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With the help of “Reno Assistance”, I recently had my bathrooms renovated in my home. Through the “Reno Assistance” website, I was able to connect with salesperson Sarah Walder. She arranged contractors to come to my home and do assessments. Throughout theses processes, I was able to find a contractor – The” Emerald General Contracting Inc” that know what I want and what I need. I had some very positive experience with the whole project, I am very happy with the result. Sarah even sent me tips how to reduce risks related to my renovation project. Thanks Sarah and all worker’s involved in this project!!

jazemine healy
November 11, 2022 via Google

Working with Marie France was an absolute pleasure. It really helps to have experts looking after your interests. I will definitely be contacting them for any future renovations.

Glen Sargent
September 4, 2022 via Google

We’re very happy we chose to use RenoAssistance to find contractors. Our agent was amazingly fast, great communication and was able to find us someone to redo our french drain + concrete stairs and patio in record time. I had tried to find contractors by myself and it was a huge headache. I will definitely use this service again for future home renovations.

Nicolas Bonnelly-Belanger
August 30, 2022 via Google

I had my roof-redone and the assistance was excellent. The personal touch of Karlane Leclerc was really top notch. I recommend this service for anybody needing renovation work. The company used for the re-roof was excellent.

Luciano Bragagnolo
August 15, 2022 via Google

Not great, kind of pointless. Our (quite expensive) 2 bathroom renos ended up with a leak just months after completion. Was told our house was just old, too bad – contractor had gone out of business, so we’re out of luck. We have to get another contractor to come assess the damage and redo what’s been damaged. Wasted money. No assurance of quality of work. Would not use them again.

Lindsay Timmins
August 8, 2022 via Google

Patrick Chano at RenoAssistance provided guidance and assistance in locating a certified contractor for a kitchen renovation. We appreciate his advice and help navigating the process of selecting a contractor. He provided support in every step. For us, this is a major renovation which was made easier to undertake.

Rina Luciano
August 3, 2022 via Google

Helped secure 2 quotes for roof repair. Professional and courteous service. I would recommend Patrick Chano as your renovation advisor.

D. Fortier
February 2, 2022 via Google

Two words: Hadi Hawili. The most patient, dedicated and committed individual to YOUR project. He helped our family find the right contractor for our needs. Hands down the best person to guide you at Reno-Assistance.

Marc Olivier Duhamel
December 29, 2021 via Google

Great service by Elizabeth Panagoulias, she provide me a good list of potential contractors and we’re always available to guide me through the process. It was less stressful knowing that she was around to help. Greatly appreciated.

Charles Drolet
December 28, 2021 via Google

We used RenoAssistance to help remodel our kitchen. Mr. Gagnon is extremely professional and very responsive to help find contractors that are willing to meet our needs.

Sebastian Macdougall
November 21, 2021 via Google

Yves Gagnon at Reno Assistance is very professional and helpful. We have not decided yet, but whatever we decide, Reno Assistance is a good place to start. Thank you

Melinda Santangeli
November 11, 2021 via Google

Patrick was very professional and extremely quick to respond. Great service.

Stephen Pym
October 21, 2021 via Google

RenoAssistance has been a valuable resource in finding a contractor to work on the upcoming renovation of our 2 up-staiir bathrooms. 3 Very good companies came so see our spaces and presented us with very attractive offers.. Patrick Chano was fabulous throughout the process. He gave advice on how to communicate with contractors, reviewed the proposals with us and provided reassurance where we were we had uncertainties. As my wife and I lead busy lives, Patrick was on us to move the process forward. This was especially great, since we have contemplated these renos for a long time now and kept finding reasons to stall. Now we’re very excited for the work to begin and cannot wait to see the results.

Joe M
October 8, 2021 via Google

I cannot stress enough the value of RenoAssistance by DJS. Choosing a contractor is extremely stressful, regardless of the type of work getting done. RenoAssistance provided 3 unbiased quotes from 3 reputable contractors in Toronto, Ontario for my job. I have little to no knowledge on construction so this was confirming I was not getting ripped off. I was assigned Debora Tricarcio Reno Adviser from RenoAssistance, who surpassed all our expectations. She understood our project and parameters and walked us through the quotes. Her and care and investment level into our home project was much appreciated. It was a pleasure dealing with her, and great resource to turn to when we had concerns. The whole process was a breeze, thanks to Debora. We are very happy with our home. I highly recommend RenoAssistance.

Jawwaad Malik
September 23, 2021 via Google

Natalie Paré was extremely helpful, consistent, and professional. Thank you so much with your help!

Yuki Shinonome
August 16, 2021 via Google

My agent was Debora. Fastest quotes I ever got for a commercial building project! Appointments were made instantly and in consideration of my busy schedule. Updates and follow-ups were sent right away to my email. Attention to details is outstanding. I would highly recommend RenoAssiatance to anyone A+++

Alexander Kapustin
June 10, 2021 via Google

Our project advisor, Debora Tricarico, was outstanding. We were initially nervous; everyone has a horror story about contractors. But Debora steered us cheerfully and confidently through the process of selecting a contractor. She was professional, knowledgeable and reassuring. We ended up selecting Gilbert & Cunningham Property Services for our ensuite bathroom project. Although they gave us the highest quote of the three contractors we evaluated, theirs was the most credible. We have zero regrets about selecting them. They offered fabulous value for money. They were refreshingly honest with their quotations and gave us realistic timelines. When we had to review design, revise the budget or adjust timelines, they were considerate and creative. Their attention to detail and craftsmanship was amazing. We’ve ended up with a stunning ensuite bathroom which will give us many years of great function and deep pleasure.

Deji Odetoyinbo
April 10, 2020 via Google


Peter Gio
December 4, 2019 via Google

Thank you Marilena and RenoAssistance for referring Home Best Solutions who did a fabulous reno in my home and came within budget. The free referral service you provide is so informative and helpful! I’ve told many friends and family to check with RenoAssistance first before settling on unknown contractors.

Coleen Coyle
September 28, 2019 via Google

Very helpful when planing a renovation project and do not know where to start.

Joacim Renvall
September 24, 2019 via Google

Thank you Adele Orsini, my Renovation Adviser from Reno Assistant, for your help from the first time I called Reno Assistant. Scheduling the best 3 Flat roofer to come check my leaking roof in very short time. Every time I called or email you, you answered my inquires promptly. Then follow up with the quotation and making sure the project is going smoothly. I picked 1 of the roofer provided by Reno-Assistant, best price with the flat roof slop correction (my top priority). 1 roofer was supper good but too expensive, but the other 2 both competitive price and details for work to be done. For any big project I will call Reno-Assistant to find my contractor.

Hawki Haq
June 21, 2019 via Google

I used RenoAssistance’s services when I used to own a house In Toronto and was looking for a general contractor to have my basement finished. My advisor at RenoAssistance provided me with tremendous help and saved me from making costly mistakes I would have made if I hired a contractor on my own. My advisor connected me with qualified contractors in an efficient and timely manner. So if you are planning a Renovation project and you have no idea what the stakes are, I would recommend using RenoAssistance’s services.

Naoufal Ghorbel
June 20, 2019 via Google

Earlier this year I contacted RenoAssistance in Montreal to help me find excavation and french drain contractors. I was contacted by one of their representatives Adele Orsini. She interviewed me to get a better understanding of my needs and soon after set me up with three different contractors. She followed up with me to make sure that the appointments took place and to see if I had any questions or issues. She was always prompt in replying to my questions. After I had chosen one of the contractors, she continued to keep in touch with me to ensure everything was going smoothly. I highly recommend RenoAssistance and Adele Orsini to anyone considering renovations to their homes or properties.

Robert Tiranardi
June 13, 2019 via Google

Very helpful service finding us a qualified contractor for roofing. Adele Orsini, our R-A agent, was in communication with us regularly to ensure that we received the promised quotes and that the job got done when and as expected. We are happy with this service and with the work that was done. Highly Recommend!

Kelly Montgomery
May 30, 2019 via Google