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Reno Blog / Windows and Doors / How much does a window replacement cost? | Hybrid Windows
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How much does a window replacement cost? | Hybrid Windows

Every window type comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. PVC windows, for example, are the least expensive but lack style. Aluminum windows are the opposite. And wood falls in the middle of price and style, but they’re difficult to maintain. Which leads us to think: what if there was a way to combine the best qualities of each? There is! They’re called hybrid windows and they’re quickly gaining in popularity.

Here you’ll find a breakdown for hybrid window costs – for both double- and triple-pane windows:

Double-Pane Hybrid Window Costs

  Casement windows Sliding windows

Bungalow (10 windows)

$12,800 to $19,600 $11,100 to $17,480
Cottage (14 windows) $18,400 to $25,300 $15,800 to $23,115
Duplex (16 windows) $20,900 to $29,325 $18,300 to $24,035
Triplex (20 windows) $25,800 to $33,695 $25,990 to $30,245
6 Units (30 windows) $39,200 to $50,140 $33,800 to $43,470
24 units (75 windows) $97,100 to $116,610 $84,700 to $102,810

Note: All prices are approximate & can vary depending on where you reside

What is a Hybrid Window?

A hybrid window is made up of various materials. The inside of the window frame is typically made up of PVC and/or wood and the exterior is made of aluminum – allowing for the best of both worlds. Hybrid windows allow many possibilities, making it a rather popular option for homeowners nowadays. Here are their pros and cons:

The Pros 

  • Available in many colours and combinations
  • Elegant finishing
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Great value for money
  • Highly durable

The Cons 

  • Not as durable as aluminum windows
  • Available for only certain window sizes
  • Maintenance is required if the interior portion is made of wood
  • Higher price point than PVC windows

contemporary house with hybrid windows

Combinations Available

Wood-Aluminum Hybrid Windows 

Wood-Aluminum hybrid windows are made of a wood interior and aluminum exterior. That means you get all the weather-resistant and low-maintenance benefits of aluminum windows on the outside. But, inside, you’ll have a classic wood look along with its handy soundproofing ability.

PVC-Aluminum Hybrid Windows 

PVC-Aluminum hybrid windows are cheaper than a strictly aluminum option, making it a great alternative. This combination, made of an aluminum exterior and PVC interior, gives you all the perks of aluminum and all the advantages of PVC, which offers great resistance to humidity and requires low maintenance.

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Other Popular Window Options

PVC Windows

You’ve probably heard a lot about PVC windows and you’ve also probably asked yourself why they’re so popular. We wrote an article about PVC Windows and our post will answer all your questions and provide you with a price chart for these types of windows.

Aluminum Windows

What differentiates aluminum windows from PVC windows? What are the advantages of choosing aluminum over PVC? How much would it cost to swap out your old windows for new aluminum ones? The answers to all of your questions can be found in our post on Aluminum Windows. 

aluminum windows in a modern house

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