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Fire sprinkler and fire systems

Fire sprinkler systems are your best ally in preserving your building, your business and, more importantly, your life and those of your employees and customers. They allow you to sleep easily by ensuring the safeguarding of your belongings and the sustainability of your business. This is in case of a fire which can be caused by so many unpredictable factors. The addition of a sprinkler system is also likely to lower your monthly cost in insurance. This is because your insurer will know that the chances of the building being engulfed in flames will drastically decrease.

Your best insurance... is a sprinkler system!

Fire sprinklers in companies

It's common to see some companies go overboard with expenditure on cosmetic elements only to see their building become a total loss for the simple reason that the building did not have an adequate sprinkler system that could have extinguished the fire from the onset. The utility of fire sprinkler systems in businesses is much more important than some might think. After a fire, even if your insurance fully covers the reconstruction costs, consider the weeks or months you will have to put your operations on hold and having to tell your customers you cannot serve them until reopening. Smaller firms cannot survive a multi-month stoppage at an establishment, especially if it is the only one they have. Plus, it's a sense of security that your employees and your customers will get when they are safe in your office knowing that your safety is important to you.

fire sprinkler system

Fire sprinklers in homes for the elderly

In many jurisdictions, the local government imposes laws on the mandatory installation of a sprinkler system for all residences. Some jurisdictions have had these laws in place for some time already, while others have recently been catching up. It's important to note that whether old or new, these laws typically apply to both new and existing residences. However, in the case where an existing building is being forced to install a sprinkler system where it did not previously have one, the building is normally given sufficient time to comply with these laws and obligations. The building normally has several years to comply before sanctions are delivered.

Residential financial assistance program

In addition to being given ample time to comply, often times the government also implemented a financial assistance program. This is to help building owners adjust and, thus, making their institution more safe and legal.

For any/all information on the local laws and/or potential financial assistance programs in your area, please contact your local government.

Fire safety

Fire safety: what you should adopt to increase safety at work

Smoke alarms, sprinklers and fire extinguishers, can all be used to help fight the fires. They are useful for the conservation of your building and the lives of the people who frequent it. The same goes for warehouses, offices, factories, and any other building. A fire can start abruptly and spread very quickly.

We care about your safety!

The fire safety of your building is, in our opinion, one of the first things you should think about when renovating or building. The importance of having your fire alarm system or sprinklers installed by experts should never be overlooked. These contractors are responsible for your safety and that of your employees and your customers. So you must be sure they have the knowledge and expertise to guarantee your well-being. There are many standards that also need to be met for your system to be up to code. You could easily install a system without meeting all the necessary standards by not choosing a contractor who would be aware of the legislation of your city. The goal of these systems is primarily, of course, to save lives, but also to save your building and the sustainability of your business!


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Our database includes only contractors that we have vetted with a fine-tooth comb. We have assessed them in terms of their financial stability, insurance coverage, corporate registration, history of legal proceedings, unresolved complaints to consumer protection organizations along with relevant licences and customer and supplier references so you can feel safe with our sprinkler and fire alarm system contractors.

In addition to 360° Verified Contractors, you will have the chance to speak with expert commercial renovation advisors. They will be there to understand the goals of your project, refer you up to 3 best-suited contractors for your requirements and help you to compare the estimates of each bidding contractor to allow you to make an informed decision.

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