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Daycare Renovation

- Learn the secret to a successful renovation

Is it your dream to build a daycare facility perfect for entertaining and caring for a large number of children? To complete such a project successfully, it's more than necessary to plan ahead in detail. Surround yourself with the right specialized professionals. Whether you are looking to renovate your existing daycare centre or build a new one entirely, we have the right experts to ensure your goals are achieved according to plan. By calling RenoAssistance, you will benefit from the free service but also be privy to the guidance of a Renovation Advisor. They'll help you throughout the stages of your project. We will also refer you the best-suited professionals to provide competing estimates for the job.

What steps need to be taken for a new daycare centre?

The construction of a new daycare is a great challenge, which can be greatly alleviated with our help. Below is an outline of the steps you will need to take.

1 - Find the existing land or building

First and foremost, it is important to look at an area where there are certain needs and demand for child care spaces. Once the right location is found or the construction area is determined, you must ensure that the location respects the following points:

  • The zoning of the municipality allows you to set up a nursery/daycare centre at this location.
  • That there is at least one window per room and that the building has an adequate level of brightness.
  • That there is a playground accessible within 500 metres if it is not already on the grounds of the daycare.
  • That the noise level is not too high in the area.
  • That the daycare centre and its premises are part of an institution or a building that complies with the building code. For example, it is possible to convert a residence to a daycare centre. It's okay as long as the residence is as safe as a public building and adapts to the same rules.
  • The ventilation in each room allows the air to circulate sufficiently.

It is important to ensure that the location meets all of these elements before going too far into the process. Otherwise, you may end up with additional costs to adjust the building. Or you may have the project refused by the city or by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs.

2 - Choose a reputable architect

For any renovation or construction of a daycare centre, it is essential to obtain architectural plans that will be requested before obtaining a permit from the city. To do this, you will need the help of architects who already have experience in these kinds of projects. They will help you design plans that are compliant, unique and made to your taste! Having access to the best architects can save you time and money. In order for your project to be approved more quickly, it will help that you ensure that your premises comply with the government, building codes and city laws. You will also need to contact your municipality to confirm acceptance of the project. The role of the architect referred by RenoAssistance is to listen to you, to accompany you and to facilitate your project while respecting your ideas and transforming them into reality.

Your RenoAssistance advisor can refer you the Best Daycare Architects for your sector, all at no cost.

3 - Establish the budget and obtain your quotes

First, according to the plan(s) proposed, the architect and your advisor at RenoAssistance will be able to give you an evaluation of the cost of your project. This will give you a ballpark idea of how much your project will start at, and if this is the right direction for you to follow. Secondly, with the help of your RenoAssistance renovation advisor, you will have access to the best 360° Verified Contractors who will meet with you, discuss your project, review the plans with you and offer you a quote based on the plan(s). It's a no-cost, no-obligation process, so you have nothing to lose.

4 - Choose the perfect contractor

After receiving the various quotations from the daycare contractors, your RenoAssistance Advisor will help you to compare them. They'll identify the differences and highlight the points that a quote might be missing. The cheapest tender is not necessarily the best. Especially if it's not complete compared to the pre-established plan by you and your architect! This step is crucial. It is your advisor who will ensure that the quotes of the contractors take into account all the requirements that will ensure a successful renovation.

5 - Request a permit and decide on financing

Once the contractor has been selected and the quote has been signed, you will be able to finalize your financing (for which you will have already obtained a pre-approval before meeting the contractors). Then, you can formally request your permit from the city. Do this by providing your plans signed and sealed by the architect. You will then have the right to build or renovate your daycare!

Once the work is complete, you will receive a visit from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs who will ensure that everything is up to code. They'll issue your license to operate the daycare. You'll now be able to enjoy your beautiful new daycare and cater to all your little clients in an environment that will help them learn and grow.

Contractors with the hearts of children for your kindergarten!

These are not the only evaluation criteria that our contractors will be verified on. Our daycare contractors are evaluated according to a variety of criteria, including financial information, insurance, licencing, history of legal proceedings, unresolved complaints with the Better Business Bureau and Consumer Protection Bureau, testimonials from satisfied clients and, above all, their experience with such projects! If they meet all of these criteria, they can be 360° Verified and be a part of our database. You will know that they are the most qualified professionals for your project and their customers can testify.

"I'm here to help you with your commercial project"

- Louise / Account Manager, Commercial Division at RenoAssistance
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