Restaurant renovation in Charlesbourg

A tasty experience well worth the detour!

Who hasn’t heard of BeaverTails? This Canadian retail chain has been delighting its customers’ taste buds for 45 years. And thanks to our Verified Contractors’ expertise in commercial interior design, there’s a new location where you can enjoy their treats: Charlesbourg!

Now, this all started when French immigrants Shirley and Vincent Joly were brainstorming different ways to add value to their current business, an A&W restaurant in Charlesbourg. As luck would have it, the property next door was available. Drawing upon their entrepreneurial spirit, they decided to take the plunge and invest in a restaurant renovation. Now, they’re the proud franchisers of this new BeaverTails location.

Before construction

A gutted commercial restaurant interior with fresh drywall and electrical

This restaurant renovation took place in an empty 1,750 sq.ft. venue. It was the perfect blank slate. Also, it was located in the heart of a commercial development project.

“It’s an ideal space for this type of business,” says Mr. Joly. “Plus, we benefit from exceptional windows that bring in lots of light and warmth.”

The couple could relax a bit – their project was in good hands. Their chosen Verified Contractor handled every aspect of their commercial interior design and renovation project, from HVAC and refrigeration to structural reinforcement and electrical. There was a substantial amount of work to be done, and their Commercial Account Manager, Eric Cameron, supported them throughout their journey.

“Eric was incredibly helpful,” declares Mr. Joly. “He listened, asked the right questions, and gave us sound advice.”

After construction

The result is simply spectacular! All the elements are in place to make each visit unforgettable. Thanks to the spacious layout, bright colours, and welcoming counter, no one will be left indifferent. And what about that centrepiece? The suspended canoe is a nod to the Quebec myth about a flying (or bewitched) canoe!

In addition, Vincent and Shirley Joly think that the new business is in the perfect spot for anyone looking for a break from the highway. Even during winter, what could be better than a hot drink and a delicious pastry for the après-ski crowd?

Traditional BeaverTails restaurant featuring bright colours, large windows, digital menu boards, concrete floors, and a canoe suspended from the ceiling.
A bright red picnic table with hanging red pendant light beside large windows and a red wall inside a BeaverTails restaurant.

An engaging experience!

The Charlesbourg franchise boasts large windows that let in plenty of natural light. Moreover, every aspect of this commercial interior design project helps create a unique customer experience. When you step inside, you’re embraced by a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The urban–rural decor has a certain charm. And then there are the comforting smells – they whet the appetites of young and old alike!

BeaverTails franchises have gone from small kiosks to full-fledged shops selling a mouth-watering variety of products. There’s something for everyone on the menu, from the original beaver tails and hot chocolate to lemonade and even poutine!

A unique partnership with RenoAssistance

RenoAssistance’s commercial team was an integral part of the BeaverTails restaurant renovation projects in Brossard, Mississauga, and Toronto. Also, the company built a terrace at the Montreal location.

Naturally, the BeaverTails banner has a special place in Eric Cameron’s heart. He continues to passionately support CEO Pino Di Loia and Creative Director Tina Serrao throughout the company’s expansion. Similarly, Pino and Tina feel privileged to be able to count on Eric for every construction project, including the one in Charlesbourg.

“I had a conversation with Eric who is now our guy at RenoAssistance, explains Tina. He walked me through everything and I was thinking: this is too good to be true and it has been amazing!”

The exterior building of the BeaverTails franchise features a banner on the front and side wall, a red picnic table on the façade, large windows and walls painted white with a brick finish, and brown-walled entrance.

Expanding BeaverTails across Quebec and Ontario with RenoAssistance

BeaverTails now has 193 locations across Canada, in addition to those in the United States, France, and Qatar. With the help of RenoAssistance, the company will continue to grow! Join Marilena Tricarico as she catches up with Tina and Pino to learn about their humble beginnings and current company goals.

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