Café Nao

A Contemporary Gourmet Paradise

Brunch has never looked so good

The food service industry gives entrepreneurs a chance to be creative. The latest restaurant trends are advertising bold and bright looks, and many restaurateurs are investing in restaurant renovations to offer something fresh and new.

Our clients, Noée and Alexis, were looking to deliver big on style and flavour, so they called RenoAssistance to help. Keeping with the quaint bistro theme, the two opted for an industrial aesthetic and balanced light and dark colours flawlessly. The stunning simple light fixtures and bright walls round out the look, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for all.

Creating a foodie’s paradise

In January 2022, Noée and Alexis decided to renovate a commercial space on Saint Laurent Boulevard in Montreal. The 1980’s building had a lot of character, so they went with an urban chic look to complement the aesthetic while truly making it their own. They even named it after their daughter, whose disability inspired them to live life a little differently.

Café Nao’s food also fits the style. Even the most critical foodies will be delighted by the menu, which features classics like duck confit salad, a charcuterie board with local cheeses, and avocado toast. Pair them with a glass of wine or a cup of coffee and you’re good to go.

Alexis and Noée, owners of Café Nao, smiling
coffee bar preparation section

Building a beautiful bistro

The owners hired one of our Verified Contractors to tackle this restaurant renovation. The goal: to breathe life into the kitchen, dining room, and sales area. Not only did everything have to meet both municipal and provincial building codes and bylaws, but it also had to match the owners’ desired layout and aesthetic. After seven long months, they were ready to unveil this stunning café to the public!

Embracing old and new

When you enter Café Nao, you’re transported into a cozy modern-meets-vintage space. The bar is a throwback to those small Montreal shops of yesteryear, especially with its gold hardware and wood shelves supported by galvanized steel pipes. It’s the perfect spot to chat over a coffee or relax with a Spritz after a busy week!

Restaurant bar with leather stools and liquor bottles on the wall
Restaurant dining room with banquette, black chairs, and white brick wall

Chic décor for the duck salad!

For the dining room portion of this restaurant renovation, the owners went with a nice mix of contemporary and rustic. The dark furniture grounds the large white brick wall, making the room feel spacious and bright without overwhelming clients. The marble tables also balance the two tones beautifully. It’s just another style inspired by Montreal’s décor but reimagined with minimalism! Café Nao is without a doubt a restaurant that offers freshness in both its menu and design.

A quick look behind the scenes

For this project, Noée and Alexis also wanted to renovate the kitchen – the chefs deserved a functional workspace, after all! At first glance, this seems like a standard commercial kitchen. But, as you look closer, you start to notice small details like the white subway tiles and hanging food heat lamps. All of the surfaces are easy to clean, as well.

Commercial kitchen with cooking supplies and stainless steel prep tables
Louise Léonard Account Manager - Commercial

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