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Doors and Windows -

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A simple glance may show that the windows in your home have not stood the test of time well. If this is the case, before undertaking anything in terms of renovation spending, it is important to thoroughly review your options.

Give your home a stylish door & window makeover!

If your window frames are weakened, cracked or damaged by mold, it may be wise and even essential to invest in installing new windows for your home. Renovating or upgrading windows and doors, no matter how large, contributes to the value of your home and can allow you to make substantial energy savings. Be aware that a significant loss of heat in your home (over 15%) could be caused by poorly sealed windows. Whatever your choice, do not hesitate to ask for more than one quote to compare the price of the renovations and to choose the best company to carry out the work. It's at this stage a Reno-Assistance advisor is here to make things easier for you.

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Doors and windows made of PVC, aluminium or wood?

The choice of materials remains an important element of your renovations. Merchants and window manufacturers offer a wide variety of products at prices that vary greatly depending on materials, types of openings, shapes and sizes. Some useful information to guide your choice:

  • PVC windows:
    PVC has little to no maintenance constraints. It is weather resistant and provides good insulation. It also allows for a greater variety of choice in shapes and sizes (e.g. trapezoid, equal leg arch, etc.) PVC windows also tend to have the lowest cost.
  • Aluminum windows:
    Aluminium is extremely useful in the design and technical performance and requires very little maintenance. It is a material that also offers a great variety of choice when it comes to hues, sizes and shapes. However, aluminium is generally less efficient in terms of insulation.
  • Hybrid windows
    Hybrid windows combine the advantages of the exterior aesthetics of a material with the internal insulation advantages of PVC. It also provides a cost savings when compared to windows of aluminium or wood.
  • Wood windows:
    Wood has a certain aesthetic advantage. However, a wood window only adapts to a specific style of architecture, and this requires rigorous maintenance if the wood used in its manufacturing is not treated in the factory beforehand.

door & windows

Patio Doors, Entrance Doors and Garage Doors

Your patio door, garage door and front door, along with the windows in your home, may need to be changed over time to preserve their vibrant look, maximize the effectiveness of your insulation and save on energy costs.

Patio door

Don't limit yourself to the conventional PVC patio door if it's not ideal style you want for your home. There are several different styles and materials available. Just think of aluminum, wood, or why not a hybrid style to take advantage of the benefits of 2 different materials! The type of opening is not obliged to be sliding either. In short, a multitude of options are available to you.

Patio doors

Front Door

As far as the front door is concerned, it is the first point of contact that people will have with your house when they visit you, so we like to leave a good first impression that reflects our taste. A wide range of options are available to you, both in the types of materials and in the design of the door itself. You can choose from doors made of steel, aluminium, PVC, composite and wood. Thereafter, there is always the option to shield the door or not and to add a glazing, in addition to the general design.

Front doors

Tax credit for eco-responsible changes

Did you know that you may be eligible for certain tax credits when you convert to eco-friendly doors and windows. In addition to saving energy, the government may offer grants to which you would be entitled in your next tax return. There are programs in many jurisdictions which offer substantial savings when homeowners choose to install Energy Star-certified windows from a list of approved dealers. Some of these programs are grants and others in the form of tax credits. In some cases, homeowners can benefit from as much as a 20% tax return on the project, depending on the program. Please ask one of our renovation advisors for applicable programs in your area!

For more information, you can also visit your local government's website for any programs currently available.

Reno-Assistance can help you with your window replacement project! It's free!

Your Reno-Assistance renovation advisor has the necessary experience and can provide you with valuable assistance in the choice of contractor to carry out the renovation work. We have identified and selected the most qualified contractors who specialize in this area. From simple advice to obtaining qualified contractors who have been Verified 360°, your Reno-Assistance advisor is here to help you. Call us or request a quote online, it's FREE and there's no obligation!

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