20 Bathroom Trends Taking Over in 2023


Bathroom trends in 2023 pay close attention to detail to create a space overflowing with character. We’re seeing curves, natural materials, and soft colours. Some trends take us back to the 50s while others go full-on futuristic with glass bathtubs and smart mirrors. Let’s dive right in and explore this year’s bathroom trends.

1. Glass bathtub

This new kid on the block has won us over with its transparent or frosted finish. Besides adding more depth to the room, a glass bathtub embodies luxury with a look reminiscent of crystals and precious stones. Glass sinks also scream elegance and are very on trend!

How to include it: This type of bathtub is a sight to behold. It should be the foundation of the design and inspire the rest of the bathroom’s colour palette. Oh, and don’t forget to add some glitz and glam to the area behind the bathtub or sink.

2. Colour… right down to the faucets

Coloured faucets have jumped on the bandwagon since colourful sinks returned with a vengeance! Classic silver or gold finishes have given way to a variety of matte colours. Pink, moss green, and terracotta are trendy colours vying for attention in 2023. White matte faucets still remain popular and add a sophisticated touch to the bathroom.

How to include it: These faucets look best with a neutral colour that allows them to shine. If you want to go wild with white faucets, pair them with coloured or innovatively shaped ceramic. Also, coloured faucets are a bold choice, so be confident in your decision before taking the plunge.

3. Ceramic on the walls

There’s no holding ceramic back in this year’s bathroom trends. It’s more than just flooring in the shower or a backsplash. It’s boldly creeping up the wall, creating a seamless continuation of the floor. Oh yeah, this trend is back! You could even fashion a low wall, say 48 inches deep, as a place to put shampoo bottles, plants, or decorative objects.

How to include it: To create a half-wall, you need to extend ceramic tiles from the floor up the wall to a height of about 48 inches. Don’t forget to balance your design, as well. For example, ideally you would have large tiles on the floor if using small, textured, or patterned ceramic tiles on the wall. You can also extend the same ceramic, such as terrazzo, from the floor up the walls. 

4. Showers showing off their curves

Showers are going round! This trend kicks straight lines to the curb in favour of a more organic design that combines a trifecta of curves, circles, and arches. Rearing its contoured head in the 50s, organic design aims to bring humans back to nature by smoothing out harsh lines and introducing those found in nature. What’s more, rounded edges are calming and leave you feeling blissfully cocooned.

How to include it: Don’t make the mistake of hiring a handyperson to build your arches or curved walls! The job requires expertise and sound renovation knowledge. You should hire a renovation professional to ensure this bathroom trend gets done right. It’s also a good idea to use small ceramic tiles to decorate curved walls; they’re much easier to install.

5. Ceramic tiles in all shapes and sizes

We’re going gaga for ceramic tiles in a variety of shapes to complement the neutral tones found in this year’s bathroom trends. Curved or round, fish scale or scallop… how bold can you go? If you choose a rectangular tile, it can always be arranged a little differently to create a pattern, or you can keep it simple by laying it vertically. 

You could even push the envelope by using coloured grout. To do it right, pick a grout colour that contrasts the ceramic but matches a bathroom fixture. For example, terracotta tiles would look great with some grey grout that matches your sink.

How to include it: When you choose eye-catching ceramic for the shower, balance it with a more neutral floor tile. You can also do the opposite: twin a neutral ceramic in the shower with striking floor tiles. As the expression goes: less is more!

6. All-stone vanity

Marble vanities are stealing the limelight! Go out on a limb for a stone vanity with detailed veins. If you really want to be on trend, choose a vanity with emerald, mauve, or brown veins. Not only will this sink choice stand out as the centrepiece of the bathroom, but it will also add a certain European charm. Mix and match with other natural materials like wicker or wood.

How to include it: Marble vanities can be costly and extremely heavy. If you want the look without the price tag, consider installing large porcelain tiles on the countertop and down the sides to mimic the look. The general appearance stays the same but your bathroom renovation budget will thank you!

7. Terrazzo, a fan favourite

Age-old favourite terrazzo has been swinging back into fashion in recent years and even more so in 2023! People like it with a natural look or brimming with character to set the tone for the entire bathroom. Remember that terrazzo is made of crushed marble aggregates mixed in resin or concrete mortar.

How to include it: Terrazzo blends multiple shades in a single tile. The bathroom’s colour palette can stem directly from the tile, thus creating a seamless flow throughout the space.

8. Wall-mounted lights

Less is not more when it comes to lighting. In fact, the more the merrier! Wall lights are making a strong comeback. Rather than installing it as the room’s main lighting, pick a location where it will become a focal point or a decorative bathroom element, like a work of art. As for colour and choice of material, warm-tone metals top the list, namely brushed gold, copper, and brass.

How to include it: Wall lights are incredibly aesthetic. They are most often found on the sides of mirrors above vanities, but the current trend is to install them in a more random place as a decorative accessory. Plan for ambient lighting as well, since wall lights don’t provide the brightest lighting.

9. Soft colour palettes

Neutral colours are always the go-to choice in bathroom trends. We’re talking a palette of beige, white, and terracotta. To add a bit of colour to the mix, this year’s picks are moss green and pink. Combine with pale wood species in blonde or honey.

How to include it: Colour can be introduced by way of ceramic tiles or accessories. However, the accent colour rule goes out the window here (where you simply hang towels in the desired colour). Instead, opt for a balanced colour palette in a variety of shades distributed over several bathroom elements.

10. Get into the groove

Fluted patterns have been cropping up in glassware in both bathroom and kitchen trends. It shows no signs of slowing down and is even showing up in bathroom materials. We see grooves dressing up wood vanities and even ceramic.

How to include it: The fluted texture can be curved inward or outward. Both choices are aesthetically pleasing. However, patterns that curve inward have a head start when it comes to maintenance!

11. Wicker and rattan make an appearance in bathroom trends

Natural materials appear front and centre this year and rattan is a prime example. It shows up in bathroom vanity doors or even as decorative accents (e.g., lighting, chairs, divider panels). As for wicker, circular caning is very on-trend, although it’s also available in square form. Either way, it delivers a boho-chic and warm look to your décor. It is also found in home design trends.

How to include it: You can pick up furniture that already contains rattan or caning. For anyone interested in some DIY, canning is sold in big-box stores if you want to transform your shaker-style vanity doors.

12. Double oblong mirrors

Two is always better than one. Forget about placing a huge traditional rectangular mirror over the vanity and instead choose two mirrors to sit above each sink. You’ll enjoy the boutique hotel look as well as the optical illusion they create by making the ceiling appear higher.

How to include it: Add large mirrors to your double vanity and decorate them with sconces on each side for an aura of luxury. A single large mirror will provide the same effect for single vanities. Trying for a more chic look? Install wall-mounted faucets, guaranteed to make you do a double take!

13. Travel-inspired trend

Now that travel is back in full swing, we’re seeing a return to international touches in bathroom décor with Moroccan-inspired tiles and even Persian rugs. You can also find ceramic with a handmade look which adds so much warmth to the room.

How to include it: This type of tile or carpet has an incredible visual impact, so it’s important to use it as the starting point for design choices.

14. Makeup station with integrated furniture

Hair and makeup stations are back in bathrooms this year. Kill two birds with one stone by installing furniture with integrated storage. You can also add a vanity to a hair station, making it look like one cohesive unit.

How to include it: Consider ergonomics if you want to use this bathroom trend in your design. You’ll need a maximum height of 24 to 30 inches and a minimum depth of 18 inches for legs, plus enough room to push in a chair or stool. It must not interfere with the flow of movement in the room. If space permits, set it up in front of a window to benefit from natural light and add a floor mirror. Avoid hanging overhead lighting directly above the space as well, since it’ll cast shadows on your face.

Keep in mind that it would be more challenging to include this feature in a small bathroom.

15. Personalize with wallpaper

Say what? Wallpaper in the bathroom? Yes, it’s possible! Start by choosing a high quality material that won’t absorb moisture and is easy to clean (like vinyl or fibreglass). This trend has returned to the fold to bring added life and colour to the bathroom.

Paper one wall with a simple pattern for a personalized touch or pick a wall mural to enhance your bathroom design.

How to include it: Choose a focal wall, such as the wall behind a freestanding tub or an accent wall behind the vanity. Combine it with a more understated ceramic to not overwhelm the space.

16. Wabi-sabi

We voyage to ancestral Japan in 2023 to immerse ourselves in the wabi-sabi style. Not to be confused with spicy wasabi, wabi means simplicity, nature, and melancholy, while sabi refers to the impermanence of things. This trend of finding beauty in imperfection is hard to reproduce in bathrooms and opens the door to the use of robust materials like stone and aged wood. The tranquil atmosphere you create will set the scene for many relaxing moments.

How to include it: Use raw materials, like large slabs of stone or slate, and recover recycled wood that has aged over time. Stone baths and sinks would fit right in here. Then, add some texture to the walls to complete the design. You’re looking to achieve the perfect balance between smooth and rough, like placing a smooth basin on a rough wood countertop.

17. Vintage-inspired lights and switches

What’s old is new again has found its way into lighting trends. Vintage fixtures give the room a touch of warmth and individuality. This trend allows you to recover old hanging lights or wall sconces and breathe new life into them. We see a lot of gold-plated fixtures and those with fluted glass. Gold is also a popular choice for light switches.

How to include it: This type of fixture is well suited for classic or transitional décor, i.e., a look that combines classic and modern. However, it should be avoided in a contemporary and minimalist space.

18. Plants everywhere

The interest in noble and natural materials extends to the plant world. Bathrooms filled with green plants offer a fresh, vivid look while adding a splash of colour to the décor. Some tropical plants, ferns, and monsteras, among others, grow particularly well in humid environments with minimal natural light.

How to include it: Our plant friends would put their best leaf forward on a green wall or in a neutral-coloured planter placed on the ground or on a shelf. For an even more spa-like experience, place near a full-size window leading to your lush outdoor garden.

19. Smart bathtub

Technology has become an intrinsic part of our lives and is becoming increasingly integrated into every room of the house. The bathroom is no exception. First came heated floors and towel racks and then other gadgets followed. Smart mirrors let you listen to music and check the latest weather, time, or news.

A long way from the outhouse, an ultramodern toilet now comes with bidet and heated seat, self-cleaning and auto flush features, and LED lights. Your morning routine has never been easier with a hand dryer and touchless faucets and soap dispenser.

How to include it: Lean toward gadgets with discreet and minimalist functions to avoid an overly futuristic effect.

20. Home spa for two

Creating a spa atmosphere is a bathroom trend that never goes out of style. In 2023, this little piece of paradise is not meant to be experienced alone. Design and layout have been rejigged to provide more room for couples, far removed from the kids and chaos of everyday life. Beyond the double vanity, deck the room out with two rain shower heads, a two-person bath, and décor that will add to the appeal of this private sanctuary space.

How to include it: Everything revolves around comfort, relaxation, and the all-important ambiance. Fireplace, heated floors, high-end towels, neutral and soothing colours… all come together to produce a luxury bathroom conducive to relaxation. Find a style that works for you and avoid overdoing the décor. Stick with natural elements like stone, wood, and plants. Don’t forget to add some essential oils for the ultimate in aromatherapy.

Presentation of bathroom trends

In this video, our renovation expert and interior designer Marilena Tricarico walks through the stores, Ceragres, Bouclair, deca LIGHTING,  and Multi Lighting to present this year’s trends.


Steer clear of these outdated bathroom trends

You can quickly be left with an outdated bathroom as interior design trends evolve. Our experts have compiled a list of trends that are starting to show their age.

  • All-white bathroom. Even though white does reflect a lot of light, an all-white bathroom doesn’t have much to boast about in the personality or style department. So, keep touches of white that complement other warmer colours.
  • Sink installed directly in the wall. Even though we love the look of a sink set in the wall, it’s not practical to fix at all and can be very expensive to replace. Instead, think long-term and choose a sink built into a vanity.
  • Barn doors. You’re never going to get the privacy you desire and they really don’t seem to be built to last. As always, we recommend you pick from the classics: stick with traditional doors! 
  • Wild patterns. Bizarre and overly peculiar designs sometimes have a shorter shelf life. There’s always the risk of being over it and it could also be a serious turnoff to potential homebuyers. If you absolutely want to include a pattern, pick a timeless one and favour a tone on tone look.
  • Lacquered cabinets. A few years ago, lacquer was the go-to in modern bathroom design. In 2023, matte is back!
  • Ceramic imitating barn wood. There are some lovely and realistic ceramic tiles imitating wood. However, those with huge knots and a rustic look are out!

Can’t go wrong with these timeless bathroom trends and design choices

Some features never seem to go out of style, so lean in closer while we spill the beans. Discover our list of safest bets in bathroom design.

  • Marble. Now this material is here to stay for the long haul! Pick from small squares, chevron patterns, or large slabs. Whatever you decide, it is a favourite and remains one of the strongest bathroom trends, no matter how you use it.
  • Subway tiles. Did you know these rectangular tiles first made an appearance in the New York City subway in 1904? They’ve been around forever but are still the bomb! However, you can veer from the original format and go with a more elongated shape. Hire a professional to make sure subway tiles are installed properly as the small size and linearity of tiles makes it easy to spot defects.
  • Faux concrete tiles. Grey ceramic is another tile that has stood the test of time. A classic in contemporary bathrooms, this trend is not going anywhere.
  • Neutral and pale colour palettes. These colours offer a big bang for your buck and create a soothing space that will stay in tune with the décor for a long time. Use white as a backdrop, blonde wood, and grey.

Marilena Tricarico has been a key figure in the interior design world for over 15 years. Her expertise and designs have been featured on the hit TV show Décore ta Vie for 10 years. Today, she shares her knowledge of the renovation industry with RenoAssistance as a video content producer and host.