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Commercial and industrial HVAC systems

Whether it's a small neighbourhood trade, a restaurant, a shopping mall or a manufacturing plant, we have the heating, air conditioning and ventilation contractors to take charge of your project. Our role is simple. We have renovation advisors who will assess your needs and identify the best contractors we have verified in our database who would best meet your needs. We refer up to three contractors to compete for your project so that you get the right price, for a quality job!

Identify the reasons for the change to find the optimal system

By identifying the reasons why you want to make this change, we will help find the optimal solution for your air conditioning system change and achieve your goal at the best possible price.

  • Is your current commercial HVAC system defective?
  • Would you keep the same system and simply replace the machine with a new similar one?
  • Would you like to install a system that costs less to operate each month?
  • Is it in order to become more environmentally friendly by installing a system that uses renewable resources?
  • What are the dimensions of your building that you wish to cater for with this system?
  • Would you like to have more than one system in place?
  • Should your new system be fully automated and regulated or do you want to manually manage its temperature each day?

As well as several other questions that contractors can ask you once you have met with them. However, this first diagnosis of the current situation and the desired outcome will help our commercial renovation advisor find you the right contractor. Some contractors are specialists in one type of system, while others work with a number of other technologies. It's therefore important to target your primary needs to guide you towards the right contractor.

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Some of the different HVAC systems

In terms of heating and air conditioning, a great number of options are available to you for all surfaces and budgets. The challenge is to determine the optimal system for your business and our contractors are there to guide you through this decision!

Here is an overview of some popular types of systems on the market:

  • Commercial central heat pump
  • Commercial wall-mounted heat pump
  • Commercial hot water boiler, hot water, natural gas, propane gas or oil
  • Commercial furnace or propane gas
  • Commercial air exchanger
  • Commercial air purifier
  • Commercial humidifier
  • Heat recovery unit
  • Commercial thermostats

Some systems provide air conditioning and heating and others are separate in their functions. The main central or decentralized systems operate either with electricity, natural gas, propane gas, oil or hot water.

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Commercial air conditioning and heating

The commercial side of air conditioning and heating are generally limited to buildings that are not necessarily large open areas, such as warehouses. We are talking about restaurants, clinics, small businesses, hotel rooms, offices and other commercial buildings that don't consist of huge open areas.

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Industrial air conditioning and heating

On the industrial side (vs the commercial), the systems targeted are all those that cover large open spaces and would be difficult, or impossible to cover with commercial systems. These include warehouses, large industrial buildings, arenas, shopping centres and other large industrial spaces with high ceilings and thus have massive air capacities.

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Warm up the atmosphere with your commercial heating system

A modern HVAC system has an average lifespan of 25 years if installed by an expert, so the choice of your contractor is a very important decision. There are a large number of heating and cooling systems available for your business, so be sure to assess different options before deciding on which to install. A poorly conditioned or poorly heated business can negatively affect the customer experience. It's no coincidence that people who don't have home air conditioning systems are more likely to visit shopping centres and restaurants during hot days. So be sure to provide your customers (and employees!) with a pleasant environment so they enjoy their experience and want to visit your business again.

Also, repairing your heating or cooling system may be necessary in order to avoid major problems. Indeed, a HVAC system in poor condition can create a feeling of a lack of air, but it can also carry bad bacteria throughout the premises. Avoid this health risk by choosing an expert in heating and air conditioning repair. By calling Reno-Assistance you can speak to an advisor to guide you through your heating and air conditioning project and refer to you only trusted 360° Verified contractors.

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Our contractors don't just look like experts

Whether for installation or repair of heating or cooling systems, we have the best contractors for your HVAC needs. Our service is very simple, an advisor will take the information related to your project in order to refer you up to three 360° Verified contractors that are best suited to your project. After meeting them, they will offer you free quotes, which your advisor will review with you and compare so that you can make an informed decision.

To do this, you simply need to fill out the contact form to the right and a renovation advisor will be in touch. Oh yes, we forgot almost, our service is 100% free and with no obligations!

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It's free and there's no obligation

Our stamp of approval. A greater peace of mind.

With your renovation or construction project, it doesn’t pay to take chances with an unknown. Let Reno-Assistance refer you to one of our experts with our coveted 360° Verified Contractor stamp of approval — your peace of mind that our dedicated verification team has done a complete 360 of their credentials and track record. And you can take our word for it — literally. Everything we can share as we verify our 360° Verified Contractors is written in our 360° Verification Report, the only one of its kind in the industry. Bottom line? Only the best get our stamp of approval — and only the best get referred to you.

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