Basement Trends: The Top 10 Trends for 2021


Making the most out of every room in your house should be at the top of your list when considering home renovations. Optimizing the space can make an enormous difference in your everyday life. So how about we take a look at how you can transform your basement into your new favourite room? Our experts have compiled the Top 10 trends for 2021 for you to get inspired for a new basement design and layout! 

1. The warmer the better! 

Warm colours

Everything between yellow, red, and orange is considered a warm colour. Whether it’s on the lighter or darker side, they automatically give more welcoming feeling to the room. Basements tend to be colder than the rest of the house with their typically small windows and humidityPainting the walls with these colours or adding decor accessories will warm up the space. 

2. Spice up your life! 

Textured Walls Basement Trends

Basements are often neglected, but they deserve the same type of attention and care as the main rooms of the house. Adding a fun tapestry or faux brick wall gives a more daring look to otherwise bland walls.  If you were to ever get bored of your choice of design, you can easily change the tapestry for another one! 

3. Include elements of wood essence 

Basement trends wood essence

Including wood essence gives a touch of chic to a home decor. With the return of mid-century modern aesthetics, interior design trends are prioritizing raw material, including high quality wood.  

4. Work from home workstations are a must

Home office

This year, work from home has become quite popular (and necessary!), so many will begin creating dedicated workstations in their basements. Your best bet: creating one that can be multi functional; one that can be used by the kids for school work or crafts as well. You’ll need to make sure you’ve thought of lighting, storage, electrical outlets and more. Essentially, think of all elements needed for a practical workstation.

5. The many faces of a basement 

Multifunctional basement

With every lockdown following one another, spending time at home seems like the only thing left to do. Everything being closedconverting your basement into makeshift restaurant, gym, or movie theatre can brighten up your week. Everything is possible and way easier than you might think! For more information on what is possible in terms of quick remodelling for basement read our article Top 10 Basement Renovation Ideas.

6. All of the lights: bright colours are always a must 

Bright colours

As previously mentioned, basements are known for having small windows. Obviously, small windows allow in very little light, but it doesn’t have to stay this way. Painting your walls with bright colours makes even the tiniest ray of light bounce back everywhere in the room. You don’t have to stick with white. You can opt for a subtle pink, a pale yellow or a classic eggshell white. If you think pale colours look too stripped down, you can always add trendy accessories like a textured sofa cover, colourful frames, or flashy wall decoration! 


7. Built-in furniture and what it can bring to a space 

Built-in furniture

It is not only a great solution when you need additional storage space, but integrated furniture adds an element of flair to a basement. Built-in furniture is versatile, you can find it as a wardrobe, as living room furniture, or as elegant structures surrounding basement fireplace. 

8. Open up your space! 

Open space concept

Think ergonomics and get rid of useless walls cramping up the space in your basement. Everything seems bigger in an open concept, but keep in mind that it is still important to separate specific space with the furniture the best layout possible! 

9. The ultimate kid’s playroom  

Kid's playroom

Children’s toys tend to be far from an aesthetically pleasing addition to home decorThat’s why dedicating a special corner of your house to a children’s playground is the best compromise: they get to let themselves go in their own special space, while you can enjoy the rest oyour house! Built-in modular houses with slides are every kid’s dream and they are trendy as long as they want! 

10. Good lighting is crucial

Basement lighting

Architectural lighting is very popular this year. Why not put some lighting under your stairway railing, by the risers or even integrate lighting in your customer cabinets. As for ceiling lighting, get some pot lights. Architectural lighting looks best on darker, sober walls because it can be used as a decorative element.

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