How much does a window replacement cost? | Aluminum windows

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Are your windows beginning to age? Could they use a bit of sprucing up? New aluminum windows may be your answer.

Depending on your preference, you can choose sturdy, robust aluminum windows or elegant ones with clear-cut angles. Either way, you can find a variety of styles and colours to suit your home’s decor.

We estimate that each aluminum window costs roughly $1,300. For a more precise breakdown, here’s a handy chart for double- and triple-pane aluminum windows based on past client needs. Remember, you can speak to one of our Renovation Advisors if you would like quotes with no fees from qualified window and door contractors for your project.

Aluminum window cost

  Doube-Pane Triple-Pane
  Casement Windows Sliding Windows Casement Windows Sliding Windows
Bungalow (10 windows)  ≈ $20,000  ≈ $16,830  ≈ $23,100  ≈ $19,360
Cottage (14 windows)  ≈ $27,720  ≈ $23,560  ≈ $31,840  ≈ $27,100
Duplex (16 windows)  ≈ $31,680  ≈ $26,930  ≈ $36,430  ≈ $30,985
Triplex (20 windows)  ≈ $39,600  ≈ $33,660  ≈ $45,540  ≈ $38,730
6 units (30 windows)  ≈ $59,400  ≈ $50,490  ≈ $68,310  ≈ $58,090
24 units (75 windows)  ≈ $148,500  ≈ $126,222  ≈ $170,770  ≈ $145,230

Note: The costs mentioned above are approximate & will vary depending on your location.

If you’re looking for more affordable options, take a look at our PVC window cost article. You’ll find details on the different costs for these types of windows..

PROS of aluminum windows:

  • Aluminum window frames are sturdier and more weather resistant thanks to their solid frames;
  • Aluminum doesn’t rust, which makes it the ideal material for humid climates;
  • Aluminum windows require little maintenance. Their frames and joints simply need to be washed with water 2 or 3 times per year.
  • Aluminum is 100% recyclable, making it a great choice for our planet!

CONS of aluminum windows:

  • Aluminum windows are a bit more expensive than PVC or hybrid windows;
  • Aluminum conducts electricity and temperature, so it doesn’t bode well for insulation. However, a thermal break (explained below) solution exists to remedy this issue.

What makes aluminum frames so stylish?

Aluminum itself is not necessarily considered beautiful, but rather the effect it creates is. Aluminum windows come in many colours for exterior and interior window facades, which is great when it comes to matching your windows to your decor style! It’s also possible to get different finishes like imitation wood!

Additionally, the thinness of aluminum frames means you get a larger glass surface area, allowing more natural light into the room.

What are thermal bridges and thermal breaks? 

A thermal bridge is the juncture where insulation is not continuous, allowing heat (or cold) to make its way out. We see this around doors, windows and even under roofs. Thermal bridges result in high-energy consumption, meaning higher energy bills!

The solution to this is a thermal break: a method that requires insulation to be placed at the juncture of a thermal bridge. As aluminum naturally conducts cold and is therefore less insulating, insulation needs to be added to keep cold from being transferred. While aluminum windows will never insulate as well as PVC or wood options, they can still do a decent job.

Ready to get your windows changed?

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