Andrew Collins

by Andrew Collins 360° Verification Coordinator | Reno-Assistance

10 Popular Bathroom Trends for 2018

Thinking of renovating your bathroom? Before you begin the first steps, take the pulse of the latest trends! Open shower, sober and pale tile to bring out the wooden cabinets, Italian …

Mélissa Thibeault

by Melissa Thibeault Content Manager | Reno-Assistance

Bathroom Renovation Cost in 2018 | Toronto & Montreal

Bathroom renovation projects entail a number of different pieces that need to be taken into consideration, including the gut-out, design, plumbing, electrical work, fixtures, tiling, cabinetry, painting and potential structural work. …

Mélissa Thibeault

by Melissa Thibeault Content Manager | Reno-Assistance

Top 6 Signs You Need Masonry Work Done

Masonry work is “working with brick, concrete block, glass block, tile, terra cotta and stone using mortar to put them together.” according to the definition of the Ontario Masonry Training Centre. …

Charles Gosselin

by Charles Gosselin Content Manager | Reno-Assistance

How long does a kitchen renovation take and what to expect?

How long will my kitchen renovation take? Depending on the scale of your project, the time frame for your kitchen renovation could be impacted by a number of factors, including: …

Caroline Brault

by Caroline Brault Assistant Director – 360° Verification | Reno-Assistance

7 Great Basement Renovation Ideas

When talking about the basement, you might be thinking of a storage space, an entertainment room or a rather neglected part of the home. Your basement can have a thousand and …