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Reno Blog / Windows and Doors / How much does a window replacement cost? | PVC Windows
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How much does a window replacement cost? | PVC Windows

PVC Window Replacement Cost: Toronto & Montreal

Are your windows starting to show signs of wear and tear? Do they look shabby? It might be time for a change. Many types of windows are available, but PVC is, without a doubt, the most popular due to its affordability.

A PVC window replacement cost will vary from one project to another. Many factors come into play when costing out window replacements, such as their size and ease of accessibility. Below you’ll find charts with average pricing based on quotes provided by our 360° Verified Contractors. Our Renovation Advisors can even help you estimate the cost of your window replacement before reaching out to contractors.

corner of a pvc window

PVC Window Cost

The price of replacing PVC windows can vary greatly based on size, quality, accessibility, the presence of a sidelight, insulation and more. Before we begin estimating the price for an entire project, know that the base cost of a standard-sized PVC window (48 x 60 inches) is about $1,000. Larger windows will cost more while smaller ones may be cheaper, but generally, you can count on each window costing an average of $1,000.

Here, you’ll find price ranges for a full installation of PVC windows. As with anything, prices vary depending on location. Although the prices are based on project briefs we’ve seen from our clients, Toronto-based window replacement projects typically cost 15% higher than those in Montreal.

Cost of double glazed PVC windows – Turn Key 

Note: Double glazed windows may also be called “double pane windows”

  Casement Windows Sliding Windows
Bungalow (10 windows) +/- $9,900 to $14,300 +/- $8,600 to $12,100
Cottage (14 windows) +/- $14,200 to $20,500 +/- $12,200 to $17,200
Duplex (16 windows) +/- $16,100 to $22,400 +/- $13,900 to $19,300
Triplex (20 windows) +/- $19,900 to $28,000 +/- $17,400 to $25,000
6 units (30 windows) +/- $30,200 to $40,100 +/- $26,000 to $36,400
24 units (75 windows) +/- $74,700 to $106,400 +/- $65,200 to $92,500

The charts above are based on energy-saving windows. It may be possible to find PVC windows that are less expensive, but we don’t recommend those as their quality will greatly affect their durability, longevity and energy efficiency. Cheap windows that allow heat out in the winter and the cold out in the summer will end up costing you way more in the long run.

two men replacing a pvc window

How much does a PVC window replacement cost?

There are many signs that your windows will need replacing, so be sure to keep an eye out for problems like excessive condensation, fogging, air infiltration, among others. The price for installing PVC windows is the same as installing other windows, but prices vary depending on how difficult it is to install the windows. For example, the size of the window and where it needs to be installed can affect the price. The average price of installation is included in the price charts we provided above. As you can see, depending on whether you opt for double- or triple-glazed windows, costs for a typical PVC window replacement on a bungalow can cost anywhere between $9,900 and $14,300. The labour portion for the installation can vary from $150 to $625 per window. 

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The advantages of choosing PVC windows

  • Low maintenance
  • No need to be painted
  • Fade resistant
  • Energy efficient
  • Resistant to cold, heat and ultraviolet rays
  • The great quality/price ratio
  • The most affordable type of window

The disadvantages of PVC windows

  • Hard to use on a large surface area
  • Glass quality isn’t always the best
  • PVC is not as aesthetically pleasing as aluminum or wood windows

What is PVC?

PVC, an acronym for Polyvinyl Chloride. The material was first created in 1835 but was industrialized 100 years later, in 1935. PVC is composed of about 57% salt and other natural materials, and 43% oil.

When used for windows, PVC is very durable and can last more than 30 years. It offers good soundproofing and thermal insulation, and it’s cheap to produce. Despite the fact that it uses oil, it makes up for this by being 100% recyclable.

cut double glazed window profile

How many panes do I need?

Double pane glass (i.e. double glazed windows) should be the minimum considered for Quebec and Ontario homes. In reality, single pane glass doesn’t fare well in our harsher Canadian climate. Double pane glass is what we find most in northern climates. Between the panes, you’ll find argon gas and “Low-E” technology. This technology keeps the heat in the house in the winter, while in the summer it’s the opposite. The sun’s rays bounce off the outside of the window and are reflected back out. This keeps the sun’s rays from entering the house and heating it up.

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Is triple pane worth it?

If energy efficiency is important to you, then yes, triple pane is well worth it. It’s also worth it if you live in a far northern climate. Though “Low-E” technology was used between the first two panes, it can be used once more in the second section between the panes.

Note that, depending on the supplier’s glass quality, optical quality might be affected. For instance, some glass might mildly distort your view from the inside out.

cut triple glazed window profile

PVC alternatives

If you don’t think PVC windows are for you, and you have the budget to explore other options, aluminum windows are a good choice. They’re more expensive, but they’re also more stylish.

Hybrid windows are gaining in popularity because they’re affordable and they combine the advantages of multiple materials.

If you have an older home and you want to preserve the vintage look, wood windows would be the option. Wood requires the most maintenance, but in the right setting, it’s by far the most beautiful. 

How to choose the right windows 

Besides providing you with PVC window replacement costs, any RenoAssistance advisor you work with will have already helped hundreds of homeowners choose their windows. They’ll help you decide which windows make the most sense for you, and will get you up to 3 quotes from our window and door contractors. Call us or fill out the form to your right and one of our Renovation Advisors will be in touch. Our service is at no cost, no obligation to you!

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