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Looking for siding contractors in your area? We've got the best ones!

Are you looking to get your home's siding/cladding replaced? We found the best siding contractors in your area. This kind of renovation project can greatly change your home's appearance and increase its value. Plus, properly installed siding will positively impact your home's insulation - allowing you to save on energy costs. To avoid problems caused by poorly installed siding, make sure you hire a qualified contractor in your area.

At RenoAssistance, we've already audited each and every contractor with our 360° Verification process, meaning you won't have to worry about whether they're trustworthy contractors. They've all undergone a rigorous process validating their licenses, checking their insurance policies and legal history, and more! We'll send up to 3 of the best siding contractors your way when you get in touch with us. Our Renovation Advisors will gladly assist you throughout the entire process and answer any questions you might have. This will ensure you make informed decisions, all while minimizing risks associated with your renovation. Our service is at no cost, no obligation to you. 

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Why hire a qualified siding contractor?

Whether it be to give your home a brand new look or to protect your home's structural integrity, changing its cladding is a project for which you'll need to consider many elements - technical and aesthetic alike. If your siding is poorly installed or if the contractor skips certain steps to save some time and money, you'll end up paying for it on the long run. It's therefore important to ensure your siding and cladding is installed by a team of qualified experts. You wouldn't want seems and cuts to be highly visible, for instance. 

Given the important role your siding plays for your home, if you've got some issues with it, it's important to get started as soon as possible. Doing so will ensure that any damages beneath the surface don't worsen, or even that interior membranes remain intact. Acting quickly is likely to save you money and headaches in the long run.

At RenoAssistance, we sometimes recommend that clients hire a general contractor as opposed to a siding contractor. This, of course, depends on the complexity of the project. When replacing your home's siding, there's likely to be many elements that also need to be changed. For instance, if your doors and windows are white and you've decided to give your home a darker look, you might want to change them so that everything fits well together. Also, if you want to change or add lights, you'll need the help of an electrician. The same principle applies if you plan on changing your vinyl cladding to masonry. As brick and stone are thicker, your foundation (and probably the entire building's structure) will need to be modified to withstand the new weight.

Essentially, your general contractor is there to coordinate all the trades needed to get the job done properly. A siding contractor or mason, on the other hand, specializes in installing the material.

Bungalow with new exterior siding - before and after photo

Questions to ask your siding contractor

In order to make sure your project runs smoothly, it's always best to ask the right questions to the contractors you're going to meet with. Asking questions will also help you manage your expectations about the project's timeline, details, additional costs, and more. In addition, you'll get a feel for the contractor's abilities simply by the way they answer your questions. Pay attention to the answers they give you, but give your gut some credit. Your gut feeling is usually right too. Of course, it's important to get along with the contractor you decide to work with.  

Here are the 10 questions to ask siding contractors you meet with:

Here are some questions you should ask your siding contractor when you meet with them:

  1. How long will the exterior cladding take?
  2. Who will be my main contact during the renovations and who will oversee the work on site?
  3. How many subcontractors/employees will be involved in the process?
  4. What is included in the quote you will provide me with?
  5. Should I prepare the worksite or will your team do it?
  6. Is was disposal included in your quote?
  7. What precautions will you take to avoid damaging my house?
  8. Is it possible to see projects you have done in the past or to get referrals from clients?
  9. Do you have the necessary insurance to do this kind of work?
  10. How long have you been using this business name and license number (if any)?

Being vigilant never hurts. Go ahead and ask them any questions you feel are relevant, even those about their criminal record, liability insurance, etc.

Note: we've already verified every contractor we work with, but you can never be too careful. Feel free to ask them anything that comes to mind. 

How much does a siding contractor cost?

It all depends on the type of siding chosen. For example, masonry work is more expensive than laying vinyl. We're talking about a price range of $4 to $40 per square foot (if not more), including labour and materials. On the other hand, if you remove your existing siding material and find that the membranes on your wall are damaged, it's an additional expense. Take a look at our siding cost article to get a better idea of what your chosen siding material may cost you. If you've not yet decided on the type of cladding you would like for your home, discover details, pros & cons, as well as each material's lifespan on our siding option breakdown article.

Find the best exterior siding contractors in your area

You must be vigilant in your search for contractors. The consequences of poorly installed siding can be quite serious. It only takes 72 hours for mildew to settle in after it makes its way into the wall and gets stuck under your cladding. It can take up to 10 years before the signs are visible to the naked eye! As it's so often said, preventing it from the get-go is better than remedying it after the damage is done. Hire a trusted contractor, don't just hire a contractor because of their low price quote.

Our goal is to minimize your risk. All our contractors have gone through a rigorous 360° verification process. As previously mentioned, we look at licenses, solvency, insurance, etc. In addition, we get up to 3 contractors to compete against one another for your project. Not only are you sure to meet trusted contractors, but also get quotes at a fair price.

Residential projects carried out by our 360° Verified Contractors

Get inspired by great projects our 360 ° Verified Contractors completed by visiting our exterior cladding section on Reno-Inspiration. You'll certainly find beautiful ideas for your project! Below, see a house that has undergone a major siding change. A drastic change in exterior cladding now showcases wood, stone and brick. Check out the Lalonde project to find pictures, details, the project's price and more! 

Commercial projects carried out by our 360° Verified Contractors 

If you're looking to get inspired for a commercial project, check out the commercial section of our Reno-Inspiration page. You can also take a look at our Vitro Plus project below!

Ready to get free quotes from top in your area siding contractors?

Since we take the time to verify each contractor we work with, we're confident that we can help you find the best siding contractor for your renovation project at no cost, no obligation. At RenoAssistance, you'll have the chance to meet up to three contractors that specialize in exterior cladding or a qualified general contractor. This all depends on your needs. In addition to each contractor having been 360° Verified, you'll receive a verification report on each of them. It'll allow you to learn more about the contractor & what past clients think of them. The reports will allow you to make an informed decision when selecting your contractor.

Call us now and one of our Renovation Advisors will be happy to discuss your project with you and help you determine your needs. Your advisor will recommend the contractors best suited to your project to bid on it at no cost. Once these steps are completed, your advisor will help you compare submissions and ensure they are representative of your needs. Thus, you make sure to minimize your risks during renovations, you save time, and you are sure to have competitive prices!

Cities where home siding contractors are in demand

Here are the cities in which home siding contractors are in high demand:


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We've got hundreds of 360° Verified Contractors all throughout Ontario and Quebec. Let us help you by rallying up to 3 contractors to compete against one another for your renovation project. We'll only refer you to those we feel can meet your needs - according to your expectations, budget, your allotted time, etc. We're confident we have the right siding contractor for you!

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