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Roofers in your area: we've got the best ones!

If you're looking for a roofer in your area - whether it be for commercial or residential properties - you've come to the right place. We've audited many roofing contractor's work, legal capacities, etc. in order to refer you to only the best. We are confident we can put you in touch with the top roofing companies ! 

At RenoAssistance, all roofing contractors have undergone a rigorous 360° Verification process. It's the best verification process in the industry - allowing to minimize any risks you may be exposed to during renovations. With every roofer we refer you to, you'll also receive their entire verification report. You'll even have a dedicated Renovation Advisor available to you to answer any questions you might have in regard to your roofing renovation. We provide all of this to you at no cost, no obligation. You literally have nothing to lose! 

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What's the difference between good and bad roofing companies?

Finding an inexpensive roofer is quite easy. However, you'll most likely end up paying for it in the long run. Of course, on day one of your new roof, you won't be able to tell if the roofer did a bad job. Though, more often than not, we have clients coming our way in under five years of getting their roof done because of a poorly executed job.

Some even come our way within weeks stating their roof is already leaking! Being stuck with a leaking roof is no fun and can cost thousands of dollars in damages to your home - which aren't necessarily covered by insurance policies. We truly believe that paying the fair price for a roofer is your best bet. At RenoAssistance, we put up to three roofers up against each other to compete for your roofing project. It's always best to get your roof done by qualified roofing companies! 

What should I ask a potential roofer?

First and foremost, it's important to meet face to face with roofers that will be providing you with quotes. Getting quotes from roofing companies that choose to pass by while you're at work and leaving a quote in your mailbox isn't ideal. All you'll have to base your decision on would be a piece of paper with a quoted price at the bottom.

When meeting with potential roofers, you'll already get a feel of whether or not they would be a good match for you. You'll also notice whether they truly know the trade and are interested in doing the work presented to them. Pay attention to details when you meet with them: do they get on the roof to check out the job? or even check out the attic to see if there are any extra issues that need to be addressed? Do they discuss their workflow procedure for a good quality job? Or.. do they pressure you into an agreement so that they can move onto another client? 

10 questions to ask roofers providing you with quotes

Here are some questions you should be asking roofers you meet with in regard to the roofing job they will be doing:  

  1. How long will the job take?
  2. Will the job be done by your employees or some hired sub-contractors?
  3. Who will be supervising the worksite?
  4. How will you protect the grounds around the worksite?
  5. What kind of shingles/membranes do you use?
  6. Is debris disposal included in your quote?
  7. What guarantees are included for the work done?
  8. Will we need to prepare anything before, or pick up anything after the job is completed - or are you offering a "turnkey" service?
  9. Will the gutters be cleaned out?
  10. How long have you been in business with this business name and license number (if applicable)? 

What kind of work can roofing companies do?

Roof installation

They can install a new roof on a new building, a home extension, a garage addition, etc. 

Roof replacement

New home constructions aren't as common as older homes with deteriorating roofs. That being said, a roofer's main specialty is replacing damaged and old roofing. The most common roof repairs are asphalt shingle replacements and renewing elastomeric membranes on flat roofs. There are many other kinds of roofs that exist as well. We invite you to take a look at our roofing renovation page to learn a more, or head directly to our dedicated pages: 

Residential Condo and Rental Commercial

Asphalt shingle roofing
Elastomeric membrane roofing
Metal roofing
EPDM & TPO roofing
Rooftop Terraces

Condo & apartment building roofing Commercial Roofing

Roof inspection

Some roofing companies specialize in roof inspections and can provide you with a detailed report on the quality of the work done. Or, they can even provide you with their expertise in regard to resolving any complex issues that may be present by using non-invasive tools (such as thermography) or by sectional analysis. 

Roof repairs

Unless your roof has been recently installed and that the issue is located, once a roof shows signs of ageing, it's time to replace it. However, if you have located the issue, a roofer can intervene and repair your roof without having to replace it in its entirety.

Roof ventilation

Poor roof ventilation can cause water (through condensation) to seep through the roof and cause a lot of damage to your home. Getting a roofer that knows his way through proper roof ventilation would help avoid thousands of dollars in property damages. If your roof leaks when spring sprouts, this means condensation came into contact with a freezing cold roof  - causing ice build-up that has begun to melt.

How much does a roof cost with different roofing companies? 

Of course, costs will differ depending on the kind of roof you have. Is it a pitched roof or, rather, a flat roof? A roofing contractor will take a look at the slope angle of your roof, the number of slopes, the height of the roof, its intricacy, etc. to determine the number of hours and employees needed to get the work done. They'll be able to assess labour costs accordingly. For residential roofs, the job can take one to two days, whereas commercial buildings' roofing can take a few days. Beyond labour costs, they'll also add the cost of materials (shingles or membrane), the maximums, equipment, etc. Take a look at our Roof Replacement Cost article for more information! 

How to find the best roofers in your area

You can always ask neighbours or friends in your neighbourhood to refer you to some roofing companies they've done business with. However, it can be difficult to assess whether the job was well done, as it takes a few years to see the after effects. We highly suggest auditing the roofers that interest you before hiring them. Though, if you would rather not go through such a procedure, we've already audited dozens of roofers and kept contact with the best ones in your neighbourhood.

We can gladly refer them to you, at no cost, no obligation to you. One of our Renovation Advisors can also assist you in understanding the quotes these roofing contractors send your way, and answer any questions you may have before, during, or after the roofing work is done. We aim to minimize risks our clients may face and maximize the chances that roofing work is well done.

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