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7 Great Basement Renovation Ideas

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When talking about the basement, you might be thinking of a storage space, an entertainment room or a rather neglected part of the home. Your basement can have a thousand and one features and basement renovation ideas are endless.

It’s sometimes difficult to choose which atmosphere to create for your basement and opinions are often shared in your family circle.

We present here our top 7 basement renovation ideas with their respective selling points, because who knows, you may need some ammo to convince your significant other.

And as soon as you’ve decided on the room’s new vocation, go through these basement finishing tips before commencing your project. Good planning is always critical for success.

Consider some of these popular ideas for basement finishing project.

1. Home cinemaretro home cinema


A classic for basements, home theatres can satisfy the entire family, part of the reason they’re so popular. It’ll allow the gentlemen to watch the hockey games, while the children and the ladies can enjoy movies in a cinema-like atmosphere! Escape your daily life by feeling immersed in what you’re watching.

2. Wine cellar

contemporary wine cellar

A somewhat different atmosphere that will suit parents more than children. How about a wine cellar to taste your great wines and get together to relax and forget the worries of your day? It will be, without a doubt, the favourite recreation place for lovers of good wine. You could also choose to install a wine rack if the space is too small.

3. Bar

basement bar arcade machine

Sticking with a similar theme is a basement with a bar for you and your friends. Again, this atmosphere will satisfy more parents than children but can allow you to enjoy entertaining guests and to have interesting dinner party discussions. Whether for your girls’ nights, drinks with the boys or a romantic evening, it can be a very inviting space.

Do you have a basement project?

4. Games room for the kids

skate ramp basement kids games room
 Source: Houzz

The basement can be the perfect space for your little ones to have fun and at the same time confine the scattering of toys away from the rest of the house. You could see them having fun for hours in this games room, rain or shine! Install custom storage with shelves for books and board games with closed cabinets for less-used toys. You will get a tidier appearance that can evolve over time and become an office or reading corner.

Those who enjoy more space could consider a bowling alley, an arcade corner or a skate ramp. The rainy days will never be the same again!

5. Games room for the adults

adults game room pool table
Source: Houzz

Adults also have the right to have fun! A basement with a pool table, ping pong table or a dartboard can give a very entertaining atmosphere to this space. You will be able to spend great moments entertaining your friends, but also with your family.

6. Home gym

basement home gym

Source: Pinterest

Opt for an effective and accessible workout by dedicating a corner of your basement to a home gym and say goodbye to the expensive subscriptions of sports centres. With only a small investment, you will be surprised at all you can accomplish. Start by buying a few free weights, an exercise ball, a yoga mat, an elastic band and the room will have already begun to take shape. It will always be possible to acquire more fitness equipment afterwards, such as a stationary bike, a multi-station or an exercise bench to complete your space.

Complement your home gym with the installation of a large mirror, a wall shelf to place some rolled towels, weight books and why not a small refrigerator to keep bottled water. Installing a wall-mounted TV nearby is also a good idea for viewing fitness videos or simply as additional entertainment. To make it easy, consider using an Apple TV system that lets you enjoy content from your favorite apps e.g. iTunes, Netflix, Sportsnet, etc.

And to stay motivated, you might consider putting a mural of motivational keywords on your wall. They will stimulate you on days when exercise is more difficult. Companies such as Muraledesign.com offer the opportunity to create a personalized wall tapestry to add a unique touch to your decor.

All you’ll need to do now is throw on some sportswear and a pair of sneakers.

7. Laundry room with washing machine

basement laundry room pet dog bathtub

Source: Pinterest

Another good idea for finishing your basement is to create an elegant and functional laundry room with a washroom for your pets. No more splashing or risk of damaging the bath in the main washroom. This will allow you, as a bonus, to be able to easily store your pet’s grooming accessories, shampoos, etc. to have them at hand.

It’s true that a laundry room in the basement will take you a few more steps considering the tiling, fixtures, plumbing, etc. but it will keep the noise caused by the washer/dryer away from the more-frequented rooms of the household. See this as an opportunity to make your day-to-day work easier, it’s also possible to have a laundry chute from upstairs so that all family members can throw their dirty clothes directly down to the laundry with ease.

Now that you’ve decided on your dream basement, the next step is to give us a call on 1-888-670-9742 or submit your project online to get up to 3 free competing quotes for your project from our 360° Verified Contractors.

Need inspiration and a realistic price idea for your basement finishing project? See the Basement Finishing section of our Reno-Inspiration tool.

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