basement decoration with book shelf, yellow armchair and grey couch
basement living room with a yellow armchair and a grey couch
basement finishing with a beige floating floor and a mint wall
basement renovations with beige floating floor, grey couch and mint wall
basement bedroom with a wooden bed and a white nightstand
basement window with a beige wall and a white nighstand
white doors in a basement bedroom
laundry room in a basement
basement laundry room
basement stairs with white doors and beige floating floor
Cost (2018)$16,675
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Allard | Basement remodel project

Cost (2018)

A new basement before a bundle of joy joins the family

The Allard family wanted their basement to be properly lit and fully functional before the arrival of their newborn. It was crucial to them that all the work be done before their bundle of joy joined the family. Built in 1980, their home was in dire need of a new look — especially the dark, outdated basement. As the family already knew what they wanted, the project wasn’t all that challenging for their interior designer

Their first order of business was to tear down the fireplace as it was obstructing a window leading into the living room. Some walls then needed to be torn down to make the space more efficient – including the wall between the laundry room and the bedroom — which allowed the contractors to add a closet to the space. 

The turnkey renovation project was complete by a 360° Verified basement contractor. The team respected the Allard family’s budget and time frame.

They also replaced the vinyl flooring by a wonderful beige wood-mimicking floor and added a dozen pot lights to allow for better lighting. The walls were painted in light, neutral tones so the space seems brighter, while the old doors were replaced by more modern looking ones, and a sliding door was chosen for the laundry room to allow for more space. Additionally, white cabinets were added above the washer and dryer as well as a pole to hang some clothes to dry.

The family is sure to enjoy their new basement for many years to come! 

Category: Basement Ideas

Style: Contemporary

City: Laval

Project No: 60400

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