15 On-trend Bathroom Ideas for 2024

15 of the latest bathroom trends in 2024

Ultra large tiles, wood-look ceramic, waxed concrete: some of the bathroom styles in vogue in 2024. Inspired material choices drawn from various trends play a starring design role, turning the room into more than just a functional space. Follow us on a tour of some of the looks that will mark the year.

1. Minimalist bathroom

Minimalism has flowed out of the kitchen and into the bathroom. The basic concept revolves around simplifying the layout to avoid any visual overload. This enhances the surroundings while maximizing comfort and who would say no to easier cleaning! Unnecessary details don’t make the final cut (like underused bathroom fittings).

How to include it: Suspended sinks and floating vanities optimize space, while concealed storage keeps everything tidy and out of sight. Discreet lighting will add a touch of sophistication. Frameless mirrors, half shower doors with no frame or handles reinforce an aura of simplicity. Finish off the look with neutral shades for walls, ceramic tiles and furniture, and strive for smooth, plain surfaces.

2. Discreet storage

Aim for discretion and simplicity when it comes to storage. Bathroom designers are leaning toward closed systems and moving away from open shelving. This look continues the clean aesthetic trend where efficiency plays second fiddle to none. 

How to include it: Store all toiletries inside drawers by using compartments and organizers. Cabinets should be a similar shade to the rest of the room in order to maintain the visual continuity. You could fur out one of the walls by including discreet storage that will remain hidden behind subtle, uniform panels.

3. Centrepieces

This trend introduces an exceptional element to add a real dash of character. It seeks to inject some originality while upholding the room’s refined elegance. Examples? A freestanding bathtub to combine elegance and modernity. An out-of-the-ordinary bathroom sink to add a customized feel to the design. A wall niche to personalize the space. The element has to stand out and attract attention, and so becomes the focal point of the design. 

How to include it: Where space permits, accessories are concealed to give the chosen centrepiece its time in the sun. Consider completing the desired look by including artistic ceramic tiles or chic light fixtures.

4. Rationalist inspiration

Rationalism is characterized by blending opposing elements to create a sensory balance in the choice of materials. Specifically, taking this trend to the limit means combining a straight lined vanity with a curved line faucet, or even a strict formal composition merged with a soothing colour palette. The goal is to create a harmonious space where functionality and aesthetics successfully coexist

How to include it: Faucets (with a brushed chrome or matte black finish, for example) and soft-shaped accessories are very well-suited. Add to this a combination of smooth and textured surfaces, such as a wall with large semi-gloss tiles set against a fluted panel. Complete the look with a rounded mirror and plants.

5. Lightness with floating components

Bathroom storage units are moved to adjacent zones, like the bedroom, in order to allow greater freedom of movement. The area is simplified and better ventilated. Floating components are integrated to become integral parts of the room. Each selected piece (like a freestanding sink) is enhanced.

How to include it: Pick a freestanding sink or floating vanity. Other floating items could be included such as wall-mounted or overhead shelves. The idea is to imbue a feeling of lightness through floating items. Both towel racks and lights are suspended to remain unobtrusive.

6. Intergenerational accessibility

Solutions are being explored to make bathrooms within the home more accessible as we see a growing trend toward intergenerational cohabitation. Home adaptation is becoming a major concern as the population ages. It’s vital to promote safety and autonomy in the bathroom in a discreet yet aesthetically pleasing way. The focus is on timeless design choices that emphasize superb shapes, to the point where support equipment is hardly noticeable.

How to include it: Install elegantly designed shower bars with an adjustment option to meet the needs of people of all ages.Create a more subtle look by including interesting architectural components like luxurious ceramic, a stately mirror and wraparound lighting. This will attract attention and provide a distraction from the more utilitarian features. A freestanding stool can be added to sit comfortably while following your beauty routine.

7. Soft shapes

This year, styling the bathroom in soft shapes can be achieved through the introduction of curved lines that give the room its own authentic vibe. The look is brought to life by including sinks, tubs and toilets with sleek contours.

How to include it: Think about installing faucets with refined lines along with curved basins and mirrors. Using a material in its natural state (wood, for example) elevates the look and gives the space an organic feel. Also consider plain or round-patterned ceramic tiles.

8. Multifunctionality

In 2024, we’re making the best use of our space. Bathroom furniture is replaced by a host of functional features, including smart storage. Every corner is carefully considered in this multipurpose room. This is a clutter-free zone where organization prevails.

How to include it: Beauty products and makeup can be placed on a recessed shelf behind the vanity mirror. A shelf can also be included in a shower wall. Heated towel racks are now a must-have as well as power outlets in drawers. And don’t leave out the bathtub with built-in storage. This would be handy to store towels and other items.

9. Continuous walls and floor

Large-format tiles are in… on both the walls and floor, and this reduces the amount of sealing required. This approach simplifies upkeep and gives the décor a sleek appearance. Oversized bathroom tiles are showing up in the shower as well and bring a sophisticated, modern look to the space. Why not eliminate the need for grout altogether by using another finish, like concrete. 

How to include it: A common trick is to pick a grout colour that matches the tile. This effectively hides grout lines, making them practically invisible. (Note that it’s recommended to use 1/16 spacing instead of 1/8.) There are many outstanding materials to choose from: concrete, synthetic resin, stone and large-format porcelain tiles (24-48 or 36-36 inches).

10. Shower behind wall

The Italian shower is a recessed shower behind a wall, also known as a walk-in shower, and is ideal for creating an elegant aesthetic. It offers a more intimate, enclosed shower space, an ideal concept for spacious bathrooms. To be avoided in small bathrooms where it can get cramped very easily. And no glass means fewer nooks and crannies to clean. This is good news as certain shower models can be more complicated to clean than others.

How to include it: Installing an Italian shower (at floor level) will definitely help the desired look come to life. And this concept works equally well with doorless shower separators, which eliminates the need to use any hardware. The goal is to provide more intimacy. Why not also consider two shower heads and a bench for added comfort.

11. Waterfall faucet

The waterfall faucet has an interesting feature that allows water to gently burble as it runs out of a distinctive spout. This brings the soothing sound of cascading water into the bathroom, creating a peaceful atmosphere that promotes relaxation. This trend has been around for a while and is having a renaissance now that so many homeowners are seeking to include calming spaces in their little piece of paradise. Breathe new life into this trend by embracing a contemporary style though a classical style works too. 

How to include it: Available in a variety of models, including some that are quite elaborate, this faucet can be installed on the sink or even directly on the wall. Enhance the area with soft shades and subdued lighting. FYI a closed spout might be a better option. This is because water stains can appear on an open spout after a while, which would call for extra cleaning.

12. Seating areas

Seating areas, including shower seats and stools, are part of a transformative trend seeking to make the bathroom safer and more comfortable, and also an inviting place to sit and stay awhile. The idea is to make this part of the house more versatile. That being said, it’s worth it to take the time and review all available options in order to meet specific needs, whether it’s to rest or meditate.

How to include it: There are a number of options to choose from when it comes to shower benches, including retractable, folding and screw-in models. It’s recommended to install them directly into the structure to ensure strength, sustainability and aesthetics. A bench can even be extended along the wall outside the shower. This will make it a lot easier to dry off and get dressed.

13. Large bathrooms

The spacious bathroom is experiencing a surge in popularity in the current wellness and self-care trend. Besides being visually appealing and customizable, it offers a new level of convenience. You’re encouraged to spend a lot of time in this large space and, never fear, it can still feel inviting and cozy with the right layout. As an added bonus, it’s a smart investment that will positively impact the value of your home

How to include it: Imagine a bathtub strategically placed in front of a large window, a double vanity with wide mirrors, comfortable relaxation areas and a huge walk-in shower for two. Don’t forget a (free-standing or built-in) makeup corner if you’re interested in that kind of thing. Some careful planning is required to get the layout just right and ensure the various parts of the bathroom flow harmoniously together.

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14. Wood effect ceramic reinvented

What’s the ceramic tile trend in bathrooms this year? Definitely reinvented wood effect ceramic. It offers the warmth and natural appearance of wood without the extra maintenance hassle. Ceramic is a much more sustainable material, making it an economic and realistic option. 

How to include it: Pick tiles that imitate small strips of wood with a horizontal or vertical orientation, depending on the end result you want. Before installing them in the shower, make sure you’re aware of the maintenance requirements to avoid saddling yourself with extra cleaning. This type of tile works well on an accent wall, away from water and soap splashes. Match your choice with real or faux wood furniture and include complementary accessories.

15. Waxed concrete

Waxed concrete is a decorative coating that ticks off a lot of boxes. It is waterproof, slip-resistant and easy to clean. It can be installed on floors, making it perfect for heating flooring. Its finish brings unmatched style to the bathroom.

How to include it: Waxed concrete can be used to create an on-trend bathroom backsplash as long as it’s properly prepared and sealed. Otherwise, install it around the bathtub, as well as the shower, countertop and sink. Call a professional to ensure a quality result.

Browse 2024 design trends for more ideas to make your bathroom uniquely you and find the ideal accessories to complete the look.

Take a look at 10 of these bathroom trends in video with Marilena Tricarico:

Trends on their way out

Small-format ceramic tile

Picking a large, uniform format gives the room an open, modern feel. Small-sized tiles are outdated as they result in visual overload. However, zellige tile is the exception to that rule and is very in this year. Its unique irregularities and imperfections offer an impressive visual.

Chevron tile

The chevron pattern remains a classic go-to for hardwood floors. However, it’s off the list of favourite bathroom trends after being overused on walls and backsplashes. The move toward minimalism means seeking a more refined aesthetic.

Glass shower

The constant cleaning required can quickly turn into a tiresome chore. Not to mention the lack of privacy with transparent glass panels. If your heart is set on this trend… opt for frameless tempered glass, with or without antifouling.

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