Maïa Institut | Clinic Renovation

A prenatal institute’s innovative approach creates a unique experience

Maïa Institute, a high-end prenatal clinic in Vaudreuil-Dorion, underwent indoor and outdoor improvements based on new designs. The clinic renovations included adding large outer windows and glass doors, taking down a load-bearing wall, installing a ramp to help pregnant parents access the clinic, and carrying out masonry work.

The owners of this one-of-a-kind ultrasound institute wanted to give expectant parents and their loved ones a unique sensory experience. To bring their vision to life, they turned to an architectural designer, who painstakingly designed and orchestrated the entire project in collaboration with an engineer and a Verified Contractor. All three professionals were recommended by RenoAssistance. 

As you step through the entrance, you can feel the softness, warmth, and light that fills the space. The design showcases several natural materials, such as wood and stone, which are incorporated into custom furniture, accent walls, and parts of the flooring. Each room is evenly lit thanks to built-in light fixtures, and a breathtaking contemporary fireplace makes the venue all the more inviting. 

In the washroom, clean lines, wood accents, and hints of black from the wall-mounted toilet, sink, and decorative accessories punctuate the room and create a soothing ambiance. This calming atmosphere also fills the office, where a small hanging vanity makes it easier for folks to wash their hands. Every element was specifically chosen to make sure users feel comfortable. 

Last but not least, the institute’s centrepiece – a high-definition 3D to 4D non-medical ultrasound projection room – was designed with comfort in mind. A plant wall perpetuates the sense of tranquility that can be felt throughout the building, a carpeted couch area adds softness, and touches of wood on the walls tie everything together. 

Visiting this special clinic is sure to leave expectant parents with memories they’ll cherish for years to come. 

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