cofee shop design with beige tables and black chairs
commercial renovation with white counter and beige tables
design cafe with wooden bench and beige tables
commercial design - internet cafe with beige tables and black chairs
business layout with a glass conference room
construction commercial - internet cafe with a glass conference room
business renovation - coffe shop with white table and chairs
design commercial - coffee shop with white tables, black chairs and televisions
cafe renovation with white counters and black menu board
cafe construction with white counters and walls
Cost (2018)$103,250
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Code & Café | Commercial Renovation project

Cost (2018)

A clever design for this multi-functional & trendy coffee shop

Whether you want to sit back and relax, or get some work done, this multi-functional coffee shop is the perfect spot to do both! Its unique concept, paired with its original and timeless design, is sure to please many customers! 

Located in a wonderful heritage-style building, this new space was successfully put together by experienced professionals dedicated to the project. The architect created plans with the owners’ vision in mind and the general contractor – along with his sub-contractors – put in the work to make the vision come to life. So many people were involved in making this coffee shop renovation a success, including: our Renovation Advisor, a structural engineer, an electrician, a plumber, and many more. They all brought their expertise to the table when needed. 

This turnkey project required demolition work, a steel structure (they added a beam and two columns), gypsum installation, plumbing, electrical work (including leveling and rewiring in various areas), installing glass separators and a laminated tempered glass door for the conference room, installing new light fixtures and emergency lighting, sanding and staining the hardwood flooring, painting, carpentry work, building an acoustic wall, and more.

All the custom furnishing, the ceramic, the bench by the wall, the new fittings and restaurateur equipment were all provided by the owners. They are therefore not reflected in the price tag. 

Category: Commercial Renovation & Construction Examples

Style: Contemporary

City: Montréal

Project No: 61653

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