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An ecological renovation to achieve a ‘green’ home

Our annual consumption of energy from non-renewable resources can be significant. It’s important to take certain actions that aim to reduce this consumption while maximizing our quality of life. Making your home greener by adopting more ecologically-friendly technology is an effective way to contribute to the goal of a healthier world!

Lessen your impact on the Earth with these green renovation choices

'Going green' is a popular catchphrase but what does a green renovation really mean? Going green when refurbishing your home is all about making choices that do more good than harm — from renovating instead of razing your house to choosing locally sourced building supplies.

  • Change to more energy-efficient windows to save on energy costs and, in turn, lessen your carbon footprint
  • Improve the insulation and heating system efficiency in your home
  • Install systems that reduce the use of electricity and water (like an on-demand unit that heats water only when it’s needed)
  • Select locally sourced building supplies that don’t contribute as much to carbon emissions created by transportation
  • Use materials that don’t harm a person’s health, like environmentally friendly paint that emits low to no volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Use ecological and durable materials
  • Reduce the need for electric lighting by installing light tubes, skylights or LEDs
  • Reuse or give away some of the old material to make new use of it instead of sending it to the landfill

green windows

Eco-friendly windows

There are several benefits related to a change to more eco-responsible windows, including:

  • Your annual consumption of heating and air conditioning will be reduced as this type of window and framing tends to better insulate against the elements and maintains the home's indoor temperature. This will save you money in the medium and long-term, providing a partial or total return on the cost of the windows.
  • In certain areas, government initiatives offer grants or tax credits of up to 20% on all expenses. It's a fantastic incentive to become more ecologically conscious, especially if you intend to change all of your windows!
  • The style! Update your windows for a fresh modern look with beautiful new frames in PVC, aluminum, wood or hybrid styles!

Changing to a low energy heating and cooling system

Do you still have one of those old, obsolete heating or air conditioning systems that make noise, don’t heat properly, and pollute the environment? If so, consider upgrading to a new green solution that will consume far less energy. Whether it is a central system or a floor system, several renewable energy options are available. Click here to learn more about heating and cooling systems.

ac unit on rooftop

Renovation with materials that have a smaller impact on the environment

Green renovations are not just about green products, but also about the materials used and how your contractors execute the work. Some materials leave less impact on nature, so it’s important to take care in choosing your materials. Your contractor, referred by RenoAssistance, can be of great help to you in this way!

green renovations

Other tips for making your house green

  • Change to higher-quality green insulation to improve your home’s ability to retain its temperature
  • Install systems that reduce electricity and water consumption (such as a device that heats water on demand only when needed)
  • Choose locally-made construction materials that help reduce carbon emissions from transportation
  • Use materials that don’t harm people's health, such as environmentally friendly paints that emit very little or no volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Use environmentally-friendly and durable materials
  • Reduce the amount of electrical lighting needed by installing fluorescent tubes, skylights or LEDs
  • Reuse or donate some of the old materials to recycle them rather than send them to the landfill
  • Opt for shielded power cables and choose energy-efficient fixtures (such as LEDs)
  • Install solar panels to reduce reliance on unsustainable energy sources

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