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We've got the best commercial contractors in Mississauga!

Is it time for commercial renovations? We've got the best commercial general contractors in Mississauga! They'll be able to take care of your renovation or construction project with ease - whether it be a clinic renovation, remodeling a restaurant, changing the layout of your store, or anything else! 

At RenoAssistance, every contractor has undergone our rigorous 360° Verification process. This ensures that we only refer you top professionals. We'll even send you their entire verification report so you can see their qualifications first-hand. Why bother searching far and wide for commercial general contractors when we've already rounded up the best? We're confident we can put you in touch with some of the best commercial contractors whether it be in Lorne Park, Erin Mills, Rathwood, Meadowvale or anywhere else, at no cost, no obligation to you

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When to hire a commercial contractor

First off, it's important to note that a commercial contractor is essentially a general contractor for commercial renovations and construction projects. You can then find specialized tradespeople that practice their particular trade on commercial projects. For instance, you can find commercial masons or commercial roofers. Although they are also qualified to renovate in the residential sector, they've simply opted to fine-tune their expertise for commercial projects.

Commercial contractors are, therefore, ideal when it's time for major renovations of a commercial building - or even when it's time to erect a new one. They'll know exactly which tradespeople will need to be involved for every step of the renovation process. This includes getting advice and plans from architects and engineers, or even hiring electricians and plumbers before closing up the walls! At RenoAssistance, we put up to three commercial contractors head to head to compete for your commercial project. This allows you to find the right contractor for the job, and also ensures you get a fair price for the work being done. It's always best to get your renovation project done by qualified contracting companies! 

Why hire a commercial contractor

As mentioned above, a commercial general contractor is exactly the guy you need to coordinate the entire project. They're there throughout every step of the construction/renovation process:

  • Drawing up of plans by architects;
  • Ensuring you have the right permits and are respecting Building Codes;
  • Working on the building's foundation, framing and insulation;
  • Installing the plumbing and electrical work with the help of skilled tradespeople;
  • Putting up the building's siding;
  • Installing HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) equipment;
  • As well as be involved in all that is carpentry, painting, finishing & the like. 

A great commercial contractor also does their best to minimize the impact renovations might have on your clientele and employees' day-to-day. If possible, they'll do the work while your business remains open and operational. These contractors also ensure that there aren't too many inconveniences when working on plumbing or electrical work, ventilation, and any other annoyances that can be caused by dust and noise. 

Essentially, a commercial contractor is there to answer any questions you may have and get the work done as pleasantly and least disturbing as possible. They'll have a full understanding of your needs and wants and make sure you're fully satisfied with the process and end result!

What should I ask a commercial contractor?

We believe that before signing any agreements - as great as they may look on paper - it's important to meet face to face with the commercial contractors that will be quoting on your project. Nothing will beat the rapport they build with you. Would you rather accept a quote that was emailed to you with no detailed description; or meet with a contractor that explains everything to you and whom you trust with the project? 

When meeting with potential commercial contractors, you'll know from the get-go whether they can be a good match. You'll also notice whether or not your project truly interests them and whether they have the skills needed to manage the renovation. Of course, it would be ideal to have some questions ready for them when you meet. 

10 questions you should ask your commercial contractor

Here are some questions you should be asking commercial contractors you will be meeting with:  

  1. How long will the renovation/construction take?
  2. How many subcontractors will be involved in the process?
  3. Who will be supervising the worksite?
  4. How will you protect the grounds around the worksite?
  5. Who will be our main point of contact throughout the renovation process?
  6. Is debris disposal included in your quote?
  7. What guarantees are included for the work done?
  8. What is the payment schedule?
  9. Is it possible to see some of your past work? Or get some client references?
  10. How long have you been in business with this business name and license number (if applicable)? 

What can a commercial contractor do?

Office Renovations  

Office renovations can be done when you have a new office space or simply when it's time for a redesign. Whether you're looking to make your space more functional, or just changing its look, we strongly advise that you get a 360° Verified Contractor to do the job. They're highly experienced in office renovations and can offer you solutions you may have not considered at the outset.  

Renovate Commercial and Industrial Buildings

When undergoing industrial or commercial renovations, you need to consider operational efficiency, the safety of those within the building, as well as branding. A commercial general contractor is aware of this and can ensure that the renovations (or construction) comply with the requirements previously mentioned. These contractors excel in developing and producing exactly what you'll need.  

Renovate a Retail Store

Whether you're planning on getting a retail store built from the ground up or renovating the one you already have standing, getting the right contractors for the job is crucial. They'll be able to install/input what you need for your day-to-day operations, but also what would be best for your customers. The commercial general contractors that we work with will be able to guide you throughout the entire process and help your store become a haven your customers will love to shop at. 

Restaurant and Bar Renovations

The hospitality industry isn't easy. It's in constant evolution. You might need to change your menu to beat competitors, but you might also need to remodel your premises to do the same. Distinguishing yourself from competitors is what it's all about. That's why we've gathered the top commercial general contractors in town to help you better your business. Their expertise will allow you to relax a little. Our contractors will take care of the entire process from getting the right contractors to design the new layout, to hiring the ones for flawless finishing touches for your restaurant or bar renovations.

Renovate Clinics

Clinics should constantly look clean and professional, regardless of whether they be medical clinics, dental clinics, or even spa centers. They have to look a certain way, make customers feel as though they are in a safe place, and follow specific standards. Finding contractors with experience in these kinds of renovations can be tough. We suggest contacting us to get in touch with 360° Verified Contractors that have experience in clinic renovations

Daycare Renovations

Having a healthy and clean learning environment is vital when it comes to daycare centers. It's important to work with trustworthy contractors to ensure your daycare follows the standards your local legislation may have in place, all while being laid out in a safe and clean way for proper operations. We have contractors that specialize in child care centers, allowing them to offer you turnkey solutions. They can help you remodel - or establish - your daycare center

Renovate Sports Complexes

Sports complexes (i.e. gyms and sports centers) require a lot of space and fairly strong materials. They also need to be properly designed so that their clienteles can comfortably move around. Working with a commercial general contractor will ensure that renovating - or building - your sports complex will run smoothly. 

How to find the best commercial contractors in Mississauga

Of course, doing an online search will find you a bunch of commercial contractors - whether it be through their own websites or through online directories companies have put together. However, other than some reviews you might find online, how would you truly know that these contractors are the best ones for your project? There's no certainty that these commercial contractors are worthy of your time. You'll have to audit each one you contact to ensure they have what it takes to tackle the job you have for them. 

Though, if going through a rigorous audit is too time-consuming for you, we've already verified dozens of commercial contractors and kept in touch with the top ones in your region. We'll gladly refer them to you, at no cost, no obligation to you. One of our Renovation Advisors will also be available to you to answer questions. They'll even be there to help you understand the quotes these commercial contractors send your way. Our team will essentially be there from beginning to end of the renovation process in order to minimize any risks you may be subject to and ensure the work is well done


Are you ready to get free quotes from top commercial contractors in Mississauga?

If you're ready to get quotes from the best best commercial contractors in Mississauga, contact us at 416-548-7941. We'll be able to start referring you to the best-suited contractors for your commercial renovations. You can fill out our online form:

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Where commercial contractors are in high demand

Here are the cities in which commercial contracting companies are most are sought after:


In an industry where less than 1% of people trust their contractors, RenoAssistance has received a great satisfaction rate - proving how valuable such a service can be when it comes to getting renovation work done!
"What great service & fantastic way to save time that would otherwise be used in project management. All we need to do is state our expectations to one person (Mario was our go-to) and they'll go out and find contractors capable of doing the work. Excellent work was done by recommended contractors twice this year! From quality to competitive pricing. Thank you"
— Melissa B.
"For clients or customers that are doing renovations, it's basically awesome!"
— Richard D., Global

360° Verified Contractors

We've got hundreds of 360° Verified Contractors all throughout Ontario and Quebec. Let us help you by rallying up to 3 contractors to compete against one another for your commercial project. We'll only refer those we believe can meet your needs. We are confident we have the right commercial contractors for you!

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