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Lucia Di Sclafani

by Lucia Di Sclafani Content Manager | RenoAssistance

Reno Blog / Basement / Basement Trends: The Top 10 Trends for 2020
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Basement Trends: The Top 10 Trends for 2020


Knowing the 2020 basement trends is ideal whether you plan on fully renovating your basement or simply want to give it a quick new look. Our experts have put together the top 10 basement trends so you can get started right away!

1. Basement staircases are updated

Focusing on the staircase isn’t usually one’s priority as it is constantly being used for its primary purpose: getting up and down the stairs. However, depending on it’s location, updating it can provide a whole new look to your space. That’s why this year is all about sprucing up your stairway. You can, for instance, get a wooden railing to provide a warm tone to the room. Or, you can use different colours or materials for the risers for a unique look. Be sure the railing has some openwork or is made of glass to allow as much light in as possible too!

The space under your staircase shouldn’t be ignored either. It’s the perfect spot to add more storage, create an office space, a play nook for the kids, or even a great place to add snack bar area to your basement. 

2. Material mixing is trending

Just like for this year’s kitchen trends and bathroom trends, diversifying materials and textiles is at the forefront. Wood and imitation (if not real) concrete or cement are all the rage. Why not get wood flooring (imitation wood is preferable for a basement environment), or get cement or concrete looking panels to create an accent wall or to revamp your fireplace mantel. 

3. Bathrooms and laundry rooms are functional and stylish

Without spending too much, you can beautify your bathroom and/or laundry room. Be sure to make it functional too. There’s nothing more frustrating than an unorganized laundry room! Being on trend doesn’t mean your spaces need to lack functionality. For the laundry room, save space for a laundry folding station, some drying racks, as well as a sink. As for the bathroom, larger showers are great given that basements don’t typically have space for tubs!

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4. Work from home workstations are a must

This year, work from home has become quite popular (and necessary!), so many will begin creating dedicated workstations in their basements. Your best bet: creating one that can be multi functional; one that can be used by the kids for school work or crafts as well. You’ll need to make sure you’ve thought of lighting, storage, electrical outlets and more. Essentially, think of all elements needed for a practical workstation. 

5. Accent walls are impressive

More often than not, basements are also where one can find their home theater set up. However, large TV sets and all their gadgets aren’t exactly the most visually appealing elements of the space. That’s why having an accent wall that doubles as storage for all your home theater needs is a great way to go! Wood is a great material for this – whether it be in panels or boards. You can also use thick tapestry or simply paint the area in a darker colour so all tech accessories blur into the background. There are also cement-looking panels that exist, which can provide your wall with a modern, yet industrial look. 

6. Decorated ceilings are also a thing

Typically, homeowners opt for suspended ceiling tiles because of their soundproofing capabilities. However, a simple gypsum ceiling can be functional and look great too. 

In 2020, we’re going for a little more though. You can add fake wooden beams to give your space a more warm and inviting tone. Or, you can simply keep the building’s original beams exposed. Note: this will not help with soundproofing the space. Stretch ceilings are also quite on trend these days. They can provide your ceiling with an elegant and shiny finish. 

7. Bar stations are making a modern comeback

Basement bars are making their comeback. This year, instead of creating a full-fledged bar, putting together a bar station is best. With a station format, the bar is against a wall, ideal for easily adding a sink, a cellar, a fridge and a nook for snacks. This bar is sure to be a hit on movie nights! Plus, you’ll avoid having to go up and down the stairs to get snacks and treats throughout the movie. 

8. Built-in furnishing is best for organization

Given that a basement typically has multiple uses, getting custom built cabinets would be best to store everything you need. This solution is ideal as the space does not look cumbersome, yet all your belongings are easy to access. Large cabinets are also great for adding a Murphy bed, hiding an office corner or even discretely storing gym equipment or toys. 

9. Sober, yet enveloping, colours are the way to go

Given that this year is all about materials and mixing textures, opting for sober colours is best to make their features stand out. Greige, white or grey are the way to go. If you prefer adding a pop of colour, go for a moss green, emerald green or even classic blue. Depending on how you use your sober colours, they can provide a warm and fuzzy feeling to the space which is perfect for movie night! If you tend to use your basement more during daytime, opt for lighter colours to brighten up the space. 

10. Good lighting is crucial

Architectural lighting is very popular this year. Why not put some lighting under your stairway railing, by the risers or even integrate lighting in your customer cabinets. As for ceiling lighting, get some pot lights. Architectural lighting looks best on darker, sober walls because it can be used as a decorative element.

Looking for different ways to to make the most of your basement’s space? Take a look at these basement renovation ideas to see how your basement’s layout can be improved. 

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