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Charles Gosselin

by Charles Gosselin Content Manager | Reno-Assistance

Reno Blog / Office Renovation / 10 Office Design Ideas You’ll See More of in 2019
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10 Office Design Ideas You’ll See More of in 2019

Commercial Office Renovation

Dreamy workspaces in major Silicon Valley tech companies, like Google and Apple, are quite successful! It’s therefore not surprising that businesses over here want to adopt their office design ideas to better their teams’ productivity and potentially attract customers. Open spaces, minimalist offices, entertainment areas with video game consoles, pool tables, Foosball tables, gyms, spas, saunas, modern cafeterias with meals on the house, outdoor terraces; pretty much everything you can think can be found in these new office concepts.

Do all these new amenities really make an organization more efficient? There’s no need to have a huge budget in order to create a modern and functional office layout. Simply take a look at a few tips and tricks and get guidance from one of our experts. You can have great outcomes just through that. To prepare for a successful office renovation, here are 10 design ideas to consider:

1- Brand image prominence

The times where corporate logos were solely set up behind the receptionist’s desk are long gone. Nowadays, a brand’s image is integrated into the space’s decor. Of course, the logo will always stay present at the entrance, however, company colours are now dispersed around the entire office. The idea behind this? That employees, customers, and visitors will experience consistency and brand recognition no matter where they are in the office. How can you do the same? It’s quite simple: start off by using company colours when creating the space’s design, then layout furnishing according to departmental needs, and finally highlight traits that reflect the company’s culture and philosophy. Here’s an office expansion project carried out by 360° Verified Contractors for the Adrien Gagnon group that beautifully demonstrates this office design idea:

2- Glass partitions to mirror transparency

Offices closed off by four walls were once the norm, even in companies who had an open door policy. However, nowadays, we want to allow as much light in as possible and create spaces that are friendly, open, and acoustically private. With today’s innovations, it’s quite easy to change your environment’s dimensions by putting in permanent or removable glass partitions like those offered by Artopex (which some of the clients have used). They’re a great way to create a contemporary and timeless ambiance. Beauty is often found in simplicity!

Benefits of Architectural Glass Partitions:

  • Sustainable planning
  • Superior acoustic sealing
  • Easily moveable to keep up with changing needs
  • Offered in different colours and finishes

3- Increasing space by optimizing office layout

What’s more enjoyable than working in an environment where a sense of freedom and greatness are of utmost importance? If the layout of your workplace isn’t optimal, it might be time to revamp the premises. While expansion or relocation may be better at times, other options are also popular. Among them, partially or completely redesigning the layout can be an excellent solution to creating a functional space that adapts to the company’s current needs.

This trend is being adopted by a growing number of organizations as it avoids the inconvenience of moving. It forces you to rethink – with the help of designers and seasoned experts – the current space’s layout and create a new one that meets needs and desires. 2D and 3D planning software now make it possible to properly visualize the project as a whole from beginning to end. It also facilitates contractors’ work as they’ll be able to see what the finished product should look like. Adding a meeting room, new workstations, or creating a new break room are all interesting choices to consider when planning on optimizing your office design.

Modern look office

4- Offices spaces that change with the times

Although it’s already begun, as time passes, many organizations will continue adapting their office layouts to employees’ nomadic lifestyle. Instead of constantly having to remodel their office space, they’ll create a space that allows for the layout to be easily moved around. The job market’s younger generation – one that loves change and hates feeling shackled – certainly contributes to this new way of organizing workplaces. It’s therefore essential to acquire furniture that can evolve with the organization’s employees and allows teams to remain productive. Workstations will inevitably need to be easily reconfigured or moved. When redesigning office spaces, it’s best to begin by thinking about the business’ needs before making any changes. A commercial architect can then help to turn your office design idea into reality.

5- Modern multipurpose spaces 

This is an interesting office design idea to consider when it’s not possible to enlarge the space. Multipurpose spaces can be used for a variety of reasons, including meetings, lunches, and relaxation. They’re perfect for employees who want to step out of their cubicle and recoup in a new workspace. The success secret of such a concept lies in creating inspiring spaces that can easily be used by the majority of staff members. For a customized solution that adapts to the needs of the company, go for custom built furniture made professional cabinetmaker.

Modern office space

6- Opting for co-working space

This innovative office idea, that seems to keep gaining popularity, consists of creating spaces that foster collaboration and cooperation between co-workers. It’s an excellent alternative to exchanging many emails and planning multiple meetings, as people benefit from one another’s proximity to communicate more efficiently. This kind of layout is set up in such a way that the spaces are open while maintaining privacy. The use of large tables with complementary ergonomic accessories, such as filing cabinets with integrated cushions to easily accommodate colleagues, is favoured. Removable partitions can be installed to create custom areas if need be.

Do you have a commercial renovation project?

7- Offices designed for Millennials

Gen Y is increasingly joining the job market year after year. So, it’s not hard to believe those office layouts may need to adapt to their needs. But, what kind of working environment to Millennials prefer? They tend to want to evolve in open-minded businesses where knowledge sharing is fostered, creativity is everywhere and teamwork is easy. Flexible and uncluttered layouts are preferred as they ease the kind layout reconfiguration that is bound to happen in many organizations in the years to come.

group of happy workers

8- Displaying corporate values

Are you proud of your values? Why not integrate them into the decor by creating, for example, a hopscotch game on the ground? Some companies offer customized wall-mounted printing services at very affordable prices. Already popular in some offices, this idea is a great way to display corporate values and the company’s mission proudly. It’s also a constant reminder of what should be important to your employees. Let your imagination run wild, you might be pleasantly surprised by the final result!

Motivation at work

9- Pairing technology and design

It’s inevitable. Technology is changing at an incredibly fast pace. You’ll need to be ready to accommodate changes in your work environment to increase employee productivity. An office that’s already adapted to receiving new tech will certainly allow any organization to continue to be relevant in the years to come. In addition to being practical, it allows the tech to be used as an integral part of an office layout. For instance, installing a TV wall to display results, graphs or other relevant information to be communicated to teams is an idea that many organizations have adopted. They can even be used to broadcast concerts during office parties, display special photos or even a training video. All that would be missing is the popcorn!

futuristic office

10- Relaxation corners near workstations

Happy and well-rested employees are productive employees. To reduce employee turnover, it’s important to keep employees motivated and healthy. Integrate elements that allow them to relieve stress that might be caused by their job. Creating rest areas allows co-workers to build great synergy together. They also allow employees to be creatively stimulated as major distractions aren’t present.  If space is limited, don’t worry… the possibilities are limitless! A simple armchair with stylish little tables and soft lighting can make a big difference. Add some plants, a library and a Nespresso coffee machine. Employees will feel like they’re in an entirely different space.

relax office design

What’s your office like?

Is it time to adapt your work environment to tomorrow’s trends? If you’d like to get more information or already have an office design idea in mind, consult our office renovations page or fill out our form to speak to a commercial account executive. They’ll be able to round up to three 360° Verified Contractors to get your office reno started on the right track! 

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