Converting the heating system in your condo or rental building to a more energy-efficient one is a big decision — but it could lead to big savings.

If you find that your apartment buildings or your condos are eating up heating dollars like there’s no tomorrow, it’s time to seriously consider a heating system conversion.

Whether you’re switching from an oil heating system to natural gas or making a major switch, like a conversion from a central oil system to individual electric baseboards, the first major consideration is your return on investment: how the purchase of a heating system will lead to lower costs and, in turn, a greater return. The second is workmanship. Both depend on finding the right contractors to convert your heating system, from heating and cooling contractors to electricians, carpenters and drywall experts.

Get the hottest contractors with Reno-Assistance

Your heating system is integrated into every condo or apartment in your building, so you need professional contractors who have a wealth of experience and know how to integrate a new system with a minimum of damage to existing structures in the building. These are the only type contractors that Reno-Assistance will refer to you.

Our contractors have our 360° Verified Contractors stamp of approval, so they know that they are the best for your job — and they have the satisfied clients to prove it.

Warm up to one of our Expert Renovation Advisors

When you contact us for a referral, one of our Expert Renovation Advisors will review your heating system conversion project and send you up to three of our best contractors, who will discuss your needs and inspect your building to provide you with an accurate quote that’s just right for your job. Then, your advisor will review their quotes with you — helping you select the contractor who’s right for you and your budget.

Get up to three quotes and start your heating conversion project today. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

From your first contact with Reno-Assistance to the end of your job, our service is free. So go ahead and fill out the form to the right to get up to three heating system conversion quotes for

your condo or apartment building. They’re free too — and there’s no obligation to work with our contractors, even after they’ve quoted. Get started right now.

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