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How to Give Your Home a Whole New Look with Architectural Lighting

Architectural lighting might be what your home needs. Just ask any interior designer! They'll tell you that it's the perfect finishing touch.

Cottage Design: Interior & Exterior Designs You’ll Love

Planning on renovating your cottage? Maybe you're looking to get a cabin built? See the different kinds of cottages out there and see which is best for you!


Wondering if it's time to replace your roof? We put together some tell-tale signs that you might be right, along with roofing solutions and their costs!

Foundation Cracks – Condo & Apartment buildings

Flaking concrete, water damage, physical cracks are all signs your foundation needs to be repaired. Get up to 3 quotes from qualified contractors today.

7 Ways To Save On Heating

Don't let your heating bill burn a hole in your wallet! Learn 7 simple ways to reduce your heating costs and make your home more energy-efficient.

5 Advantages To Renovating During The Winter

You might be surprised to learn that you can renovate in the winter! Read on to learn all the advantages to renovating during the winter months.

Lemaître | Basement remodel with yoga studio

These homeowners finished their basement and included a yoga studio to teach clients! Take a look at what our 360° Verified Contractor completed. Price, pics..

Village Cafe | Mother-child Cafe

Renovation of a commercial space for a mother-child cafe in Montreal. The young owners worked with our 360° Verified Contractors to put together their inspiration, ideas, and special demands. This projectvrequired the involvement of various trades to be completed successuflly in this dated commercial space.

Inspiration | Doors and windows

Magnificent renovation consisting of a beautiful French door with a half moon toplight and very beautiful large windows.

Inspiration | Kitchen

Kitchen project in modern style with white melamine kitchen cabinets and a quartz countertop. The kitchen renovation was evaluated at ...

Page | Bathroom

Renovation of two beautiful bathrooms in a rustic style. For both of the new bathrooms: new ceramic floors were added, brand new doors as well as mouldings.

Dubois | Kitchen

A complete kitchen renovation with new white cabinets made by a cabinetmaker and black granite countertops.

Oshawa Contractors

Are you looking for a residential or commercial contractor [location show="@name"]? Get up to 3 free quotes from 360° Verified Contractors now.

360 Verification

We hold our contractors to the highest standards. Every contractor we refer must meet strict criteria of our 360° Verification to get our stamp of approval.

Envitech Automation | Commercial Renovation

An office renovation for a Montreal-based company, carried out by a 360° Verified Contractor. Photos + Inspiration + Real cost of the project

General Contractors

We found the best general contractors [location show="@name"] for any major renovation you may have. Check them out at no cost, no obligation to you!

Crawl Space Humidity: Preventing & Eliminating It

Crawl space humidity can lead to major problems. Protect your home and your healthy by taking a look at how to eliminate and prevent excess humidity today!

Roof Inspection: Expert Advice

Inspecting your roof regularly can save you lots of money. Don't wait for issues to arise to get started. Find guidelines to inspecting your roof here.

Crawl Spaces

A well maintained crawl space can save you money. Make sure yours is in good standing. Find out all you need to know about your crawl space here.

Commercial Roofing

A building's structural integrity is important. Don't let roof leaks or damages damage it. Get up to 3 quotes from qualified commercial roofers now.