Make sure your wine cellar gets better with age…with Reno-Assistance

You’ve been dreaming about building a wine cellar forever it seems. And why not! Although building one is a formidable project, the rewards are considerable. For every dollar you invest in building a wine cellar, you will easily see an equal or greater return in increased property value. That’s not all! For a wine lover like, a cellar gives you the perfect place to store your wine under proper conditions for many years.

But where should you build your wine cellar? Should it be in the basement? Do you even have the spare space for it? These are the sort of questions a wine cellar expert can answer — and that’s where Reno-Assistance comes in. As our name suggests, we can assist you with this major renovation project, referring you to a wine cellar contractor near you to make sure you build a wine cellar as amazing as the wine you plan to store there.

Can you put a wine cellar anywhere in your home? Yes, as long as it meets certain conditions. A good wine cellar should provide the optimal conditions for storing and aging your wine, so it’s vital to discuss these factors with your contractor to ensure that your wine cellar does its job well for year and years.

  • Location
  • Insulation
  • Ventilation
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Lighting
  • Air conditioning and refrigeration systems
  • Structural stability
  • Doors, walls and ceiling
  • Vapor barrier

Let the wine cellar contractor we refer to you recommend the best building materials for your project and home.

Let our Renovation Advisors pair you with the right wine cellar contractor…for FREE

When you contact Reno-Assistance, one of our Expert Renovation Advisors will call you and review your project to understand your needs. Then, we’ll send up to three wine cellar contractors to quote on your project. Better yet, your advisor will review their quotes with you, helping you choose the best contractor for you and your budget — an expert who has our [360°Placeholder] stamp of approval, so you know that they are the best for your job.

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