills its role in protecting against infiltration.

Replacing the roof of your home is necessary when:

  • The coating materials are damaged in some places;
  • The roof has flexed in some areas due to insufficient support or structural deterioration;
  • The roof's structure has been damaged by excessive snow and ice accumulation during the winter;
  • Infiltration has occurred at the roof's flashing;
  • Excessive moisture under the roof has caused damage to the roof's structure.

How much does a roof replacement cost? 

So many elements come into play when it's time to assess your roof's replacement cost. Including: its incline depth, the number of slopes, which materials are being used, how high the roof is, and how easily accessible it is. 

For instance, roofing with a low incline level on a typical bungalow can start at as low as $4,000; and a two-storey home with a few slopes can start at around $6,000. Though, depending on materials used and the size of your home, roofing costs can go up to upwards of $60,000 (metal roofing on a luxury home)!

We've put together a few tables to give you a better idea of what it might cost you to get roofing done - whether it be for a house or multi-unit residential buildings. 

Take a look our Roof Replacement Cost article >> 

Which roofing materials should you choose?

When picking the roofing material for your roof, there are a few factors that will come into play. Some materials are only available for flat roofs, whereas others are only available for sloped roofs. So, depending on your house's structure, you'll be limited to certain amount. Though, if you have a sloped roof, you'll have a rather wider array of material choices. Then, of course, cost and durability (including lifespan) might also affect your choice.

The most commonly used materials are:

Asphalt shingle roofing 

Asphalt shingles are the most common roofing material due to their low cost, ease of installation (by a roofer), and almost endless colour range. Their typical lifespan can be of anywhere between 20 to 30 years. 

To ensure a decent lifespan for your shingles, it's important to inspect your roof at least once a year to be sure that all pieces are in place and there is no water infiltration. It is also important to clean up any accumulation of leaves, branches or other objects that could damage the condition of your shingle. Maintenance is key to ensuring that your shingles last through our cold winters and hot, humid summers.

As for cost, asphalt shingle roofing is usually the least expensive option, priced at $3-$6 per square foot (including installation). Prices will vary according to your home's geographical location and the quality of the shingles.

More on asphalt shingles here >> 

Metal roofing

metal roof

Metal is an extremely resilient material and its lifespan is great: often lasting over 50 years before needing to be replaced! As with asphalt shingles, a wide variety of colours and styles are available and you're even able to repaint the metal if you feel the need for change or to refresh the roofing's look. Metal roofs are often recommended because they are easy to maintain, are of good quality for the price and are generally recyclable. However, they can be expensive to get installed and the noise generated by rain or hail can be bothersome.

As for its cost, the price can vary between $15 to $28 per square foot.

More on metal roofs here >> 

Elastomeric membrane roofing

elastomeric roofing

Seen as the new solution to gravel roofing, elastomeric membrane roofing is becoming increasingly popular. It is applied as a mixture that is unrolled and melted onto the roof to ensure the best seal. This kind of roofing can be installed by roofers at almost any time of year, and it can last up to 35 years. It is often defined as a good investment for its turnkey quality/price ratio, and the fact that it requires fairly little maintenance. This material is less environmentally friendly than Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO), as it is made of asphalt.

This roofing system costs between $8 to $15 per square foot, costing slightly higher than TPO/EPDM roofing solutions.

More on elastomeric membrane roofs here >> 

TPO or EPDM roofing

Man installing a TPO roof

These synthetic rubber roofing systems are highly resistant to the sun’s rays and can withstand cold Canadian winters without a problem. If they are well maintained, these roofing solutions can last up to 35 years. TPO/EPDM is an eco-friendly solution - from its manufacturing to the end of its lifespan. Most people opt for white-coloured TPO/EPDM as it allows to reduce the heat captured if it was otherwise installed in black - reducing the need for air conditioning. Though, since it is a single layer product, it is more fragile than other roofing solutions. If it tears, it can be almost impossible (depending on the location) to repair - even by a professional roofer.

These solutions can cost anywhere between $7 and $10 per square foot. 

More on TPO/EPDM roofs here >> 

Tar and Gravel roofing

tar and gravel roof

Tar and gravel roofing used to be quite popular in the past. However, it is slowly being replaced by TPO, EPDM and elastomeric membrane solutions. Why is this so? This type of roofing requires greater annual maintenance in terms of caulking, gravel distribution, annual drain cleaning, and so on. Despite the more demanding maintenance by professional roofers, gravel and bitumen roofing is an effective choice if properly maintained; and works well to protect your roof against water and drastic weather fluctuations.

Its cost per square foot is about $9 to $12.

Green roof or rooftop deck


We all enjoy the view from a balcony, so imagine the view you might have from the top of your building. A green roof has several advantages: it is visually appealing, can create a healthier lifestyle, and can help you save on energy costs. You can make a garden on your roof and double the space as an extra living area on warmer days. In terms of energy costs, in the summer this roof reflects the sun's rays and keeps you insulated from the cold in the winter. It can, potentially, save you hundreds of dollars in heating and cooling costs each year.

It is difficult to estimate the cost for a green roof or a roof terrace as it requires, above all, the intervention of an engineer for load calculations and potentially structural reinforcement. A ballpark estimate for a typical green roof would be between $20 and $25 per square foot, or between $35 and $50 per square foot for an extensive project. Keep in mind that this kind of roofing requires the installation of many different elements - potentially driving up the costs quite considerably.

Finding the best roofer for your roofing project

If you're looking for the best roofers for your roof replacement, Reno-Assistance can refer you to 360° Verified Contractors with proven track records. Our Renovation Advisors will only pick the best-suited roofers for your roofing project. They'll take into consideration whether you have a flat or sloped roof, which material you would rather have for your roof, your priorities, as well as your availabilities. Of course, they will also be sure to refer you to roofers in your region.

residential brown shingle roof

Learn more about roofers here >> 

Roofing quotes at a fair price

We will refer up to 3 of the best-suited roofing contractors for your project to ensure that you receive a quote at a fair price.  A roofing contractor competing for your project will have no choice but to be competitive if they wish to work on your roof renovation. 

navy blue shingle roof

Your own dedicated Renovation Advisor throughout the entire process at no cost, no obligation

Your Reno-Assistance Renovation Advisor can recommend the right roofing contractor to carry out your roof renovation project at the best possible price. And, since every roofing contractor's ranking is based on the satisfaction of previous customers, you'll be sure to be referred to highly qualified roofers. You will also be provided with the referred roofers' 360° Verification report to allow you to make an informed decision.

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