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Hotel renovation

Your hotel hasn't enjoyed a refreshing gust of wind in recent years. Maybe some of your competitors have already made the leap to the modern side. Know that it's not too late to veer in the same direction and even to take the lead on your competitors with unique renovations that will provide the desired momentum to meet the goals you've set.

What can you improve in your guest rooms?

A multitude of changes can be made within each room of your hotel. Here are some of the most common projects we see as part of the hotel projects we receive.


Bathrooms need to be retouched every 15 years on average to ensure that they stay up to date. They need new appearances and need to maintain the hygienic perception of guests staying at your hotel.

Here, you can see a 2015 project of one of our 360° Verified contractors who had renovated more than 100 bathrooms at the Universal Hotel in Montreal.

Bedroom, living room and kitchen area

As for the bedrooms, don't just change the sheets, but innovate by making your rooms unique to what the competition offers. Change the carpets, add a design to the walls and ceiling! Create tailor-made furniture that best utilizes available space, think of architectural lighting, and so on.

What about the rest of your business?

You know, as we do, that it's not just the rooms that affect the perception of guests at the hotel; several other areas come into play.


A first impression is an important factor that affects the judgment of others. Make sure to give a good first impression with hotel reception area that will dazzle your customers at any time. Here are some examples to inspire you with some designs of hotel reception areas.

Restaurant, bar and patio

Some other rooms such as the hotel's restaurants and bars must respect the same level of excellence as the rest of the hotel. You want to be sure that you keep your customers satisfied with the service. These spaces have to respect the style of the clientele sought, whether it's elegant, chic, casual or any other style.

Other rooms of the hotel

For any other room in your hotel that you feel needs to be serviced or renovated right away, do not hesitate to ask our renovation advisors for guidance so they can assess what our contractors can do to help you achieve your end goals! (Sports centre, showers, entertainment room, etc.)

Don't neglect the outer envelope of your building!

Are you satisfied with the first look your building offers to your customers? Do you feel adequately insulated against the elements? We do not only limit ourselves to contractors who are good with the interior decor of your building, but also in the effectiveness of your building's exterior.


Don't wait for the water to come in through your roof and sink into your customers' rooms to act and replace your roof. Perform a check once or twice a year on its condition and be more and more meticulous in your audits as you approach the 20 to 25-year mark. As soon as you notice an anomaly or potential infiltration, it's time to change it! Whether your roof consists of shingles, bitumen and gravel, elastomeric membrane, TPO or EPDM, we have commercial roofing contractors who will be able to change your roof at the right price.

hotel roof


For aesthetic or insulation performance, if you suspect that your exterior cladding needs to be updated, you can always turn to our exterior siding contractors. They'll evaluate your needs and offer you the right materials at the right price.

Windows and facade

Did you know that your windows have some limit to their efficiency over time and that once too old and poorly insulated, they lose their efficiency in energy savings? This implies that your customers will increase the heating level or the level of air conditioning depending on the season. Ultimately, you pay more for electricity than what you would save by having new ENERGY STAR certified windows that maintain the internal temperature much better.

Have access to architects in hotel renovations

For a renovation worthy of the style you want to adopt, we strongly suggest you utilize the services of an architect who will know how to put together a plan tailored to your choices and tastes. These will show you the new international trends, colours, materials and layout arrangements that would best suit your hotel. What is important to know is that no project is too small to be dazzling. There's no need for a cathedral ceiling for an architect to transform your hotel into something beautiful and modern that matches your taste. Here are a few examples of hotels that have made use of architectural services during their construction or renovation.

Renovation advisors specializing in commercial projects

Our advisors have handled tens of thousands of projects since 2010 and they have the experience to guide you through all the stages of your project. We have already dealt with a very large number of commercial projects including hotels. As soon as you contact us, one of our Renovation Advisors will be assigned to your project. They'll help you identify your needs, give you access to the best architects and the best contractors (Verified at 360°) in your region to compete for the job. They'll coordinate your appointments, help you compare estimates from the contractors and much more. Our services are free and with no obligation, but given the quality of our contractors, we're very confident that you'll be impressed.

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