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Whether it be for a store remodeling, to remodel a clinic, to renovate a daycare or even for a restaurant renovation, there are many elements to consider when it comes to commercial renovations

When do you need to request permits? Do the plans you have need to be approved by someone? Do the contractors you plan on hiring need specific licenses? What are the laws and regulations related to the renovation you’re planning? 

Renovating a business’s premises, or even building a commercial building from the ground up, doesn’t come happen everyday. That’s why it’s important to get informed before going all in! You’ll want to avoid costly mistakes and major delays if you can! 

Take a look at the various articles on our commercial renovation blog to learn all you need to know before getting started. You can even take a look at some great commercial renovation ideas on our Reno-Inspiration page. 

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by Louise Leonard Account Manager - Commercial Division | RenoAssistance

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