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Cost (2014)$37,313
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Village Cafe | Mother-child Cafe project

Cost (2014)


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Coffee shop renovation

Construction of a “mother-child” café in Montreal. The owners’ vision is to create a meeting place for the entire family!

To start their project on the right foot, the owners – a young couple -, chose to work with an architect and an interior designer to get the proper construction and design plans put together. The Verified Contractors were able to successfully incorporate their inspirations, ideas and specific requests to reflect the latest trends. The services of an engineer were also required to calculate the load-bearing capacity of the original floors, as well as the sizing of the structural elements for the repair of the floor.

The entirety of this commercial renovation project required:

  • plumbing and electrical work,
  • installing ventilation (including a wall-mounted air conditioning system),
  • installing a wall partition,
  • laying a floating vinyl floor over the original flooring,
  • demolishing a large gypsum wall to uncover a brick wall,
  • restoring and cleaning of the brick wall,
  • changing the structural divisions of the bathroom,
  • creating a small kitchen in the back using existing divisions,
  • and more…

Various equipment, not included in the indicated project cost, was installed on the counter space as well: an espresso machine, an industrial dishwasher, multiple coffee grinders, an industrial kettle, and more.

Certain changes were also made to allow for the installation of a projector.

The Village Café project was quite the success for these young entrepreneurs and their first ever commercial renovation experience!

Category: Commercial Renovation & Construction Examples

Style: N/A

City: Montréal

Project No: 32211

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