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What is the role of a structural engineer?

A structural engineer plays a very important role in all renovation or construction projects involving weight calculations and structural work. A structural engineer will take notes on the project, conceptualize the project, develop a plan and manage the elements of construction or renovation that affect a building's structure, both residential and commercial. They contribute to the successful construction in addition to designing and implementing the different types of systems integral to building, such as foundations, structural soundness and various mechanical, energy and electrical systems. The importance of their role is paramount as it ensures that all safety and building regulations are adhered to in construction including processes and materials to guarantee and durable and safe structure. It's therefore crucial to find the right structural engineering professional for your specific needs.

Reno-Assistance has garnered a network of local structural engineers specializing in their respective sectors and project types whom have met our stringent standards to attain our 360° Verified stamp of approval. We help mitigate the risk to you of choosing the wrong professional by only referring you the best.

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Here is a list of tasks and work for which it would be necessary to consult a structural engineer:

  • Modifying the structure of your building:
    Do you want to remove or move a load-bearing wall? You will need to obtain the advice of an engineer who can perform a weight calculation and verify if another support is needed to replace the lost support. It should be noted that with your home plans you will be able to determine which of your walls are supporting weight. Do not hesitate to contact us and send us your plans if you are unsure if this is the case with a wall that you want to remove.
  • Evaluating the condition of the structure:
    In this case, several points may need to be checked. First of all, there are the foundations that have to be monitored to assess if they are in their stable condition or whether there are cracks starting from top to bottom? It's important to note that a slight crack that does not start from the top to the bottom will not pose a problem to your structure in the immediate future. Have your foundations been severely damaged in many places over time? Is it worth reinforcing them or not? It is important for the durability of your home to take the advice of an expert before you start unnecessary work or on the contrary, before letting the condition of your house deteriorate.
  • Weight calculations:
    Check if your beams and columns are still as effective and always complement their support role for your home. They can do the same with your load-bearing walls, your partitions, your roof, framing, as well as with your external coating. This is a necessary step to especially if you are doing renovations that could make a higher floor heavier than the underlying structure was originally designed to support.
  • Foundation with piers:
    Measure the differential levels of the foundations to determine if it is necessary to add slope stabilization piers (very useful in the case of expansion projects). With a calculation of weight, the engineer could advise you, even before the beginning of the work, if it would be necessary to add piers to ensure the support of your expansion.
  • House lifting:
    When lifting a house, the advice of an engineer must be sought to make sure your project is structurally and legally feasible while remaining safe. They will also be able to assess, according to the plans of your home and it's current state, if it is possible to raise without damaging the foundation and durability of the structure.
  • Decks and balconies:
    When you want to add a balcony, deck or make a modification to the structure of an existing balcony or deck, whether for a house or a multi-dwelling property, you will need an engineer's advice on the type of structure to add and how the contractor will have to carry out the work. If you simply require a repair you will not need this expertise, but as soon as you have to modify the structure or rebuild a new balcony or deck, an expert opinion is imperative.

When you are planning a renovation project that can affect the structure of your home, the advice and calculations of a structural engineer may be mandatory before the start of work, depending on your municipality. So do not hesitate to contact us so that one of our renovation consultants can advise you on whether your project requires this type of service or not. If so, we have the right professionals to refer to you! Even if with some types of work obtaining engineer plans are not always mandatory, seeking an additional opinion could allow you to have a more detailed plan for your contractors and thus making sure you obtain quotes that meet an established criteria and avoid any unpleasant surprises at the end of the job.

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Can a structural engineer help me with my project?

Do not hesitate to call us to discuss your project to determine if an engineer's input is required or could be of use. But to give you some idea, structural engineers can specialize in several different areas:

Residential sector:
For apartment buildings, condominiums, homes and home development, regardless of the number of units.

Commercial sector:
For shops, restaurants, warehouses, hotels, office buildings, shopping centres, workshops, farm buildings and any other privately owned buildings that are not residences.

Industrial sector:
As an extension to the commercial sector, buildings and facilities such as factories, mining facilities, petroleum extraction installations, manufacturing factories, etc.

Institutional sector:
This includes all public buildings, that aren't residences. This would include schools, libraries, town halls, kindergartens, centres for the elderly, and so on.

Our structural engineers can help you build, expand or renovate buildings in all of the categories listed above and can handle a very wide variety of projects. Do not hesitate to contact us to see if our engineers can help you with your renovation or construction.

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Simply call Reno-Assistance to gain access to the best structural engineers best suited to help you realize your construction or renovation project, according to your expectations and your budget.

A structural engineer, such as those proposed by Reno-Assistance, will be able to evaluate the feasibility of your project, and what it will entail before you even begin. They will be able to identify the work of renovation or construction required, plan the tasks, and offer solutions and pricing. The call does not cost you anything and there is no obligation to go ahead with the proposed engineer, but we are confident you'll be more than satisfied with the experience and quality of the engineers we refer.

Then, as recommended by the structural engineer, your renovation advisor will help you to find up to 3 local expert contractors to compete for your project in order to get you the right price! This process is free and without obligation.

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