Maïa Institut

A clinic meant for both relaxation and support

A prenatal institute’s innovative approach creates a unique experience

Maïa Institute, a high-end prenatal clinic in Vaudreuil-Dorion, underwent a complete transformation – the interior and exterior were remodelled to create a peaceful ambiance with striking visual appeal. This project focused on comfort and style, two elements to help soothe expectant parents walking through the door.  


The owners of this one-of-a-kind ultrasound institute wanted to give clients and their loved ones a unique sensory experience. With the help of an architectural technologist, an engineer, and a Verified Contractor, all recommended by RenoAssistance, this clinic went from an empty blank slate to a warm and welcoming space. This special clinic is guaranteed to leave expectant parents with memories they’ll cherish for years to come

Before renovation

Prenatal clinic before renovations

Initially the clinic was stripped to its bare bones, providing a blank canvas for our experts. The space needed to integrate all the required amenities of a high-end prenatal clinic as well as a design that aligned with its purpose 

After renovation

Open concept shop interior with white walls and wooden furniture creates a cozy atmosphere
Clinic storefront features natural elements, such as an artistic tree, wooden displays, and a dark parquet floor

Bringing nature to you

Every person entering MaïaInstitut is immediately transported to a calming atmosphere that invites them to relax and explore the different facets of the space. This zen effect is achieved using accents made of natural materials, which are featured throughout the space. From the welcoming tree in the entrance to the beautiful wood floors, custom furniture, and stone wallsyou’re sure to feel warm and light in this spa-like clinic. 

Innovation and comfort all wrapped into one

The institute’s centerpiece – a high-definition 3D to 4D non-medical ultrasound projection room – was designed with comfort in mind. Staying on theme with natural materials, the room features a plant wall and touches of wood throughout, creating a sense of tranquility as soon as you step in. When expectant parents first enter this specialized room, they are welcomed into a space designed to calm and support them. The ultrasound projection room has one purpose in mind: to give people a soothing and intimate space where they can settle down and take it all in.  

This zen projection room features a green wall, large comfortable sofas for guests, and an ultrasound chair for the pregnant parent
Louise Léonard Account Manager - Commercial

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