CPE Abeilles Bricoleuses | Daycare Center

A colourful daycare with a new layout

This project consisted in reworking the layout of a daycare center.

The renovation project allowed the business owners to add a new games room for the kids, have proper room divisions, add a nursery, replace the space’s flooring, install observation windows, and much more! The walls’ bright colours bring life to the space and stimulate the children’s creativity.

The owners waited for over two years to get their project started. So, when the green light was given, they quickly began the renovation process.

After taking a look at the quotes they received, the entire management team unanimously chose to put their trust in a commercial general contractor from RenoAssistance. Our Verified Contractor was able to provide a detailed estimation along with a precise timeline for the daycare renovation.

The changes made to the daycare center definitely allowed the institution to better their care, the children’s education and the overall service they offered to their clients.

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