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Basement Renovations - All you Need to Know

Are you looking to finish or renovate your basement in order to convert this space into a more livable one? We've put together all the information you need to know before beginning your basement renovation. Whether you need advice in planning your basement reno, ideas to inspire you, or even quotes from qualified professionals/contractors, you'll be able to find what you need on this page.

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Is there humidity in your basement?

It’s perfectly normal for your basement to be a little more humid than the rest of your home – especially if it isn’t heated or air-conditioned at the same temperatures as other rooms. Though, before moving forward with any basement renovation plans, it’s important to be sure that it isn’t excessively humid and that water has not infiltrated into the basement through potential foundation cracks. Noticing that your basement is home to excessive basement humidity (i.e. mold and other bacteria) once renovations are completed is just devastating. So, be sure to check the humidity levels before starting your project.

If your basement has had water infiltration....

Take a look at our water infiltration article>>  

How much does basement finishing cost?

The cost of a turnkey basement renovation usually varies between $20,000 and $35,000 – according to renovation project’s we’re used to seeing from our customers. It’s possible to finish your basement for under $20,000, but it’s also possible to go over the $100,000 mark when it comes to larger and luxurious basements. Some basements can have basketball courts and others can have bowling alleys – validating the extreme price variations. Know the cost of what you're looking for to see if it's feasible compared to the budget you've set aside.

Take a look at our basement finishing cost article >> 

How to finish your basement

Basement finishing, in regards to comfort, is probably one of the best options to consider. It allows you to have more living space in your home without it costing as much as a home addition or even buying a new house. If you already have a finished basement, but it’s pretty bland, convert it into an inviting living space. You’ll be able to do what you like with the space. Here are just some examples:

  • Build a home theatre
  • Create an office space
  • Put in an artist’s workshop
  • Put in that dream laundry room that you saw in a magazine
  • Add a children’s game room
  • Build a bar where you can entertain guests
  • Put in a ‘Man Cave’ where you can kick back, relax, and watch sports
  • Convert it into an apartment your parents or children can use
  • Convert it into a rental property with an independent entrance door
  • … convert it into pretty much anything that inspires you!

By carefully planning your basement’s layout, you can certainly add resale value to your house. For instance, simply adding an extra bathroom to your home can already make quite a difference. Not only is it useful, but your home’s resale value can go up equivalent to the bathroom’s cost – allowing you to recoup what you spent.

When well done, a basement’s finishing or renovation enhances its potential living space. You’ll be more comfortable and your home’s resale value can rise. Though, if you end up trusting a contractor with little to no experience, you’re sure to be stuck in a nightmarish situation. Ensuring your contractor is well qualified is one of the most important steps of the entire process.

Take a look at our 360° Verification Process >> 

Looking for basement reno inspiration?

You know you want your basement to be that of a dream come true, but are you still unsure of what that dream looks like? That’s totally fine. Our Reno-Inspiration tool has been created for that reason. It provides you with real renovation projects our 360° Verified Contractors have completed, along with the renovation’s price tag.

Check out the basement ideas in Reno-Inspiration tool >> 

Looking for something more? We've put together an article on our Top 10 Basement Ideas article

Basement Before & After | A video

The owners of this home wanted to lighten up the look of their basement all while creating a fully functional space. They wanted their basement to primarily be a place where they can kick back and watch TV. Though, they also wanted to ensure they had a working station where the kids can get their homework done and do some arts and crafts, and where the parents can have a dedicated work-from-home area if need be. The homeowners opted for some great storage options and some built-in furniture – allowing them to hide electronics like their sound system and their printer.

Once the basement’s layout was clear in their minds, they also chose to put in a fireplace. Although they had one on the main floor, they realized it was cooler in the basement and they wanted the space to feel cozier. The space is incredibly functional, and, with the designer's help, they were able to have room to add a little home-gym corner.

Here are some pictures of the project:

How long does it take to finish a basement?

Generally speaking, if the renovation is well planned out, getting your basement finished by an experienced contractor will take between 10 and 14 days. So, to this time frame, you’ll also need to add the time it takes to plan out what your basement will end up looking like, picking out and buying the space’s furnishing, or even getting cabinetry made if you’re looking for a custom design.  

Basement finishing or renovations can be home to an extensive process, which includes: demolition, wall construction, electrical work planning, putting in insulation and/or soundproofing the ceiling, installing the gypsum walls, demolition phase, a construction or division planning phase, one dedicated to planning electrical work, joint sealing, door installation, putting in new flooring, painting, and much more. As you can see, this isn’t a renovation project that can be done in a week. If your plans include adding a bathroom, a wine cellar, a home theatre, or is an overall grand plan, you’ll most likely need at least a month’s time to get everything done.

Do you have a basement project?

Basement Renovation Blog

When planning on finishing or renovating your basement, you’re likely to have a lot of questions up in the air. We do our best to answer as many as possible – and we do so through our blog posts. Take a look at our Reno-Blog to find information, inspiration, and more. So far, we’ve answered:

  • What is the cost to finish a basement
  • Top 10 basement ideas.

We are constantly working to better your renovation plans, so be sure to check out our posts more frequently

Click here to find our Basement Renovation Blog >> 

Tips and Tricks for your Basement

  • Seeing as heat rises, the basement tends to be the coolest – and most humid – area in your home. To remedy this, you can certainly get a fireplace installed.
  • It’s recommended to heat your basement 3 seasons a year in order to dry out the air in your space. The energy spent on heating won’t be lost as heat rises and it will warm up the rest of your house.
  • When it’s time to renovate your basement, consider soundproofing your ceiling to ease everyone’s day-to-day living.
  • Adding a bathroom in the basement is a great idea. It not only provides convenience, but you’re likely to recoup the costs (or at least most of them) when selling your home.
  • If you don’t like the darker, closed-in feeling a basement provides, consider getting a patio door installed. It’ll allow light to get in, all while providing you with easy access to the outdoors.
  • Consider leaving some piping visible where the ceiling is lower so that you don’t feel like you’re feeling crushed underground.
  • Install architectural lighting or pot lighting as opposed to hanging light fixtures to make the room feel more spacious.

Finding the right contractor for your basement transformation

No matter what kind of renovations you plan on getting done in your home, you should always verify every contractor you speak to and ask them many questions. This will allow you to ensure that the basement contractors providing you with quotes are in good standing financially, legally, etc. Getting an incredibly low-priced quote that seems to good to be true usually has hidden costs that’ll be added on later on, poorly done work, or even untrustworthy contractors. At RenoAssistance, we get up to three 360° Verified Basement Contractors to compete for your renovation project. This ensures you get the best price for your project – and only from highly qualified professionals.

When you get in touch with us, a dedicated Renovation Advisor will take a look at your basement renovation project with you and refer up to three of the best-suited contractors (architects, engineers, etc.) for the job, at no cost, no obligation to you. They’ll also be there for you to assess the quotes you receive from the contractors to help you get a better idea of which would be best for you.

Do you need quotes for your renovation project?

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