Smooth stone patios. Mosaic pathways. Well-paved parking lots. These are elements that can give your business a lot of credibility and charm. Let our Commercial Account Managers can help you make a good first impression.

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Whether you are looking to build, renovate, or replace, RenoAssistance by Desjardins doesn’t just provide you with Verified Contractors. Our Commercial Account Manager will connect you with best-in-class professionals, including Architects, Designers, Structural Engineers, and Architectural Technologists. Our experienced team knows what it takes to successfully complete the most complex projects.

Our Commercial Projects

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Your Personnal Account Manager

A dedicated Commercial Account Manager is assigned to your project. Your Account Manager will be there to connect you with the right professionals, help you manage tenders, site visits, and project timelines as well as ensure all deadlines are met.


“I’m here to help you manage your project, from start to finish.”


Commercial Account Manager

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How it works

Tell Us How to Reach You

Click Start a Project to send us your contact information or call us and speak with your personal Commercial Account Manager.

Connect With Our Verified Contractors

We will have 3 Verified Contractors meet with you to discuss your project and needs.

Choose the Perfect Contractor

Review competing bids and select the best contractor to get started, knowing we are there for you throughout your project.

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Connect with an Account Manager

Best Commercial Contractors


We want your commercial renovations to run smoothly, which is why we only work with highly qualified professionals.

At RenoAssistance, all of our contractors are thoroughly vetted through our exclusive 53-point Verification Process.

Our goal is to provide you with a successful renovation from start to finish. We will have up to three contractors bid on your project to ensure you are getting the best value. We will also provide you with a Verification Report for each contractor, so you can relax knowing your project is in good hands.

Frequently asked questions

How soon can I drive on new asphalt?

While resurfaced asphalt is dry enough to drive on in a few hours, new asphalt may need up to 72 hours.

Which is better: asphalt or concrete?

It depends on your budget, climate, and maintenance preferences. In general, asphalt is more popular because it’s cheaper and easier to repair than concrete; it also performs better in winter and is less likely to crack. The downside is that it needs more maintenance. Concrete, on the other hand, is more stylish, lasts longer, and has better performance in warmer climates than asphalt. It’s also more expensive, difficult to repair, and is damaged easily by salt.

What determines the number of handicap parking spaces for my parking lot?

Provincial regulations outline the minimum number and type of accessible parking spaces required for off-street parking facilities. Businesses in Ontario must comply with Ontario Regulation 191/11 (see 80.36). However, in Quebec, the rules differ from city to city.


“I am here to help you with your project and to refer you to the best commercial contractors.”


Account Manager

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We act as the marketing department for our contractor partners. Instead of spending advertising dollars on Google and Facebook, they hire us to put them in contact with clients like you.

Contractors have more time to focus on customer needs and projects rather than finding their next job. Most importantly, you get access to the best contractor for your project.


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