10 State-of-the-Art Bathroom Trends for 2022

Are you thinking of renovating your bathroom? Before you start the process, be sure to define your aesthetic and check out what are the bathroom trends. Discover neutral colours, Japandi, wood and nature, mixed materials, and more! Lose yourself in gorgeous vanities and show-stopping showers. We’ve collected the top 10 bathroom trends in 2022 for you, so you’ve got everything you need for inspiration. Let’s dive in!  

1. Japandi bathrooms, the perfect home retreat 

This year, we can’t resist Japandi style — it’s a mix of Japanese and Scandinavian design. It’s the perfect compromise between the smooth modern lines of Scandinavian design and elegant Japanese aesthetics. Japandi invites you to play with lines, neutral colours, and natural materials to create relaxing and inviting spaces. 

How to achieve it: The inescapable element for this trend is vertical wood strips on the walls, closets, and vanities. You can contrast these fine lines with curvy porcelain, in ceramic or granite. Add some minimalist accessories and you’re set! 

2. Think spa for maximum relaxation 

To continue the minimalist style, a major bathroom trend in 2022, the spa aesthetic will bring harmony and serenity to your bathroom. Egg bathtubs and shower stalls will become the central element of the room. Opt for natural materials and shades and avoid metal and sharp angles.  

How to achieve it: Choose small storage units, stripped-down shelves, and soft shades that go well with wood and stone, such as beige and grey-brown. On the other hand, black and charcoal are also on point this year and can create the spa aesthetic you’re looking for.  

3. Bring nature indoors  

Plants are our best friends! In addition to being good for the environment, they bring a touch of freshness to bathroom décor. Whatever kind of plants you choose for your personal care space, be sure the windows are large enough to bring in light. 

How to achieve it: Wide windows and lush plants go well with pretty wood shelves and a hint of bamboo, macramé, or burlap. The goal is to have your indoor space commune with nature.

4. The softness of wood, even in the bathroom  

Wood is always a favourite for interior design, but, in the bathroom, it may be a bit of a problem. While everyone loves wood flooring, avoid it at all costs – it gets damaged so easily. Instead, go for wood furniture or accessories, such as shelving, soap dishes, picture frames, and even bath mats!  

How to achieve it: Wood easily adapts to any design, so feel free to play with contrast! For example, you could mix wood and stone-effect tiles, waxed concrete, or porcelain stoneware. Then, add some white touches to bring in the light.  

5. Round shapes capture our attention 

Bathtubs, sink basins, mirrors, accent tables, lamps… Round shapes fit everywhere and are charming to the eye, but be careful not to overuse them. Instead, complement round shapes with angles and lines using furniture to create that spa or Japandi aesthetic.  

How to achieve it: Play with contrast using different shapes, materials, and colours. For example, modern brass faucets bring a sophisticated style to your bathtub or your round washbasin. In addition, if you choose a round mirror, frame it with LED lights to create a halo and to prevent rough contours.

6. A must-have: Walk-in shower

Italian or walk-in showers are now on trend, and their popularity has led to more available designs! Aim for well-equipped and multifunctional spaces: think benches, a steam system, ambient lighting, antifog mirrors, and a linear drain. Moreover, one of the newest trends is to include a bathtub inside the shower! Open plan bathrooms are now using a narrow glass partition to separate the bathtub from the rest of the space, if it’s large enough, of course. The advantage? The room will seem larger and uncluttered. We’re also seeing a lot of glass separators with black metal borders, a wonderful nod to the loft style.  

How to achieve it: Before adopting this trend, think about the practical aspects. If the space available for your open shower is less than 47 in or 55 in (120 cm or 140 cm) long, you’ll have to wipe down your bathroom floor frequently. Also, since the shower is open, you may feel much colder than in an enclosed shower. You can always opt for a panel that closes when needed, but that may change the overall aesthetic. 

7. A mix of materials for a lavish style

If you want a distinctive design for your bathroom that’s on trend for 2022, try combining various materials and styles. You could mix materials such as textured wood with matte metals, glass, and ceramics. Alternatively, blend industrial style with Japandi or traditional with mid-century. The combinations are endless! 

How to achieve it: Careful! This bathroom trend can quickly become too intense if you try to bring together materials with many different textures or colours. How do you manage it? By choosing materials in the same colour range. And, most importantly, do not use shiny materials for the flooring since they will be slippery under wet feet! 

8. A return to tile

Tiling is back in our bathrooms; it’s a practical and durable choice! Our favourites are faux wood tiling for the floor and rectangular tiles for the sink backsplash. With well-chosen tiles, you’ll have a breathtakingly beautiful and trendy bathroom for decades to come! For flooring, be sure to choose tiles with a matte finish as glossy tiles are slippery when wet.  

How to achieve it: Include tiles in small amounts in the shower, on the sink backsplash, or on the floor. Opt for a simple tiles with a subtle pattern or vary tile shapes to ensure that they stay in style for a long time. This is also a chance to include brighter colours — in small doses, of course. 


9. Floating vanities 

The minimalist aesthetic has been renewed with floating vanities. The open space below is functional and adds elegance to the room. Large cabinets under the sink are left in the closet! Small drawers and floating shelves will help create a sleek and striking bathroom. 

How to achieve it: Be sure to hide the sink pipes; otherwise, the floating effect will be lost. There are lots of bathroom vanities to choose from, but one with an integrated sink will achieve the greatest minimalist effect. 

10. Vessel sink

A porcelain or raw stone bowl brings a modern touch to the space. This year, tall rectangular basins take centre stage when it comes to bathroom trends. They’ll add some elegance to rooms of any size.

How to achieve it: This type of sink should be paired with stylish tiles and very simple faucets to avoid overloading the space. Bathroom linens can add a bit of warmth and colour, so opt for terra cotta and ochre tints.  

Bathroom trends to avoid

Interior design fashions can change quickly and before you know it, you’ll find yourself with an outdated bathroom. Our experts have compiled a list of trends that are starting to show their age.

  • An entirely white bathroom. Although white will provide a lot of light, an all-white bathroom won’t have much personality or reflect a particular style. So, limit white to a few touches that complement other warmer colours.  
  • A built-in wall sink. Although we like the subtlety of a recessed sink, it isn’t very practical when it comes to repairs. What’s more, it’s very expensive to replace. Think of the long term and choose a sink set into the vanity.  
  • Barn doors. While they may be trendy, barn doors don’t really provide privacy and, unfortunately, it doesn’t look like they’re here to stay. As always, we suggest you go for the timeless: stay with traditional doors! 
  • Intense patterns. Ceramic is made to last, so don’t choose loud patterns that you’ll be sick of after a year. Also, if your décor is too personalized, it may turn off buyers if you decide to sell your home in the future. If you absolutely insist on including patterns, choose more discreet tone-on-tone designs. 
  • Lacquered cabinets. Lacquer was extremely popular in modern bathroom design a few years ago. But, in 2022, matte finishes will dominate! 

Timeless bathroom trends

On the contrary, some elements hardly ever go out of fashion, but what are they? See our compilation of the top bathroom design ideas.

  • Marble. It’s a material that will really last! Consider opting for small, chevron-shaped, or oversized tiles. In any case, it’s always a favourite and it’s one of the strongest trends for bathrooms. It’s always beautiful, no matter how it’s used. 
  • Subway tiles. Did you know that these rectangular tiles debuted in the New York subway system in 1904? Yes, really, they go that far back, and they’re still popular! Just make sure to have them installed by a professional. Due to their small size and linearity, any flaws during installation will stand out. 
  • Cement-look tiles. Another type of tile that seems eternal is grey ceramic. A classic for contemporary bathrooms, they, too, are here to stay. 
  • Neutral and pale colour palettes. They’re sure to please because they create a soothing space. Choose white for the backdrop, with blonde or grey wood. 

Design possibilities as broad as your imagination and your budget!

Bathroom design possibilities are almost endless. Have fun with decor ideas, and combine the ones that interest you the most. Think about including custom furniture, accessories that promote buying local, and even the Pantone colour of the year. The use of bathrooms has changed a lot! They’re now considered one of the most functional rooms in a home. 

Don’t forget that trends are just ideas to get you going; they’re no guarantee of success. Seek inspiration but incorporate your own personality so that you can create a bathroom you’ll continue to love for a long time, even your whole life. 

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Marilena Tricarico has been a key figure in the interior design world for over 15 years. Her expertise and designs have been featured on the hit TV show Décore ta Vie for 10 years. Today, she shares her knowledge of the renovation industry with RenoAssistance as a video content producer and host.